Top 10 Best All Season Tires for Snow in 2018 – Reviews

A car’s stability on any terrain depends mainly on its tires and whether not they provide the right adherence at any given time. It often happens that changes in weather catch us unprepared, which is something that can be avoided with the help of reliable all-season tires. Although not designed for a specific type of weather, these tires tend to perform well in virtually any conditions. Even among them, however, some perform far better than others whenever the weather gets particularly cold. Over the next few minutes, we will try to find the ten best all season tires for snow and winter conditions.

Best All Season Tires for Snow In 2018

10Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tire

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This is Michelin’s maximum performance summer tire model, formally designed as OE (Original Equipment) on a number of world’s most advanced performance autos, among them the elite, limited edition Ferrari 599 GTO—Ferrari’s fastest road car. The Pilot Super Sport tires are for those drivers with concern about how innovative tire technology improves their car’s safety and performance. They actually deliver remarkable durability, traction and handling control while not wearing out fast.

9Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Radial Tire

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Produced by the popular Goodyear, the Ultra Grip Studdable Winter/Snow tire is the perfect companion for drivers of sedans, coupes, crossovers and minivans, and also SUVs and some passenger light pick-up trucks. The tire is designed to provide high level of traction even in cold winter temperatures. It features radials that are molded to be compatible with optimal metal studs for increased traction and maneuvering through hard-packed snow.

8Falken Ziex ZE950 All-Season Radial Tire

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Falken Ziex ZE950 is a high-performance tire that is designed for that confident car enthusiast who is always yearning for more. If you fancy staying behind the wheel and you want greater control power, this tire is for you. Its very rigid shoulder blocks provide enhanced grip on dry roads and cornering confidence. Silicarbon Matrix, a special compound blend used to make the ZE950, provides improved all-season traction. Also helpful is the tire’s directional tread pattern for easier maneuvering through wet roads.

7Yokohama Avid Touring S All-Season Tire

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The Avid Touring S is an eco-friendly tire by Yokohama developed for enthusiastic drivers of SUVs, crossovers, and prestigious pickups. The tire features Eco-impact icons on its sidewall that highlight its environmental compatibility as it decreases rolling resistance as well as tire weight, relative to Pirelli’s former SUV tire series. This translates to increased fuel efficiency, lowering the engine’s carbon emission. The tire is designed for performance on both wet and dry roads, year-round service and comfort, even traction through light snow.

6Yokohama ENVigor All-Season Tire

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Another radial tire model by Yokohama, the ENVigor All-Season Tire is an ultra-high performance dry or wet season run-flat, low-profile and high-speed tire. It was first created in the OE sizes for Chevy’s Corvette C-5 and C-6 Coupe as well as some convertibles. It is specially designed to be able to support the weight of your car, even if without air pressure, for some time. It brings out the best in all-season performance, wet road grip, and limited tread wear, ensuring good year-round control and traction, even through light snow.

5Hankook Optimo H727 All-Season Tire

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Hankook’s Optimo H727 is a Max Performance Winter quality tire created for spirited drivers of sporty coupes, sports cars, and also high-performance saloons for showcasing high profile style and personality. The tires deliver great handling and traction, ensuring reliable control and comfort in dry and also wet roads. However, similar to other all-season tires, the Optimo is not ideal for below zero temperatures or snowy tracks but they perform quite well regardless.

4BFGoodrich g-Force COMP-2 A/S All-Season Radial Tire

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The g-Force COMP-2 by BFGoodrich is a studless snow and ice winter tire designed to be used by coupe, compact, minivan and sedan drivers who want to cruise through the winter snow successfully. When the winter road conditions are very prohibitive, these tires offer a remarkably great performance in virtually any weather conditions. These tires provide an optimized tire contact with the road, thus distributing forces and pressure evenly and effectively for greater control and stability on any terrain.

3Michelin Primacy MXM4 Radial Tire

buy from amazonA Grand Touring All Season tire by Michelin, the Primacy MXM4 tire is designed for use by luxury coupe and saloon drivers who need all-season handling and great traction with ride comfort and good noise all brought together. The tire is made to adhere to Michelin’s Green X regulations for eco-friendliness and reduced rolling resistance, resulting in improved car fuel efficiency, lower carbon emission, and safer environment. In short, the MXM4 is innovatively designed to blend a comfortable, quiet ride, responsive control, and improved fuel efficiency, yet still providing all-season year-round traction, even when it snows lightly.

2BFGoodrich Rugged Trail T/A Radial Tire

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This is BFGoodrich’s high performance on-/off-road all-terrain tire made for light trucks like pickups, sport utility vehicles, and jeep drivers who want aggressive off-road show plus low rolling resistant and lightweight build, while making reduced noise yet providing a year-long reliable traction, even when it’s lightly snowed. Originally created for OE (original equipment requirements) of car makers, the Rugged Trail T/A has been expanded in size to suit various trucks.

1Cooper Discoverer A/T3 Radial Tire

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With the Cooper Discoverer A/T3, you get a great quality radial tire that incorporates a balanced combination of innovative technology, design and compounding to produce the kind of tire that performs wonderfully on almost any terrain. Its tread compound improves wet traction while reducing rolling resistance, as the aggressive tread design improves off-road control and traction significantly without compromising any highway cruise profiles. Not only that but you will find these tires to far outmatch any other all-season tires in respect to adherence and stability.


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What To Look For In All Season Tires for Snow

The tricky part about determining what all-season tires perform best in snowy conditions is to first determine which tires offer the best traction overall. This is by far the best metric to judge tires on, no matter what the weather conditions are. Like it or not, this is the only guaranteed method to ensure that your car will retain its stability on icy roads. That said, customer reviews also play a major role in evaluating winter tires, especially as far as all-season tires are concerned.

Different Types of All Season Tires

Even though all-season tires are all designed to meet roughly the same purpose, some are far better than others in terms of durability, adherence, and resistance to temperature change. In this regard, some of these tires are better equipped to handle cold weathers while others focus on both snowy and rainy conditions. As you would expect, all-season tires built for snow tend to have thicker slits and more pronounced tread patterns.

Winter Tires or All Season Tires

You will definitely have to choose at some point between winter tires or all-season tires built for snow. We say this because although they are advertised as all-season tires, some of these versatile tires are mainly intended to be used in cold weather, which is why they have an added benefit over winter tires. As you would expect, winter tires should mainly be used during the winter because they offer very little in terms of adherence and stability in any other conditions. With all-season tires, on the other hand, you get a much better performance overall, especially when the weather changes from one day to another.

Choosing All Season Tires

If you do not take the time to learn about the differences between all-season tires and what best recommends some of them for winter driving conditions, you will have a hard time finding a set of tires to help you retain your stability whenever the weather takes a turn for the worse. What you need to keep in mind is that each brand offers a certain something in regards to traction, reliability, versatility, and durability. For the most part, you should judge between tires based on:

Traction – A tire’s traction rating is one of the most important things to look for when shopping for winter tires. Possible ratings include AA, A, B, or C, each stamped on the side of each individual tire. When it comes to winter conditions, the best tires are the ones with an AA or A traction rating, not only for the adherence they provide but also to save your car from swerving uncontrollably in icy conditions.

OEM – This refers to a car’s manufacturer and the selection they make when building each car. The acronym refers to Original Equipment Manufacturer and applies to the tires that each car is equipped with once it leaves the factory. In this respect, buying OEM tires is a sure way to provide your car with a perfectly engineered standard of traction and stability, along with the certainty that they have a much better tread life.

Studded Tires – Another thing to consider is whether you need studded tires or not. As you may or may not know, studded tires offer a much better traction on ice. The same characteristics that recommend them on icy terrain work against them on dry roads, mostly in terms of traction and durability. For instance, studded tires aren’t built to last, not on dry roads at least, where the shifts in speed can cause them to take damage much easier.

Sets – While some people prefer to only buy winter tires for their car’s traction tires, they often neglect the fact that it isn’t just the traction tires that have to handle the frozen road. As such, you should definitely buy a whole set of tires if you can afford it, not only for safety purposes but also to provide your car with better stability whenever the ice on the road starts to melt.