Top 10 Best Selfie Sticks of 2019 – Reviews

Selfie sticks have slowly become synonymous with taking selfies nowadays as there’s barely any scenic location out there that don’t have people taking selfies of themselves with such a contraption. While some people still hold reservations about these accessories and what effects they have on the public at large, you cannot deny their usefulness any more than you can deny their practicality. With this in mind, let us find out more about selfie sticks in general and about the ten best selfie sticks the market has to offer right now.

Best Selfie Sticks 2019

10Power Theory Selfie Stick

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Power Theory Selfie Stick is a well-made 3-in-1 selfie stick with an extendable and sturdy body for great measure. It includes a remote shutter (Bluetooth) which eases all selfie-taking operations regardless of your type of phone-making it excellent for any beginner. What’s more, it also features a plastic phone holder which has a flexible system that facilitates the secure grasping of all phones at all times. Lastly, it has a padded handle that is not only comfortable but also cozy.

9Mazichands Selfie Stick

buy from amazonThis Mazichands selfie stick is a flexible and fantastic accessory. It comes with a lightweight design, an extended pole which enables users to capture magnificent landscapes and portraits around them and a Bluetooth-enabled capacity that allows it to work with any smart device synonymously. This accessory is made using premium-grade Aluminium which makes it rust resistant and features a wireless monopod style (Bluetooth-powered) that renders it a universal phone mount which allows it to work with numerous phone types ranging between 8.5 cm and 3.36 inches.

8EEZ-Y Wired Selfie Stick

buy from amazonThe EEZ-Y wired stick is among the most recommended especially for outdoor and indoor activities because it functions efficiently no matter the angle. With its flexible nature, it allows easy adjustment to fit any group size and provide better coverage when capturing photos. It is lightweight courtesy of premium-grade aluminum metal composition and comes with an ergonomic and padded handle which makes it easy to store and carry.

7Kizen Selfie Stick

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Featuring a durable, black-themed and simple to use style, this particular accessory is a remarkable monopod style selfie stick. It features a Bluetooth-powered remote control that eases operation, an extendable and flexible head which rotates efficiently for better coverage and a comfortable handle which subsequently eases its control. Lastly, it also includes a luxurious storage pouch that allows safe and convenient transportation.

6Kiwii Selfie Stick

buy from amazonKiwii’s Selfie Stick is a Bluetooth-enabled and portable selfie stick which is quite easy to adjust making it a convenient and handy accessory. It is lightweight a feature that renders it ideal for outdoor explorations, comes with a padded handle that allows it a comfortable grip, and features a non-slip coat which further boosts stability. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable phone holder that works well with virtually all smartphones.

5JETech Selfie Stick (Self-Portrait)

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This is a durable and affordable self-portrait selfie stick that not only features an exceptionally aesthetic style but is also designed to meet every user demand. This stick comes with a monopod-operated battery well-made to last long, a universal phone mount that is suitable for various phones and a padded handle which makes it use very comfortable. Lastly, this stick is lightweight which eases the selfie-taking process.

4Noot Built-in Remote Shutter Selfie Stick

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This stick from Noot is a portable and lightweight green-themed selfie stick that comes with an adjustable design. It features an extendable design that makes it ideal for shooting diverse landscapes and portraits and with its holder featuring flexible edges, it can fit a variety of phone sizes. Moreover, it includes a smooth, durable and non-marring phone holder (plastic), a remote shutter and a convenient powered plug battery. Finally, the Noot stick consists of a sturdy handle that fits well in your palm allowing it to allow stable capturing of images.

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3CamKix Selfie Stick

buy from amazonCamKix is a stable, durable and extendable selfie stick which has gradually gained massive popularity across the globe for its low pricing. It features an adaptable monopod which is extendable between 11 and 40 inches, an ingenious construction that enables it’s comfortable moving around and a universal mount which fits virtually any Smartphone below 3.3 inches. What’s more, it features a 180-degrees adjustable head not to mention its aesthetic green-themed design which greatly improves its diversity.

2Alaska Life Selfie Stick

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This selfie stick precisely stands out not just for its lightweight build, but also for its ingenious design. It is made using rugged and waterproof materials which makes it an ideal for outdoor photography. Moreover, it has an adjustable and stable monopod for a great measure allowing it to remain stable always. Furthermore, this selfie stick features a plastic phone holder, a fully-adjustable system, and can fit virtually any Smartphone.

1Mpow iSnap Selfie Stick

buy from amazonThis is a durable, one-piece selfie stick that features a U-shaped and aesthetic design which easily folds to ease storage and transportation. This stick is made using aluminum, which renders it sturdy and able to support any colossal weight phones exert on it during use. Additionally, it features an adjustable plastic holder that secures all types of Smartphones in their place and a remote shutter system that is Bluetooth-adapted to boost its functionality and flexibility.


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Uses For A Selfie Stick

Before delving into what selfie sticks could best be used for, we should perhaps try to explain the nature of these devices first. You see, most of these devices enjoy a monopod construction, meaning that you typically use one to mount and then extend your smartphone in a better angle to take pictures of yourself and your surroundings. By doing so, you allow yourself to take selfies at a low or high angle depending on your needs at the time.

The main purpose of a selfie stick is to provide you with a high or low angle for a more panoramic view of your surroundings. This implies a usage that although not new, still somewhat modern by virtue of how these sticks are constructed. We should point out that this method of taking pictures has been around for quite a while now, but it was only recently that it resurfaced given the rise of smartphones.

The other use for a selfie stick is to take birds-eye pictures of elements below. Again, this is a method that photographers have used for centuries, and yet a method that has become increasingly popular as selfie sticks have become more widespread. To some extent, the use of a selfie stick makes it a lot easier for you to take photographs when your phone is out of reach or when you need to take a picture of something in a hidden position where your bare hand simply cannot reach.

Different Types Of Selfie Sticks

As you would soon find out if looking for such a device, there are a few different types of selfie sticks to choose from. Although the degree of variation isn’t too complex, it still pays to take the time and ponder about what type of selfie stick would be most suitable for your particular needs. The main reason why there is such a variety of selfie sticks to choose from is because of the many features these sticks can possess. To be more precise, here are the features that make selfie sticks stand apart from one another:

Compatibility – Even though most selfie sticks are equipped with adjustable mounts so as to securely hold any type of smartphone, some selfie sticks are definitely better than others when it comes to accommodating specific smartphones or cameras. In this regard, selfie sticks with rubberized clamps or brackets are by far the most popular, because these sticks are designed to squeeze around your device for optimal grip.

Swiveling – Another aspect to keep track of is whether a selfie stick can swivel or rotate. We say this because some selfie sticks are equipped with specially designed clamps that can rotate up to 180 degrees, thus giving you a much wider field of vision to take advantage of. For this reason, some rotating selfie sticks work better with compact cameras like GoPros than they do with smartphones which are rarely required to swivel or rotate.

Length – You should also judge a selfie stick based on its overall reach, as longer selfie sticks are definitely more useful than short ones. On average, common selfie sticks will reach around 30 inches in length, while some can even reach as far as 40 inches or more. Depending on the type of photographs you intend to take, a selfie stick should definitely allow you to take high-angle pictures if its construction allows it.

Foldability – A good selfie stick should not only be sturdy and durable but easy to carry as well. It is for this reason that you should always look for a selfie stick that you can fold down to a fairly compact size when not in use. This will not only enable you to carry it easier but it will also make it easier to store. In general, most selfie sticks that enjoy a foldable design can be folded down to about 8 inches in length.

Build quality – We cannot stress enough how important it is for a selfie stick to be sturdy and durable. Given the nature selfie sticks and the many uses they have, you don’t want your selfie stick to break down with your smartphone or camera still attached to its tip, especially if you’re using it to take a photo from across a railing or balcony. It isn’t just the safety of your devices that you have to worry about, mind you, but also the stick’s capacity to withstand abuse without showing signs of damage.

Connectivity – Some selfie sticks enjoy connectivity features that enable you to connect them to your image-capturing device, be it a smartphone, digital camera, or a GoPro. As such, it isn’t that uncommon for high-end selfie sticks to boast Bluetooth connectivity options, which enable you to control the camera through an inbuilt button at the base of the selfie stick. In fact, some selfie sticks even have built-in USB ports or 3.5mm jacks for you to use.