Top 10 Best Weight Lifting Gloves of 2019 – Reviews

Ask any experienced weight lifter and they will tell you all about the importance of using good weightlifting gear, none more important than the gloves. With a good pair of weightlifting gloves, you not only make the whole experience more comfortable but you also protect your hands and wrists against potential injuries that might occur. Now, we should point out that not any pair would do, not with all the sub-par models that have flooded the market in recent years. Finding a decent pair of weight lifting gloves in this environment isn’t all that easy, mind you, not unless you know precisely what to look for. To help you in that regard, we put together a list of the ten best weight lifting gloves money can buy.

Best Weight Lifting Gloves – Top List

10Kaleb Sport Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves

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The interesting thing about these gloves, besides the comfort and support they offer, is the fact that you don’t have to remove them to wipe the sweat off your face—for they feature a uniquely designed cloth on the back of their thumbs. This way, you will have your hands well protected from calluses, cuts, and other different injuries which may result from powerlifting, WOD, Crossfit exercises and more. The gloves further feature Velcro closures for free adjustments to ensure a more convenient fit.

9Harbinger Women’s FlexFit

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The Women’s FlexFit Glove by Harbinger is made of antimicrobial-treated materials to ensure fight odor and stains from bacteria. Its BiFlex palm has integrated layers of quality material, leather plus TechGel padding which flex with your hand naturally, with the pads cushioning key hand stress points for improved comfort as you are lifting weights. It is a stylish glove that is also fully machine washable as well as dryable for easy maintenance.

8Meister Women’s Fit Grip

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The Meister’s Fit Grip weightlifting gloves for women are designed for protecting the hands while allowing a full and free range of moves. This glove’s entire body is breathable, letting sweat evaporate and hands feel cool at all times. Featuring a quality synthetic leather padding, these gloves are also fully washable while a properly positioned palm padding protects your whole palm grip regardless of the kind of exercise you undertake.

7Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves

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Ideal for men and women both, these Trideer gloves are great for weightlifting, as well as other exercises like gym training, fitness workouts and more. They feature silica gel palms that ensure the best grip while effectively preventing injuries, keeping your hands in a tip-top condition throughout your exercise. Built-in 18-inch wrist wraps provide enough support and matchless safety for your hands while you lift heavier weights. We should also point out that they are made of top-grade lightweight microfibers for superior comfort.

6Fit Four Weightlifting Gloves

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Coming from Fit Four, these weightlifting gloves are made from several quality materials—Lycra, Silicone and Synthetic Leather—to provide enhanced performance and reliability. They are great for rope climbing, WODs, hanging bar work, kettlebells plus rings, and much more. Wearing them, you enjoy an improved grip and mobility at all times.

5Active Fit Sports New Gloves

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The premium-grade New Ventilated Weightlifting glove by Active Fit Sports covers your entire palm, thumb for excellent protection. The glove is made of high-grade materials that offer a great resistance to water, harmful chemicals, heat, oil, and tear, making the pair a lasting weightlifting gloves choice. Their specially designed wrist wraps provide superior wrist support for a great workout experience, from Olympic lifts to CrossFit training and more. They have a Velcro closure for adjusting the wrist wraps, ensuring custom fit and comfort. Their design, too, offers a lot of comfort by allowing the hand to breathe freely at any given time.

4Contraband Pink Label 5137 Women’s

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These are highly popular weightlifting gloves and seen among the best in their class. They have fast removal finger tabs integrated into the middle and the ring finger, thus you only need to grip the tabs and make their removal a breeze. The gloves interior is very comfortable to wear, allowing you to enjoy extended exercise. They further have silicone rubber beading on their palm, offering a great traction surface that ensures safe barbell, dumbbell, and any type of equipment grabbing.

3RIMSports Gym Gloves

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The RIMSports brings premium-grade, high-performance gym gloves created with versatility in mind to make them ideal for weightlifting as well as cycling, powerlifting, and more. The gloves are fabricated from a lightweight material to ensure a supportive but also comfortable exercise experience and extended use. The material is also breathable, allowing less sweat to accumulate, but keeping the hands cool as well. They further have an anti-slip padding which offers a safer grip and more comfort overall.

2Nordic Lifting Weight-Lifting Gloves

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Good for men and women alike, these Nordic Lifting gloves are great for weightlifters, CrossFit fans, regular gym exercises, and other sports. They provide an ideal grip and feature the proper padding for the right protection from injuries and calluses. That these gloves have integrated wrist support ensures a perfect fit as well as maximum comfort as you perform any weightlifting exercises.

1Harbinger Power Men’s Weightlifting Gloves

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These Harbinger’s Power Non-Wristwrap gloves for men are without a doubt, among the very best performance-wise. Their stretch-back Lycra extends along the hands back and between the fingers, offering an improved flexibility, comfort, and fit, along with an impressive breathability too. The gloves also have foam-backed fingers, double leather palm, and reinforced thumbs for good measure. These features offer incredible protection for your hands against abrasions and potential injuries. Moreover, integrated easy-adjust wrist closures provide a snug fit, as short finger-length provide a more natural feel.


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Weight Lifting Gloves Buying Guide

You don’t have to be a professional weightlifter to wear professional-grade weight lifting gloves, especially if you want to improve. They are imperative for not only protecting your hands and wrists as you lift weights but also for improving your form over time. We should point out that a good pair of weightlifting gloves is guaranteed to increase your gains if worn regularly, if you exercise regularly of course. Now, we should point out that not all these gloves are built to the same standards, thus the need to take your time and consider what the market has to offer before settling on a pair. In principle, there are three key elements to consider when buying a pair of weightlifting gloves:

The Size – The first thing you want to consider when buying a pair of weightlifting gloves is the size. Most of these gloves come in four sizes to choose from, ranging from small to extra large. How you figure out your ideal size, however, is entirely up to you. Some people seem to prefer more ample gloves as they work out whereas others prefer a tighter fit. Either way, you should definitely try out a pair or two whenever you come across some in order to get a better idea.

The Material – The material used in their making also determines the quality you can expect from a pair of weight lifting gloves. In this respect, Neoprene gloves are among the most popular because of their moisture prevention properties, whereas leather gloves are firmer and offer a more solid support. Either way, you should be looking for gloves with a decent breathability and preferably gloves that allow you to wick sweat away as you work out.

The Enclosure – The third thing you need to consider is the closure system and how well they fit your hands once they’re on your hands. Regardless of the build quality, you should never wear gloves that do not feel entirely comfortable, not only because of how they feel but also because they are sure to impact your performance levels. For the most part, weight lifting gloves close down through a slip-on system or a velcro enclosure, both equally effective to some extent.

Benefits Of Wearing Weight Lifting Gloves

While some people see wearing weight lifting gloves as a matter of personal choice, experienced powerlifters will tell you that it is more about safety and performance levels. In this regard, a good pair of weightlifting gloves will not just make the whole experience more comfortable but also help boost your form over time. If not for anything, then at least consider the boost in wrist safety such gloves offer. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few benefits for wearing weightlifting gloves:

Better Grip – Wearing weight lifting gloves is guaranteed to give you a better grip on small and big weighs alike. With a good pair, you will get a much better grip on barbells and dumbbells, reducing the risks of slipping the bar as your hands get sweaty. It isn’t just the weight lifting part that you should think about. It is proven that pull-ups are also a lot easier to perform when wearing a good pair of gloves, reducing the effort you would otherwise put into these exercises considerably.

Protection – Another thing to consider is how well these gloves protect your hands against blisters and calluses. We all know how painful and irritating blisters and calluses can be, not to mention how much they affect your exercising patterns. Formed because of the repeated rubbing of the bars, calluses can severely impact your performance levels and cause you an awful lot of pain whenever you grip onto something with your hands.

Pressure – Not many people realize this but weightlifting gloves are also beneficial when it comes to reducing the pressure weightlifters unwillingly put on their hands. When wearing a pair of weightlifting gloves, you can realistically expect to lift a lot more weight than you would with your bare hands, mostly because of the reduced stress on your palms. Not only that but a good pair of gloves will also alleviate the pressure weight lifting places on your wrists.

Wrist Support – Speaking of your wrists, a decent pair of weightlifting gloves are also guaranteed to offer a sufficient amount of wrist support to help you boost your form. It is very important for your wrists to be under as little pressure as possible as you lift weights. This is owed to the material used in their making, a construction that basically acts as an additional tendon or ligament as you bend your wrists while exercising. You also reduce the risks of wrists injuries this way, which is definitely something to look for when wearing protective gear of any kind.

Improved Lift – Wearing a pair of weightlifting gloves is sure to increase your lifting capabilities to some extent. The reason behind this is the distribution of weight that a tightly fitted pair of gloves can offer. As such, the gloves can distribute some of the stress to your forearms instead of your fingers, thus substantially increasing the weight you can lift when exercising. Bear in mind, however, that this is mostly owed to the strapping of said gloves, so make sure to buy a pair with a decent strap enclosure system.