Top 10 Best Baby Bathtubs of 2019 – Reviews

New parents find out very quickly just how versatile the selection is for baby products, even the ones you wouldn’t expect due to their clinical nature. We’re talking here about hygiene products like toothbrushes, nail clippers, and bathtubs. With the latter, we should point out that the market offers quite a bit of diversity, not only in regards to aesthetics but practicality as well. For instance, some baby bath tubs have slings and straps along with storage spaces and trays. Some even have temperature indicators or various other seemingly over-the-top contraptions, yet features you could grow to like very much long-term. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best baby bathtubs on the market and what to look for when buying one.

Best Baby Bathtubs – Top List

10Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub

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This model by the famous Fisher-Price features a contoured infant seat that integrates a comfortable padded seat back to help keep your baby from sliding or slipping. You can, however, remove the baby seat to create even more space on the tub’s non-slip surface to support toddler bathing. Moreover, the Whale of a Tub has an innovative flush drain plug that allows for fast and simple cleanup, because as we are about to find out, with baby bathtubs maintenance is key.

9Boon Naked Baby Bathtub

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Providing two support positions to accommodate your newborn through toddlerhood, the Boon Naked Bathtub has a collapsible, slim-profile design with a hook for easy storage. Its recline-position gently cradles a newborn while keeping their head above the water, and when fully expanded, the basin holds infants or toddlers comfortably. The simple, single-piece design allows easy transitioning through the stages while a rotating support brace ensures a secure, fast baby positioning.

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8Skip Hop Moby Bath

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The Skip Hop Moby is a versatile tub that grows with your baby in 3 stages. Included sling locks into ergonomic higher position for full-body support and a lower position for seated support. The tub’s comfort-edge and dual-layered design cradle your baby securely, head to toe. Its smart slings double as cushioned seat for supporting a baby learning to sit comfortably. As the baby grows bigger, you can remove the sling to create even more space.

7Mommy’s Helper Froggie Collection

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This baby bath tub by Mommy’s Helper is what any mom will find truly helpful in bathing their babies. It features saddle horns, ensuring the baby won’t slide down. Its inflatable design offers a soft surface to offer the baby great comfort. The Froggie prints are adorable while its high walls eliminate water wastage. A plastic lining offers good grip, keeping your toddler secure as they are bathed. Its simple design makes it easier cleaning your baby in a smaller open space that is again safer relative to a full tub. When collapsed, the tub is easy to store and transport.

6Shnuggle Baby Bath

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With a patented design, the Shnuggle bathtub protects and supports your baby with unique Bum Bump feature and generous foam back-rest. For your newborn, just use a single hand to support your baby’s head. When they learn to hold it up, you then bath your baby hands-free. This bathtub grows with your baby, providing the supportive and safe place to grow vital sitting skills. Shnuggle’s unique shape leaves room for the baby to splash and play while sitting in the tub.

5Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub

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The 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub by Fisher-Price grows with your baby, helping them feel secure and comfortable in it at each stage in their development. Stage One soft mesh sling cradles newborns gently in the appropriate water capacity to give them a sense of security. Stage Two baby stopper insert puts your infant on a soft-foam surface at a comfy, gentle recline, ensuring they do not slip or slide for a less stressful bath. The stopper insert is converted to a special Stage Three Sit-Me-Up Support for helping unstable sitters to comfortably sit while allowing parents free access for washing. Interestingly enough, the support is easily removable to create more room for a Stage Four toddler.

4Blooming Bath Lotus

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The Lotus baby bathtub by Blooming Bath features an innovative shape with four wide, contoured petals to provide maximum sink coverage plus comfort for the baby. The petals form a safe seat which cradles your baby uniquely. Each of the petals has a white trim that is elegant and clean. The tub is ideal for newborns and also for babies up to 6 months. It is such a comfy accessory for keeping your baby enjoying their baths, an essential trait of any quality bathtub.

3PRIMO EuroBath

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The EuroBath by PRIMO makes baby bath time convenient, fun, and safe for baby and mom both. It is a smart bath thanks to the unique anatomical design for keeping your baby in the perfect bathing position while preventing him/her from slipping. A double position feature along with an extra large size makes the EuroBath ideal from the baby’s first day to their second birthday, a versatility that might explain the bath tub’s tremendous popularity.

2Munchkin White Duck Tub

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With the Munchkin White Duck Tub, you get to know when the bath water is most appropriate for your baby without guesswork. It is an award-winning inflatable baby bathtub with a unique white-hot dot which turns white if the water is hotter than required and blue for the right temperatures. The adorable design features contoured headrest and is completely padded for the baby’s comfort. When deflated, it is easily portable and even easier to store.

1The First Years Newborn To Toddler Tub

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The most popular in baby bathtubs by a country mile, this model by The First Years offers all the comfort, convenience, and security growing babies and their parents need. It features a deep ergonomic design for holding your baby better and fits single or double sinks alike. Included mildew-resistant pads provide a cleaner bath, a nice feature to have in a baby bathtub. Furthermore, when the water is quite hot, a special drain plug alerts parents by changing color.


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What To Look For In A Baby Bathtub

While you might be inclined to think that buying a bathtub for your baby is easy business, we assure you it’s not. Not unless you have a good understanding of what’s out there and how to judge bathtubs that look roughly the same. For that to happen, you’re going to need a basic understanding of what makes a good baby bathtub and how the many features they possess affect their overall quality. In this respect, let’s find out what constitutes a good baby bathtub and what to look for when buying one.

Types of Baby Bathtubs

Standard Tubs – These tubs are usually made of plastic, which renders them quite inexpensive and durable. As such, the smaller versions are usually placed in the sink when the babies are fairly young, although you are likely to move the baby into a bigger tub as they grow. We should point out that these tubs have a contoured form to allow infants a certain degree of freedom while allowing them to sit in an upright position.

Convertible Tubs – Like the name suggests, these tubs are built to grow as your child grows. For this reason, they are secure enough for a baby yet spacious enough to accommodate a toddler or fairly small child. You bathe a baby in a reclining position with a convertible tub, from when they’re born up to when they’re around six months old when they usually have to be placed in a sitting position for maneuverability and comfort.

Mesh Slings Tubs – It should be said that many baby bathtubs come with internal nylon mesh support slings to cradle babies to some extent. In fact, most of these models offer the capacity to remove the sling once the baby no longer needs it. Construction-wise, these tubs feature rods to support the slings, which may prove a bit uncomfortable if the baby moves around a lot; even though some of these tubs have hammock styled slings without any rods whatsoever.

Collapsible Tubs – These tubs are built to be used in tandem with a regular, adult-sized bathtub. They are designed to snap into place onto regular bathtubs through a simple mechanism that resembles a small cradle. Some of these bathtubs are constructed to fit in a regular sink if needed also, which is bound to provide the required structure to hold the tub firmly in place. Keep in mind, however, that there are versions designed for sinks and versions aimed at bathtubs, meaning that a sink model will not work in a bathtub and vice-versa.

Spa Tubs – One thing to point out about spa tubs, apart from the peculiar name, is the fact that they are battery-operated units for the most part, which allows them to create swirling water and bubbles if needed. Some of these tubs also come with small shower nozzles that let you rinse the baby with fresh water from a reservoir of your choosing. Try to remember that these tubs are kind of expensive when compared to regular baby bathtubs.

Modern Tubs – Most of these tubs are designed the same way as adult-sized bathtubs, just smaller in size. At first sight, they look like miniaturized adult tubs down to the smallest details, which strangely enough, does not recommend them for newborns. Instead, parents should use these types of tubs only for toddlers or small children. The reason we talk about them is because some parents have indeed used them for their babies due to their versatility and due to how useful they can prove as the baby grows.

Features To Look For

Temperature Indicator – The first thing to look for in a baby bathtub is a temperature indicator. They usually come in the form of a drain plug or temperature strip designed to change color when the water is too hot or cold for a baby. Some of these tubs also have digital readouts that operate roughly on the same principles. Remember that you can also buy stand-alone temperature indicators that you can dip into the tub when it’s bath time just to be on the safe side.

Non-skid Surface – Another thing to look for is a non-skid surface to prevent the tub from sliding sideways. Given how slippery the surfaces get around the tub with all the splashing and water pouring, you definitely want a tub that will stay firmly in place at all times. It is important to remember in this regard that some of these tubs have foam cushions that your baby can accidentally tear off or bite, which may prove very unhealthy for the baby.

Foldability – You also want to be on the lookout for a tub that can be folded for easy storage. We should point out, however, that some of these tubs can leak if improperly built, especially the low-end, cheaper versions. As such, you should perhaps look for a quality tub if you want it to also be foldable, despite the high price tag. At the same time, look for a tub that has hooks or prominent handles to make the tub easier to store or hang.

Contoured Design – Last but not least, look for a tub with a contoured design, mostly for practical reasons. What makes these tubs stand out is the exquisite comfort they offer by allowing the baby to sit in a comfortable position as they move around. If possible, look for a contoured tub with padded lining to prevent the baby from sliding around. Padded lining is something to look for not only due to how stable these tubs are but also for being much more comfortable than plastic.