Top 10 Touchless Soap Dispensers of 2019 – Reviews

If you haven’t already, you should definitely consider investing in a touchless soap dispenser for your bathroom. The main reason behind this being that a touchless soap dispenser is a lot more hygienic than traditional dispensers, not to mention just how much more convenient it is when it comes to washing your hands in a hurry.

Not only that but because of their hands-free design, these dispensers will also help you when your hands are oily or greasy so that you won’t have to get the tap dirty in the process. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best touchless soap dispensers the market has to offer at this point in time.

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Touchless Soap Dispensers 2019

10Glamfields Touchless Stainless Steel Automatic Soap Dispenser

buy from amazonBoasting a touchless infrared detection system, the GHB Stainless Steel Automatic Sensor Soap Dispenser is an easy-to-operate, hygienic, stylish soap pumping machine that will enhance the efficiency of any kitchen or bathroom sink. Thanks to its adjustable volume settings, including 4 different levels, you can control the amount of soap that should be dispensed at a time, ensuring there will be no spills or dripping in the process. Thanks to its design, it works great with any kind of liquid soap or hand sanitizer and can also be used in an office environment with no issues whatsoever.

9Oobest Automatic Hand Touchless Sensor Soap Dispenser

buy from amazonThe Oobest Automatic Hand Touchless Sensor Soap Dispenser is a durable, stainless steel liquid soap dispenser that features an infrared sensor. Perfect for your bathroom or kitchen, this unit is extremely hygienic and efficient and comes with a touch-free technology. Made from stainless steel and ABS plastic, this soap dispenser has been uniquely designed to work with any liquid soap, hand sanitizer or shower gel.

With just 4 AAA batteries, you can power up this unit to work for up to one year ensuring energy saving and protection of the environment. Equipped with 3 different levels including, small, moderate and large amount, you can control the amount of soap to be dispensed at a time.

8Better Living Products Touchless Clear Chamber Hands Free Soap Dispenser

Design Toscano

buy from amazonFeaturing an easy on and off touchless operation, the Better Living Products Touchless Clear Chamber Hands Free Soap Dispenser is a durable counter top or wall mount device by most standards. Crafted with a black and chrome clear liquid chamber, this dispenser has a storage capacity of up to 16.5 ounces of liquid. Equipped with an adjustable liquid dispensing setting, you can control the amount of soap dispensed at any given time with just one touch of a button. This device is powered by 4 AAA batteries and works well with any liquid soap or hand sanitizer.

7SimpleOne Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

buy from amazonEquipped with premium grade motion sensor technology, the SimpleOne Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser is a truly hygienic way of dispensing liquid soap. The special sensor automatically identifies your hand and dispenses soap without you touching the device or even getting close to it. It features a uniquely designed valve that cuts of the correct amount of soap to be dispensed without spilling or messing the area around it. It also comes with a wide mouth for easy refilling and is available in a stunning white and liquid silver shade. Powered by just 4 AAA alkaline batteries, this efficient soap pumping machine can work up to 1 year without changing the batteries.

6Umbra Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser

buy from amazonWith the Umbra Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser, you get to save soap and stay hygienic thanks to a state of the art auto-dispense mechanism. This model works perfectly with any liquid soap, including detergent, dish soap or hand sanitizer. Designed with a unique transparent window on the front of the device, users can check the level of soap and when it needs to be refilled. With a capacity of 6 ounces, the device measures 8.3 x 4.1 x 3.3 inches respectively and is powered by 4 AAA alkaline batteries.

5Lysol No-Touch Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser

buy from amazonAvailable in a variety of colors, the Lysol No-Touch Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser is a heavy duty, premium grade, durable soap pumping machine that ensures 100% hygiene and offers top notch performance levels with any liquid soap of your choice. Perfect for your kitchen or bathroom, this dispenser dispenses the correct amount of liquid soap as per your requirements without making it too difficult to set up. Furthermore, it also comes with an effective hand wash that is loaded with special ingredients to keep your hands moisturized and fresh at all times.

4OLpure Automatic Soap Dispenser

buy from amazonCrafted with high-grade stainless steel with brushed polishing, the OLpure Automatic Soap Dispenser is a fully automatic, touch-free soap pumping machine that comes with a special oil spray bottle. Equipped with a waterproof base, it helps to protect the batteries from any outer damage that such a device might withstand over time. With three different soap dispensing levels, users can choose how much soap they require with just a simple click.

3OPERNEE Automatic Touchless Stainless Steel Auto-soap Dispenser

buy from amazonFeaturing a durable waterproof base, the OPERNEE Automatic Touchless, Auto-soap Dispenser is a durable, high-quality stainless steel machine in ever sense of the word. It comes equipped with the latest Japanese smart motion infra-red sensor, a feature that makes it extremely long lasting. Battery operated, this soap dispenser is water proof and free from leakage ensuring that the circuit board does not get damaged or corroded over time. Not only that but its special base keeps the batteries protected at all times so that the device can run longer on a single charge.

2Simplehuman 8 oz. Sensor Pump

buy from amazonThe Simplehuman Sensor Pump is an 8-ounce soap dispenser that can dispense soap within 0.2 seconds after detecting any sort of motion. Boasting an anti-spill valve made from silicone, it will help prevent any sort of dripping in the long run. It also comes equipped with a volume control for instantly adjusting the level of soap that needs to be dispensed at a time and is very easy to use overall. Thanks to a wide opening for easy refills, this spill-free, energy efficient soap dispenser will definitely prove a useful addition to your bathroom.

1The Original Hayden Autosoap

buy from amazonThe original Hayden Autosoap is a premium grade, touchless soap dispenser crafted with top notch brushed stainless steel that is not only extremely touch but also resistant to fingerprints. Thanks to its ultra-slim design, it will look attractive on any bathroom or kitchen sink. Featuring three varied volume settings to choose from, users can control the amount of soap that gets dispensed at any given time with minimal effort on your part.

It also works great with any liquid soap or hand sanitizer, and it comes equipped with a state of the art smart-motion infra-red sensor technology & no-touch mechanism for good measure.


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