Top 10 Best Outdoor TV Antennas of 2017 – Reviews


Although most people have cable TV, digital, or satellite platforms, there is still a need for outdoor antennas in today’s world. Be it because they’re in a remote rural environment or because they’re trying to cut down the cost of TV subscriptions, some people prefer the use of outdoor antennae instead of the more modern alternatives.

Now, if there weren’t so many to choose from, it wouldn’t have been much of a problem to find one to meet most standards. But because of how many you get to choose from nowadays, it definitely pays to be well-prepared before deciding which to buy. So without further ado, here are the ten best outdoor TV & HDTV antennas money can buy.

Best Outdoor TV Antennas & HDTV Antennas 2017

101ByOne Outdoor/Attic Digital HDTV Antenna

buy from amazonThis antenna allows you to get all the local channels in HD quality via UHF and VHF signals that have been optimized for a 1080p reception. Construction-wise, let us point out that this antenna is built sturdily and is able to withstand extremely harsh weather conditions. Its features include a cross-phase and a design that gives it a range of 45 miles, making it receive strong signals even in the most remote areas.

9Best Choice Products Remote Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antenna

buy from amazonThis powerful remote controlled antenna has a 36dB gain which gives it a range of about 150 miles. The outdoor antenna receives digital TV channels via UHF and VHF signals in crystal clear quality no matter how far the broadcasting station is. The antenna is built to withstand outdoor conditions be it rain or extreme sunlight as well. A wireless remote helps you adjust its position from the comfort of your seat.

8BoostWaves Outdoor HDTV/VHF/UHF Remote Controlled Antenna

buy from amazonThis is another powerful outdoor antenna that has been built sturdily using a weatherproof design. It is highly capable of a significant range that allows it to get high-quality signals from a distance. It can be rotated a full 360 degrees using its conveniently designed remote control that easily adjusts the direction it is facing well. The antenna is waterproof and also capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.

71ByOne Amplified Digital Outdoor/Attic HDTV Antenna

buy from amazonAlthough this antenna can only be adjusted by hand, it is just as powerful as the remote controlled ones. It features a cross-phase design and a sturdy multi-element build that makes it very capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. It has a sufficiently long range that allows you to get the weakest signals from a distance. It is also optimized for receiving 1080p digital channels in high definition.

6Lava Electronics VHF/UHF/HDTV Antenna HD-2605

buy from amazonIf you’re looking a way to enjoy digital HDTV channels no matter where you are, this is the perfect remote-controlled antenna for you. Featuring a sturdy, all-weather construction, the antenna can be adjusted direction-wise and has a rotation of up to 360 degrees. The reception of the antenna is exceptionally quite sensitive, making it ideal for capturing weak signals over a distance.

54Element Indoor/Outdoor Bowtie HDTV Antenna

buy from amazonWith a range of over 60 miles and a digital reception optimized for FHD 1080p clarity, this is one powerful antenna that can work both indoors and outdoors as well. It receives VHF and UHF signals and features a powerful multi-directional design that makes it suitable for use in most of the remote areas. Furthermore, setting up this particular antenna is quite easy and takes less than ten minutes if you know what you’re doing.

4ClearStream 4 HDTV Antenna

buy from amazonWhether you prefer an indoor or even an outdoor antenna, this ClearStream HD antenna is the perfect choice for you. It can receive TV channels in Full HD clarity and allows you to enjoy all the local UHF and VHF channels no matter where you are located. The multi-directional, all-weather design of the antenna makes it quite very durable and capable of withstanding outdoor weather elements as well.

3Winegard High Definition HD7694P HD VHF/UHF Antenna

buy from amazonThis antenna has a reception range of up to 45 miles and is capable of receiving UHF and H-VDF channels in crystal clear clarity. The antenna is the only one in the list with precision mounted electronics that give it better gain capabilities, an impedance of 75 ohms and also uninterrupted digital signature reception. Not only that but you will find this particular antenna to be one of the best in this price range.

2ClearStream 2V HDTV Antenna for Indoor/Outdoor Use with Mount

buy from amazonThe simple, compact design of this HDTV antenna belies its incredible 60-mile reception range. The design of the antenna includes a dedicated UHF/VHF multi-directional element that enhances the weakest signals even from quite remote areas. It receives television channels in full-HD 1080p quality from wherever you are. The design of the antenna is also very sturdy, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use even when there is extreme weather condition.

1RCA Yagi Compact Outdoor HDTV Antenna

buy from amazonThis compactly built outdoor antenna features unimaginable resilience and durability thanks to its highly compact and sturdy design. It has a reception range of up to 40 miles and can receive UHF and VHF television stations in 1080p HD quality. The antenna comes pre-assembled, making it very easy to install and use after purchase. Its strong reception capabilities allow you to mount it on the outside of your house or even in the attic without losing any signal reception. All in all, it is perhaps one of the best outdoor antennas on the market these days.



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