Top 10 Best Wheel Cleaners of 2019 – Reviews

Keeping a vehicle clean is a very important job. No one wants to drive around a car or SUV that is covered in dirt, grime, and leaves. Although most people do a very diligent job of cleaning their cars, often the one part of the vehicle that they neglect is the wheels. And that’s a crying shame because well-cleaned and shiny wheels can make or break a vehicle’s look.

We don’t want any car owner to neglect their car’s wheels, so we decided to help them out by finding the best wheel cleaners that are currently being made. Cleaners that will not only remove all of the dirt from the wheels but cleaners that will return the wheels to a pristine condition. The ones that we liked the best can be found below.

Best Wheel Cleaners Of 2019

10Chemical Guys Signature Series Cleaner

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Contained within a convenient 16-ounce spray bottle, this concentrated wheel cleaner formula is not only easy to use but provides the cleaning power that car owners need to return their wheels to a pristine condition. This formula can be used full-strength to dissolve hard-to-clean grease, oil and road grime, or it can be diluted in an 8-to-1 ratio for lighter cleaning jobs such as removing dust from rims. It’s a formula that uses the grime-fighting ability of citrus to remove all of the nasty things that can be found on wheels and tires such as brake dust, dirt, road dust, and oil.

9Chemical Guys Diablo Wheel Gel

Chemical Guys Car Care Products

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This wheel gel comes in a 64-ounce bottle, which provides enough cleaning for both amateur and profession wheel cleaning uses. The best thing about this cleaner isn’t how much a person receives, however, it’s how well the product cleans. And trust us, this formula cleans very well. Because it’s a gel, it sticks to whatever grime it’s applied to, and it efficiently loosens this dirt so the user can remove it. This formula can be used full-strength for really tough jobs, or it can be diluted at a ratio of 6 parts to 1 for lighter cleaner jobs. For convenience, it can be placed into a spray bottle and sprayed on, or applied with a brush according to the user’s needs.

8Adam’s Polishes Deep Wheel Cleaner

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Not only is this formula proudly crafted in the U.S, but it’s also made using the most advanced wheel cleaning technology available. It comes in an easy-to-use 16-ounce spray bottle that allows the user to apply the product exactly where it’s needed for tackling even the toughest of jobs. It’s safe enough to use on just about any type of wheels, including alloy, painted, powder or clear-coated wheels. When applied, this purple product goes right to work dissolving brake dust, road grime, and grease, so the user’s wheels are as clean as humanly possible. No one who uses this product ever has to put up with dirty wheels again.

7Sonax Acid-Free Full Effect Cleaner

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When car owners use a wheel cleaner, they want to make sure that it dissolves the dirt on the wheels and doesn’t do damage to the wheels themselves. And this can be quite a delicate balance to achieve. After all, a person wants a cleaner to dissolve oil and grease, but they don’t want it to harm the surface of their rims. Fortunately, this formula is designed with such concerns in mind. It’s a ph-balanced formula that’s acid-free and is designed to dissolve dirt and not harm wheels in the process. This formula can be used to clean aluminum, steel, chrome, painted, clear coated or just about any wheels and do it without causing any harm whatsoever.

6Griot’s Car Care Tire Cleaner - Car & Truck Accessories

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This tire cleaner is probably one of the easiest ones to use because it doesn’t require a lot of mixing or wheel preparation. All a person has to do to get the most out of this product is to spray it on their wheels, allow it to sit according to its directions and then rinse it clean. This formula is safe to use for all types of wheels and can easily be used on painted, polished, powder-coated wheels. It can also be used on steel rims, aluminum rims, or even chrome rims. This formula is also so effective, it’s approved for wheel used by BBS.

5Meguiar’s Ultimate All-Wheel Cleaner

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This tire cleaner by Meguiar’s is probably one of the simplest formulas for a car owner to use on their tires. That’s because when it’s applied it changes color so that the user knows that it’s working. After application, this formula will change road grime to a brown color and brake dust to purple color. Once that’s been done, all the user has to do is scrub the wheels and rinse it away. And since this formula is made in a way that balances performance with wheel safety, this product is safe for use on wheels of all different types. It can be used on alloy, chrome, and steel wheels without worrying about this formula damaging them.

4Car Guy’s Professional Detailing Cleaner

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This quality wheel cleaner is a special formula designed to be tough on dirt and grime, but also to be safe to use for just about any set of wheels. This product is especially well suited for removing salt and the grime that can accumulate during hard winters, but it is also suitable for removing brake dust, oil, grease, and road grime, too. This product is environmentally friendly, so all consumers can use it with confidence. This product can be easily used on alloy, aluminum, chrome, or steel wheels without concern. And when it’s properly used, it not only cleans wheels but also helps to brighten whitewall tires as well.

3TriNova Rim Cleaning Spray

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This premium rim cleaner is not only safe to use for all different types of wheels, but it’s also quite effective at removing oil, grease, road salt, and brake dust. It can be used on all different types of wheels from aluminum to chrome, and it cleans quickly and efficiently so the user can get on with their day. Since this product uses an acid-free formula it won’t damage rims, tires or brakes, and it’s also safer to use than many of the more caustic cleaners available. probably the best thing about this cleaner, however, is that it not only cleans well but it also prevents future brake dust from accumulating in the future.

2Griot’s Car Care Heavy-Duty Cleaner

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This wheel cleaner has many of the features that people expect from their cleaning products. It’s not only safe to use on all wheel types, but it also does a good job cleaning and is easy to use. This product can be used on all wheel finished, and once it comes into contact with brake dust it changes color so the user can remove it right away. This product is also designed to cling to the dirt and grime, so it has more of an ability to dissolve them than other cleaners do. And since its formula is ph-balanced, non-caustic, and doesn’t contain any acid, it won’t harm tires or rims.

1Carfidant Ultimate Tire & Rim Cleaner Spray

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What makes this one of the best wheel cleaners available? It’s one of the best because it cleans tires and rims extremely well, is easy to use, and is also safe to use. This product is pH balanced, so it will provide the cleaning power that car owners need it to have, but it won’t cause damage to sensitive rims or tires. It’s also easy to apply, and it doesn’t have any dyes or added fragrances in its formula. It’s just 100% pure cleaner that will get right to work removing road salt, highway grime, brake dust, and even oil.

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