Top 10 Best Baby Nail Clippers of 2019 – Reviews

There is no denying that babies require an extra degree of attention when it comes to grooming, especially when working with sharp tools. Take nail clippers, for instance, some of the most basic grooming tools in existence. While most adults don’t really make a big deal out of clipping their nails, when it comes to babies you really need to pay close attention to what you’re doing.

It is for this purpose that baby nail clippers are designed to be more efficient, yet easier to handle than regular nail clippers. This being said, each baby nail clipper comes with its own particularities, which is why parents should really see what the market has in store before buying any specific clipper. To make things easier, we put together a list of the ten best baby nail clippers you should consider.

Best Baby Nail Clippers 2019

10Solavae Newborn, Baby, Infant and Toddler Grooming Kit

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buy from amazonThis isn’t just a nail clipper but an entire grooming kit containing a baby nail clipper, a plastic-handled baby scissors, soft-tipped booker tweezers, and a glass nail file that won’t shred nails or hurt the skin around the nails. In this respect, this has to be one of the safest, easiest to use toddler grooming kit on the market right now. Not only that but the price is also surprisingly affordable as well.

9Safe Baby Nail Clippers Set

buy from amazonThis particular set contains nail clippers, scissors, and a file of the highest quality. As such, it will enable you to groom your baby’s nails with the attention they require without causing them any harm in the process. Speaking of which, the stainless steel blades of these clippers will cut through your baby’s nails effortlessly at almost any angle, which is the same standard you can expect from the scissors in the set.

8Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper

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buy from amazonThanks to their curved cutting edges and to its built-in light at the tip of the clippers, these have to be considered some of the most maneuverable clippers out there. Like we said, they use a useful light positioned at the tip fo the clippers, a light powered by a long-lasting battery. At the same time, it includes an emery board slot and an emery board that will definitely prove useful in the long run.

7Bestonville Safety Baby Nail Clippers Set with Scissors and File

buy from amazonThese clippers were designed to provide perfect grip and precise cutting without being too heavy or too bulky as far as design goes. In fact, it features one of the most comfortable handles you will ever find in a baby nail clipper. produced under the highest hygienic standards, these clippers boast a useful no-rust stainless steel construction with BPA-free plastic and anti-slip handles.

6Nail Whale Best Baby & Child Nail Clippers

buy from amazonNot only do the children enjoy the adorable whale design & bright colors of these clippers but they also enjoy the fact that it will clip their nails without causing them any discomfort whatsoever. The reason behind this is that the clippers enjoy a built-in magnifier aimed at providing a larger view of the baby’s finger during the clipping process. Not only that but they also boast safety stabilizers designed to hold little fingers and toes steady in place at all times.

5Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail File – Safe Baby Nail Clippers

buy from amazonThis versatile kit comes with a safe baby nail file that won’t damage the cuticles or the soft nail beds during the grooming process. As you may have noticed, this is an electric file & clipper which uses a whisper-quiet motor that allows you to trim your baby’s nails even when they’re sleeping. They also come equipped with a LED front light and three cushioned sandpapers for good measure.

4Fridababy NailFrida the SnipperClipper Set

buy from amazonThanks to the spyhole they come equipped with, these clippers allow parents to see exactly what they’re cutting at all times. This ensures that you won’t nick your baby’s cuticles by accident, as you sometimes would by using standard clippers. At the same time, these clippers are curved and they enjoy an overlapping blades construction to facilitate easy clipping under any condition. Not only that but they also come with an ingenious s-file which is perfect for newborn nails.

3Piyo Piyo Yellow Baby Nail Scissors

buy from amazonSome people prefer nail scissors to nail clippers and understandably so. These scissors, for example, benefit from round blade tips designed to prevent accidents when grooming, even though the blades themselves are made of durable stainless steel. They also include a protective cover to safeguard the scissor’s blades at all times and a design that enables both right-handed and lift-handed people to use the scissors with no issues to speak of.

2The First Years American Red Cross Baby Care And Grooming Kit

buy from amazonThis 17-piece kit of healthcare and grooming essentials is perhaps the most complete out there, one that contains pretty much anything you could possibly need to groom your baby’s nails. For instance, it includes a deluxe travel / storage bag, a comprehensive baby care safety guide, and all the tools necessary for an effective grooming. Also worth mentioning is the fact that despite its complexity, this kit is surprisingly affordable, which may explain its popularity.

1Safety 1st Steady Grip Infant Clipper

buy from amazonA steady grip clipper is always to be desired when dealing with nail clipping, even when it comes to babies. Such is the case with these particular clippers from Safety 1st which benefit from a soft touch handle and curved cutting edges that make the clippers both effective and easy to use.

As a matter of fact, these clippers are so easy to use that you don’t really need any prior preparation for yourself or the baby. Combine their maneuverability with the fact that they are relatively inexpensive and you have yourself the type of baby nail clippers you really should be buying just in case.


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