Top 10 Best Ab Wheels of 2019 – Reviews

As a piece of exercise equipment, ab wheels stand out as being extremely easy to use by almost anyone. With an ab wheel, you can exercise your core strength without the risk of straining your back in any way. Given their simplistic yet ingenious construction, these wheels are becoming increasingly popular not only among workout enthusiasts but also among people who are only in it for the fitness they provide. Let us point out, however, that not all ab wheels are built according to the same standards, with some lagging behind in terms of balance and convenience. With this in mind, let’s find out what are the ten best ab wheels the market has to offer and what to look for when buying one.

Best Ab Wheels – Top List

10Ultimate Body Press Ab Wheels

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This is an affordable, simple to use ab wheel model that provides a wide range of effective workouts and is regarded as one of the best upper body and abdominal training tools today. Moreover, the Ultimate Body Press Ab Wheels boast non-slip foam grips, ensuring extra comfort, while smooth-rolling durable ball bearings deliver an outstanding performance when it comes to core training techniques.

9ProSource Dual Ab Wheel Roller

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Coming from the popular ProSource, this ab wheel model delivers on the promise of quality performance. It is not only simple to assemble but also has dual-wheel design for added stability, ergonomic and comfortable sturdy grip, and an impressive look. Despite its high-end design and great features, this wheel is surprisingly affordable, more so than you would normally expect such an advanced piece of equipment to cost.


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This Ab Wheel offers support for a versatile ab and also other upper body exercises for both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts. With its sturdy and top-regarded design, it engages more muscles, meaning stronger abs, arms, and core in a matter of days. Its wheels are anti-slip and do not mar your floors. It comes with a guiding wall poster that illustrates 6 exercises, and a DVD showing 3 full workouts—core and abs, strength, and flexibility.

7Yes4All Dual Ab Wheel

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Contrary to single-wheel models that demand that users apply more force on handles for maintaining balance, the Yes4All provides the convenience of double-wheel design. Its 2 strong non-skid quality plastic wheels joined in a premium-grade solid steel bar offer optimal stability for controllable, smooth use. Moreover, Yes4All has contoured handles for maximum support and flexibility.

6Everlast Duo Exercise Wheel

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Carrying an attractive price tag, the Everlast Duo Ab Wheel boasts a number of great features. It is quite helpful in proper toning of abs and other body muscles. Its dual wheels design brings in added stability and safety. The Everlast is suitable for not only strengthening but also sculpting muscles, and can be used by persons of all fitness levels. It is, therefore, its versatility that makes it stand out from the rest.

5Wacces AB Power Wheel Roller

buy from amazonA very cost effective model, the Wacces Ab wheel roller offers many helpful features. For instance, its non-skid surface adds to stability and safety. Its handles are made of high-quality foam to be convenient holding and also sweat absorbent. It is an ideal choice for beginners, supporting your endeavor to tone muscles, work out the back, arms, shoulders, and other body muscles.

4SKLZ Core Ab Trainer

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You now can take your pushups, planks, and pillar workouts to a higher level when you use the Core Ab Trainer by SKLZ. Thanks to its rolling wheels on each side, your shoulders, hips and torso work out harder, resulting in faster, greater fitness results. Moreover, the accessory has ergonomic handles, convenient design, and includes a training guide for starters. This should come in handy short-term and provide you with a long-term idea of how to conduct your workout routine.

3Fitnessery Ab Wheel Roller

buy from amazonWith the Fitnessery Ab Wheel Roller, it becomes a lot easier to build a set of abs of steel. Easy to use and convenient, it helps strengthen the core, burn calories, and tone the abdominals. This wheel has slip-free rubber construction that grips any surface stably. It is also made of quality steel, ensuring lasting durability. Also great is its padded handles for your grip comfort.

2Iron Gym Speed Abs Wheel

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The Speed Abs Wheel by Iron Gym is another great option in regards to ease of use and expected convenience. It has durable steel coil that offers significant resistance on the way out an as well as a controlled return. Its rubberized pro-grip handles alleviate your hand fatigue while optimizing control, comfort. It is ideal for persons of all fitness levels who want to, as well as improving their metabolism, strengthen and tone upper & lower abs, obliques, and the whole core.

1Lifeline Power Wheel

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Ranked among the best options in the Ab Wheels category, Lifeline Power Wheel features soft-quality hand grips for extra user comfort. Uniquely, its integrated foot pedals offer an intense exercise versatility while developing a strong, stable core, at the same time working out up to 20 body muscles. It is a multi-directional wheel, moving in any direction to exercise abs and whole core. It also comes with a DVD guide for different body muscle workouts, which is definitely something that will come in handy long-term.


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Ab Wheel Buying Guide

Seeing how affordable most of these wheels are, it is really a no-brainer as far as workout investments go, especially if you’re serious about your workout regimen. Few pieces of equipment can provide a better core strength flexibility in training other than ab wheels these days, which may explain why they’re so popular in the first place. They also allow you to move a lot when working out, more so than any other type of core strength set of aids.


The first thing you need to know about ab wheels is that they don’t really pose any serious threats to your general strength. As long as you aren’t too rough when working out and you avoid keeping your stomach braced too tight, you should be more than fine in the long run. The range these wheels provide is also bound to offer plenty of workout choices for you to consider, which provides you with the ability to choose a routine that won’t put too much strain on your body.


Another thing to consider is the wrist pain an inadequate ab wheel can cause, a good enough reason as any to only go for the high-end models. The great thing about ab wheels is that even the high-end models are surprisingly affordable. Even if you don’t get a big brand wheel, however, you can still avoid getting injured by wrapping your wrists before working out, so that you will be able to stretch out your arms without the risk of straining your wrists.


At their core, ab wheels are low-tech pieces of equipment that have been used by athletes around the world for decades to boost their core strength. Their construction involves a wheel with a rod running through their center, a rod that you grab with your hands on each side of the wheel. In this respect, we should perhaps point out that ab wheels with dual-rolls provide a much wider base, thus an improved stability in motion.


Keep in mind that you are supposed to manually control the roll of the wheels when working out. This is something you have to do with all models, to the point where they will show you exactly how much you can roll them back and forth during your routine. Now, we should point out that some of these wheels roll out better than others, which is why you want to keep track of the materials used in their making. A more flexible wheel allows for a much smoother rolling, a flexibility that also reduces the strain on your wrists long-term.

Ab Wheel Form

It is very important to maintain proper form when working out with ab wheels. You do this by keeping tour core engaged from the beginning of the roll until the very end of the reps, making sure to push the wheel to roughly the same distance forward and backward. At this point, you also want to make sure that you do not let your knees sag and that you keep your back as straight as possible during each motion

Next, you have to pay attention not to arch your back. This will not just cause you a great deal of discomfort but it might also cause nasty back injuries if you don’t maintain proper form during your workouts. You also want to keep your head down and facing forward so as to align your neck and back in a relatively straight line. When rolling the wheel, try to use your arms to maintain balance while using your hips as little as possible.

Ask any seasoned gym-goer and they will tell you about the importance of exhaling when doing reps of any kind. This is precisely the case with ab wheels, just as long as you remember to exhale when rolling the wheel down and out. Try to inhale only as you are going back to your starting position, a motion that will also help you maintain a good pace throughout the routine while reducing the strain you put on your lower back.


Whether you have a decent core strength already or if you’re simply looking to diversify your workout routine, then an ab wheel is definitely the way to go. Most of these wheels are small, portable, easy to store, and extremely inexpensive, even the high-end models. They also provide a more challenging way to exercise, especially when it comes to boosting your core strength in preparation for more serious routines.