Top 10 Best Antiperspirants For Men of 2019 – Reviews

Men’s antiperspirants have one job, and that’s keeping the man from sweating. When there’s less scent for bacteria to dine on, then there’s less odor produced by these microorganisms. Of course, many antiperspirants also have a deodorant component in them to help out with the odor control, but for the most part, they work by limiting sweat. And that’s why they work so well.

In the world of antiperspirants for men, however, not all products are equal, so it always pays off to do a little bit of research before buying one of these products. That’s why we’ve researched the ten best brands available and have listed them below. Now there’s no reason why the average man shouldn’t smell their best when they’re at the office or out on the town.

Best Antiperspirants For Men Of 2019

10Speed Stick Gear Overtime Relentless

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Speed Stick Gear Overtime Relentless is an antiperspirant designed for men who can’t afford to be sidelined by sweat. Regardless of whether they need to be at their best for the big game or their next sales meeting, the men who wear this product expect the very best out of their antiperspirant. It’s designed with a formula that’s time-released throughout the day, so the user doesn’t sweat it off first thing in the morning. This product also has a clean masculine scent that any man will love. And since it has a specially designed guard applicator, it’s easy to apply—even when the guy is on the go.

9Old Spice For Men Denali With Spruce

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Old Spice Denali With Spruce is not just an antiperspirant, but it’s also a deodorant. That means that it not only stops underarm sweating and odor, but it does it while smelling great at the same time. This product will stop, or at least slow, even the heaviest perspiration flows, and it has a scent that tries to smell like the Pacific Northwest. Named after one of the highest mountain peaks, this product is manufactured for the adventurous man who really loves the great outdoors but loves sweating a whole lot less. And because it’s an invisible solid, it not only smells great but also goes on nice and smoothly.

8Right Guard Xtreme Defense 5 Fresh Blast

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Not everyone needs an antiperspirant that delivers 5 different types of odor protection, but for those who do, then this product is a life saver. It’s designed for athletes and other individuals who lead active lifestyles and need a product that won’t take any prisoners. This solid is designed to go on smoothly and quickly and to provide up to 72-hours of odor protection. It does this by not only using Aluminum that stops perspiration at the source, but it also does it by providing a great Fresh Blast scent. All of these ingredients work together to keep the individual dry and odor free.

7Degree Men Ultra Clear Black & White

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Degree Men Ultra Clear Black & White not only provides the wearer with a solid 48-hours of odor and wetness protection, but it also has several other features which make it a great product. For example, it’s clear formula goes on nice and smooth and it doesn’t stain clothing like other deodorants. This product is resistant to leave white marks on black clothing and doesn’t react with sweat like other antiperspirants do cause yellow stains. It’s a powerful formula that’s designed with Degree’s patented Motion Sense Technology, which enables it to perform even better when the wearer is on the run.

6Dove Men + Care Clinical Protection

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This product is not only designed to be tough on sweat and body odor, but it’s also designed to be easy on the skin. It’s capable of providing the wearer with 48-hours of clinical strength odor and wetness protection, but because it contains a powerful moisturizer, it can do it without drying out the wearer’s skin. In fact, this formula is designed to condition and soothe the wearer’s skin as they wear it. Which means that it’s powerful enough for a man to use, but it’s also gentle enough to be used by a woman. That makes it a great antiperspirant and deodorant for anyone who wants to use it.

5Gillette Clear Gel Power Rush

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With a new and improved formula that gives it even longer wetness protection, Gillette Clear Gel Power Rush is ready to provide all-day protection. This product goes and nice and clear so that it doesn’t stain clothing and it provides the perspiration protection that busy men need during the day. It also has a variety of odor blockers in it that help to keep armpit odor to a minimum. Designed to hold up even under grueling workout conditions, this product is perfect for athletes, cross-trainers or anyone else who needs a high level of wetness and odor protection to get them through their day.

4AXE Antiperspirant Stick Phoenix

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AXE has long been a company known for their unique line of body sprays and body washes for men. However, they are not only good at making those products but are also pretty good at making antiperspirant for men. And the proof of that fact can be found in their Phoenix antiperspirant line. This product delivers up to 24-hours of wetness and odor protection to men, regardless of how hard they work during the day. It just doesn’t stop perspiration though. It also delivers a nice scent that smells like a combination between various woods and fruit scents. So it not only leaves men dry but also leaves them smelling good as well.

3Degree Men Extreme Blast

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Degree Men Extreme Blast not only stops wetness and body odor dead in its tracks but the harder the person works, the better it works. That’s because it’s activated by body heat, so as the wearer increases their activity level, this antiperspirant also increases its protection level. This enables it to provide up to 48-hours of protection against perspiration and body odor. And since it not only works to prevent sweat but also has deodorant in it, this product is capable of making the wearer smell their absolute best. It’s apple and melon scent is sure to make any man feel more secure about their body odor.

2Arrid XX Extra Dry Roll-On

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Although this product isn’t specifically marketed towards men, it’s a product that’s capable of really handling wetness and odor with few difficulties. This product rolls on quite easily and is designed to not stain clothing the way other products can stain them. It’s capable of controlling wetness all day long, and since it’s also a deodorant, it also has a pleasant scent that helps to mask armpit odor. Widely considered to be a unisex scent, this product can be worn by just about anyone looking to control underarm perspiration and odor. And even though it’s not marketed for wearers with sensitive skin, it is a formula that isn’t overly harsh.

1Degree Men Clean Clinical

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Nowadays, it seems like every other antiperspirant markets itself as having a clinical strength formula and few of them perform as expected. Fortunately, this product is a little bit different and does actually provide the wearer with clinical level protection. This product gives the wearer up to 48-hours of odor and wetness protection so they can get done what they need to get done. It goes on smoothly and once applied, it stays exactly where it’s put. This product also has a nice scent that’s clean and is very masculine smelling. Everything taken into consideration, this is one of the best men’s antiperspirants currently available.

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The Conclusive Guide to Antiperspirants For Men

Although there are some men who feel like they know everything they need to know about their antiperspirant choice, the fact of the matter is that these products are pretty scientific. Not only are they made using sound scientific principles but properly applying them is actually a science too, which is why we’ve written this comprehensive guide. We want every man who reads it to not only have a better idea of how their antiperspirant works, but we also want them to know what they need to know to get the most out of it. If you not only want to know how they work but if you also want to know how to buy the best one and then how to properly use it, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

How Do Antiperspirants Work?

Most antiperspirants work because they use Aluminum salts as one of their active ingredients. These salts combine with the sweat produced by the sweat glands located in the man’s armpit, and this creates an Aluminum salt gel. This gel ends up temporarily blocking the sweat gland, which helps to reduce armpit sweating. Although there are some antiperspirants for men that don’t use Aluminum in their formulation, the truth is that most of the more effective formulations available contain Aluminum. There are some antiperspirants which also may contain a deodorant, too. This deodorant can be a fragrance designed to cover body odor, or it can be a product that inhibits bacterial growth, which in turn lowers the potential for body odor.

Buying An Antiperspirant

As we stated earlier, the most effective antiperspirants are the ones manufactured with Aluminum. However, not everyone wants to use a product with Aluminum in it and in those instances there are other alternatives available. Some deodorants use corn starch or other products to help absorb moisture. However, these aren’t as effective as products which do contain Aluminum in them.

Another thing to consider is buying a product that also has deodorant in it. An added deodorant can either help to keep underarm bacteria to a minimum or can help mask body odor when the antiperspirant begins to wear off. A product containing both an antiperspirant and a deodorant is usually the one-two punch most people need to combat armpit odor.

Buying A Product For Sensitive Skin

If you have extremely sensitive skin, there’s probably a few ingredients that you are going to want to avoid. This includes added colors or fragrances. These can often cause skin irritation and rashes in people with sensitive skin. You may also want to avoid antiperspirants with Aluminum in them, although products which contain certain forms of Aluminum, specifically Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate, tend to be well tolerated by people with sensitive skin.

Men with sensitive skin may also want to avoid antiperspirants which contain alcohol in them. That’s because alcohol can dry out the skin and irritate it. Parabens are also another ingredient which should be avoided by people with sensitive skin. This cosmetic preservative can cause rashes and other forms of skin irritation in certain individuals.

How to Properly Apply Men’s Antiperspirant

Although some people don’t believe there’s anything more to applying antiperspirant than rolling or spraying the product on their armpits, there is, in fact, a proper method of applying this product. And if this product isn’t applied properly, then it’s simply not going to work in the way intended. So below are some things to consider when using an antiperspirant.

Step One: Shower Thoroughly

The first thing that any man should do before applying antiperspirant is to thoroughly wash their armpits. This is not only to remove dirt, sweat, and bacteria but it’s also to wash off the old layer of antiperspirant. It’s extremely important to remove this layer because old layers of antiperspirant could actually provide bacteria with a medium to grow in after they’ve been used up, so remove those layers each and every day.

Step Two: Apply A Thin Layer Of Antiperspirant

The next step is to apply a thin layer of antiperspirant to the armpits. Although this may seem like obvious advice, the next part isn’t so obvious. The product should be applied in the evening instead of in the morning. That’s because this gives the antiperspirant time to block up the sweat glands and do their job. Therefore, shower and apply the antiperspirant in the evening before going to bed for best results.

Step Three: Allow It To Dry

Before getting dressed, it’s important to let the antiperspirant dry. Wait till its completely dry and then get dressed. This keeps the person’s clothing from wiping off the product. Although it takes a little bit of extra time, it does deliver the best results.

Step Four: Reapply As Necessary

One application of the product may not be enough. Reapply the product as necessary throughout the day to keep body odor in check. Just be sure to use the product in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.