Top 10 Best Automatic Shower Cleaners of 2019 – Reviews

It is imperative that you keep your shower fresh and clean at all times, both for aesthetic and sanitary reasons. Keeping your bathroom clean is extremely important in the long run, as regular exposure to bacteria in filth can cause a wide range of health issues. Although you can accomplish that with a number of cleaning products, we should point out that automatic shower cleaners are by far the most effective when it comes to cleaning your shower cabin. With this in mind, let us find out what are the 10 best automatic shower cleaners out there and what to look for when buying one.

Best Automatic Shower Cleaners – Top List

10Method Daily (Eucalyptus Mint) Shower Cleaner

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buy from amazonWith Method Daily’s shower cleaner, you get an impressively high standard of cleanliness with minimal effort. It is designed using biodegradable, non-toxic natural formulas that are not only highly user-friendly but also provide an entirely healthy experience. What’s more, besides its enticing spa-like smell, they comprise recycled plastic bottles which render it completely environment-friendly. With this accessory, you can forget about rinsing, scrubbing or wiping your shower.

9Scrubbing Bubbles (Automatic) Refill Shower Cleaner

buy from amazonThis SC Johnson branded shower cleaner is an automatic cleaner designed using the attest technological provisions to offer an exceptional cleaning compatibility. It is amazingly quite efficient since it only needs few minutes to do the job and leave your shower looking and smelling great. With its ease of use, you can be sure to have a sparkling clean shower that is free of any new odors.

8Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Foamer Shower Cleaner

buy from amazonWith Scrubbing Bubbles 3-pack, you not only make shower cleaning easier but also ensure thorough and efficient cleaning. It penetrates through all deposits (soap and hard water) and dissolves them fast while also minimizing all mildew stains present. It features stylish formulas which provide outstanding cleaning quality not to mention working on virtually all surfaces to give your bathroom nothing but a stunning look. Finally, this product is free from CFCs making it an ideal option for shower tub and wall cleaning.

7Tilex Fresh Shower Cleaner

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Tilex’s Fresh Shower Cleaner is a functional shower cleaner that boasts an original and unique scent. It comprises complex underlying ingredients which allow it to function efficiently on virtually any surface including tiles or stone. This particular cleaner is formulated to provide the most healthy shower experience possible. It features nontoxic chemicals not to mention a packaged bottle that is made from acrylic and quality plastic materials and is as such phosphorus-free.

6Kaboom Shower Guard Daily Shower Cleaner

buy from amazonThe best automatic shower cleaners will leave your bathroom smelling fresh and looking crystal-clean. Kaboom is the perfect example of the features you should be looking for. It’s a great product to maintain a sparkling shower for a few days, and you only need a few sprays of the product to obtain these incredible results. Its unique formula easily removes scum and watermarks, so you’re left with a long-lasting sparkle. This all-in-one powerful cleaning solution is versatile enough to use for your shower, sink, and even toilet bowl. Plus, it’ll remove mold and watermarks from the first application.

5Organic Acid OdoBan 935362-G4 RTU Shower Cleaner

buy from amazonAs is identifiable from its name, this is a natural organic product whose design is based on stylish formulas to guarantee your safety and pleasure. OdoBan Organic is ready to use cleaner which utilizes both cleaning and thickening agents to provide an exclusively upright surface cling. It is a popular option for anyone looking to scour off tough soap scum and hard water deposits safely and efficiently. Finally, this product is made using organic acid and biodegradable surfactants meaning it is environmentally friendly.

4Bucko Shower Cleaner

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This Bucko-branded shower cleaner features among others a sweet and pleasant smell which ensures you have a joyful shower experience. It has been designed using up to the minute technology to ensure that it is thoroughly efficient. Voted as the most thorough shower cleaner and best option for professional shower cleaning, this item also dissolves scum and soap grime to leave a stunning polish. In simplicity, this is the product to go for if you want no later scrubbing.

3Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner

buy from amazonSearch no further for the best automatic shower cleaner than this Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner. This automatic 34 Oz shower cleaner maintains the fresh and hygienic state of your characteristic shower for 30 straight days (maximum) with just one use. With this product, you can successfully protect your bathroom from stains like mold, mildew or even soap scum, all without causing any damage to your plumbing.

2Wet and Forget 801064 Weekly Shower Spray

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The 801064 Wet and Forget Cleaner is a popular option for anyone looking to maintain their bathroom clean and fresh for a long time without doing anything too drastic to their bathroom. It features a standard 5-gallon bottle that can last approximately 12 weeks not to forget a lovely and soft vanilla aroma that helps you enjoy a pleasant and fulfilling shower experience always. This product not only eradicates the need to wipe or scrub the surface but just needs a once per week application to give you a fresh and soothing daily bathing experience.

1Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Scent Auto Shower Cleaner

buy from amazonScrubbing Bubbles features on the list again, this time with a 6-pack auto cleaner. This efficient shower cleaner is made from premium user-friendly ingredients and boasts impressive fresh scent refills. Besides offering a rewarding cleaning experience, it also subsequently prevents the formation of hardened stains on the bathroom surface. It guarantees fresh scent for an entire day after the initial cleanup and is among the few that ensure your shower remains clean for up to 30 days. Overall, it is perhaps the best automatic shower cleaner out there.


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Automatic Shower Cleaner Buying Guide

They say cleanliness is right next to godliness and we assure you that when it comes to germs and bacteria, you should never take any chances. There might not be anything holy about a clean bathroom, it is still something to look for. In terms of sheer cleaning power, not many cleaning products can match automatic shower cleaners to keep your shower spotless, at least not without doing drastic remodeling in your bathroom.

The first thing to realize after first deciding to buy an automatic shower cleaner is that not everyone uses such a cleaning formula, which is surprising considering how effective it is for sanitizing your bathroom. Although not as widespread as they should be, automatic shower cleaners do come in many shapes and sizes, so finding the one that best suits your needs might be a bit daunting unless you know exactly what to look for.

Everything from the formula, bottle size, and application method can influence a shower cleaner’s effectiveness, which is why you must first figure out what works best with your particular bathroom. You can do that in a number of ways, as we will soon find out, all depending on the standard of cleanliness you hope to achieve. Without further ado, here is what to consider when buying an automatic shower cleaner:

Cleaning power – The first thing to look for is a product’s overall cleaning power. As a general rule of thumb, a good shower cleaner is the one that rids you of grime, stains, and hard water as easily and as quickly as possible. A great shower cleaner is the one that does this without requiring you to even wipe or scrub the floor in the process. With a great shower cleaner, you can literally spray it across the bathroom floor to eliminate most if not all mildew, mold, and tough stains you might have.

Surface – You should also keep in mind that different cleaners work better on different surfaces, with some being more efficient at cleaning hard surfaces than others. Depending on their cleaning formula, automatic shower cleaners can be designed to clean tiles, glass, or linoleum. In the process, these cleaners should also eliminate dirt and grime from natural stone floors like granite and marble without causing any long-term damage to the surface.

Ease of use – Another thing to consider is a product’s ease of use. Like, how often do you plan on using it and how efficiently do you think you will be able to do it before the whole procedure becomes exhausting and overly repetitive. We already pointed out that most shower cleaners are formulated so that they will be applied directly to the bathroom floor or walls, whereas others can come with a push-button mechanism, a 360-degree rotation capability, and other similar application methods.

Scent – The last thing you want is a shower cleaner that leaves a nasty scent behind. No matter how effective, no shower cleaner should stink up your bathroom, because that kind of defeats the purpose of having a clean bathroom in the first place. If possible, you want to use a cleaner that leaves a pleasant, flowery scent behind, preferably a scent that doesn’t resemble perfume or cologne lest it can become annoying after repeated usage.

Price – While you shouldn’t regard an automatic shower cleaner as a life-changing investment, the amount of cleanliness and protection such a formula can provide should definitely determine you to spend an extra buck for something guaranteed to work well. Even though shower cleaners aren’t known to be expensive, you can safely consider the price to be indicative of a product’s overall quality.

Composition – Even though most manufacturers use eco-friendly formulas because of increasing environmental concerns, these products have to provide a high standard of cleanliness. At the end of the day, you simply cannot do that without using a few borderline hazardous ingredients. As such, a good automatic shower cleaner should be able to dissolve soap scum, mold, and bacteria almost entirely. Chances are that you won’t find an effective yet eco-friendly product right away, but rest assured that these cleaners do exist.

Known Issues

Last but not least, keep in mind that all cleaning products can be hazardous to your health after long exposure to their cleaning elements. If these products get in direct contact with your skin, chances are that you will develop skin irritations, rashes, blemishes, or even worse depending on the degree of your exposure. It is for this reason that you should avoid overly corrosive products and try to opt for an eco-friendly shower cleaner even if it costs a bit extra.