Top 10 Best Beach Umbrellas of 2019 – Reviews

There are certain things you need to take into consideration when looking for a beach umbrella. Not only should you make sure that the umbrella is stable and durable but also whether it is aesthetically pleasing. You should also find out if it enjoys the type of construction that allows it to withstand raging winds by the seaside and if it can be carried around with ease. Not only that but the canopy has to open and close effortlessly to set the umbrella up faster. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best beach umbrellas money can buy.

Best Beach Umbrellas – Top List

10Rio Brands Total Sun-Block Beach Umbrella

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From the popular Rio Brands, this 7-ft portable beach umbrella model is made of quality polyester that, with SPF 250 provides great shade from maximum sun UV. Its square design has vents for ample air supply, and also features a tilt mechanism for easy shade adjustment. The umbrella’s frame is made of sturdy and rustproof aluminum and fiberglass. On the sand or grass, this umbrella sets up easily, and it includes a handy carry bag.

9Ultimate SolarGuard Beach Umbrella

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The Ultimate SolarGuard 6-ft beach umbrella features a special dual-canopy design for protecting it against rigorous wind gusts. The feature also lets much warmer air to vent, keeping the interior feeling fresh. Its micro-weave fabric is reflective to ensure cooler shade by 15 degrees, while the fiberglass ribs are anti-corrosion and durable. The Ultimate SolarGuard provides a UPF 150 UV protection and it is highly portable.

8Rio Brands Sunshade Beach Umbrella

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Also by Rio Brands, this is a reliable portable beach umbrella that is made of 75-denier polyester to offer optimal sun shade. Its design features apt vents for ample airflow and also tilts for shade control. An integrated sand anchor ensures the umbrella remains firmly secure. Moreover, its unique quality aluminum canopy undercoat provides UPF/ SPF 50+ sun protection. Simple to set up, this umbrella also includes a quality PVC carry bag with convenient shoulder straps.

7CCS Beach Umbrella

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The CCS beach umbrella boasts a highly portable and versatile design that provides great shade against the sun, rain, and wind during your outdoor adventures. It is a great option especially for the beach, but also camping, picnic and more. With a sturdy construction and effective tilt mechanism, you can adjust the canopy for greater shade experience. The canopy is of 100% premium-grade nylon that provides great UV protection.

6Shadezilla Premium Beach Umbrella

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The Shadezilla’s Premium Portable Beach umbrella assures you a cool 8-ft wide quality canopy cover. Its sturdy aluminum pole makes it strong enough to stand against wind gusts. Moreover, a double canopy design is also built for a better-winded resistance to keep it in good shape. Well-positioned vents ensure good airflow while effective tilt adjustment feature lets you maximize your shade according to the sun angle.

5Rio Brands Ultimate Beach Umbrella

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Another easily portable, high-quality option by Rio Brands, the Beach Ultimate is a 7-ft beach umbrella with well cut out vents for air circulation and a tilt function for easy shade control. Its integrated sand anchor keeps it standing firm, while a special canopy undercoating ensures a UPF/ SPF100+ excellent sun protection. Its frame and ribs are made of rustproof aluminum and fiberglass.

4Ultimate Wondershade Beach Umbrella

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The Ultimate Wondershade is a highly versatile, portable beach umbrella model that is also great for parks or events. Its canopy has a special undercoat for ultimate protection from UV sun rays, while an integrated tilt easy-adjust function allows tracking of the sun, maximizing your shade. Also featured are gust flaps that allow wind to easily pass through.

3EasyGo Heavy-Duty Beach Umbrella

buy from amazonA is a generous 8-ft beach umbrella that features a height-adjustable lightweight and rust-free quality aluminum pole. It also has an easy-tilt adjustment function to control your shade for optimal protection, depending on the sun angle. Its 16 durable fiberglass ribs ensure greater user value, while well-designed vents enhance air flow. The UV treated canopy fabric provides greater protection against the sun, while an included fabric carry bag ensures added handling convenience. Also portable, the EasyGo beach umbrella is simple to set up into the sand or on the ground.

2Tommy Bahama 7 Foot Beach Umbrella

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Made of quality polyester, the 7-ft Tommy Bahama beach umbrella canopy provides excellent sun protection. Its design includes effective vents for ample fresh air supply and a tilt function for sun tracking. Integrated sand anchor ensures stability, while a unique canopy aluminum undercoat offers a UPF/ SPF100+ sun protection. Quality, rustproof aluminum and fiberglass make the frame durable and sturdy while its portable design makes it easy to set up.

1Sport-Brella All-Weather Umbrella

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Promising complete sun protection, the easy to carry Sport-Brella is also a versatile all-weather beach umbrella model you can rely on. It boasts a rugged structure with functional side flaps that ensure full protection against the elements. Zippered side windows and unique cut out vents provide fresh air flow. The canopy features a metallic undercoating for SPF 125-grade UV protection. The umbrella is further fitted with convenient interior pockets for valuables, stakes, and gear. Furthermore, this umbrella sets up easily and includes a handy carry bag.


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Finding A Good Beach Umbrella

While most beach umbrellas are made with a fairly straightforward purpose, certain characteristics recommend some of them as being more durable, stable, and easy to set up. In order to figure out which beach umbrella best meets the required standards, you should first educate yourself not only on what makes a good umbrella but also on what exactly your needs are. To do that, you should keep the following things in mind:

The Size

The first thing you must consider when buying a beach umbrella is how big it is. In this respect, let us point out that the table size matters quite a lot, meaning that you need an umbrella that remains steady on the table no matter how fast the wind blows. With a table size between 30 to 36 inches in diameter, you need an umbrella that’s roughly 6 to 8 feet tall. For tables between 38 and 48 inches in diameter, you can go as far as 9 to 11 feet. If you have a big 54 to 60-inch table, then you should be able to accommodate umbrellas that are 11 feet or larger.

Types of Beach Umbrellas

To find an umbrella that meets your exact requirements, you should first understand that there are many types of beach umbrellas to choose from and that they each come with their own particularities. From UB protection to aesthetics, there are many things to consider when determining the overall quality of a beach umbrella. You should also keep in mind that different umbrella types have to be installed differently, which may raise a whole new set of problems if you’re not careful.

Market umbrellas – These are some of the most popular beach umbrellas and for good reasons as well. A bit higher than residential umbrellas, these type of umbrellas can be used to shade large tables. It is for this reason that they are used on the patio of cafe bars and restaurants. We should also point out that most of these umbrellas are octagonal in shape and that they have vented tops.

Sunshades – With sunshades, you usually get a somewhat smaller umbrella, one that resembles a disc on a pole. Given their small size, these umbrellas are mostly aimed at shading a single person at a time. Sometimes, you will even find these umbrellas used as part of complex installations with two or more umbrellas in tandem. Either way, most of these umbrellas are used by the poolside or near chaise lounges.

Pagoda umbrellas – These Asian-inspired umbrellas are usually built in a pagoda style and they involve several pagoda-like characteristics. It is common for some of these umbrellas to also have a flowery design or other similar themes to boost their general aesthetics. As such, you will mostly find these umbrellas on patios or in any lavish place like the poolside of a luxurious establishment.

Cantilever umbrellas – What makes cantilever umbrellas different is that they do not use a patio table hole but rather a stand-alone base and pole away from the area being shaded. As you would imagine, this makes cantilever umbrellas slightly larger than most, meaning that they are mostly used in public places. Another feature of cantilever umbrellas is that they can be repositioned throughout the day for maximum shading.

Commercial umbrellas – Often referred to as commercial-grade umbrellas, these are the type of umbrellas that usually carry logos on them for advertising purposes. Mostly found in cafes and pubs, they are perfect for promoting certain brands, which also means that they have to be strong enough to withstand strong winds and sudden changes in weather. This is because they are mostly used at outdoor venues where they are rarely meddled with.


Many beach umbrellas use simplistic pulley systems to open and close in a relatively short amount of time. While some of these umbrellas can definitely be left open during the season, some are designed to be taken down every evening. Furthermore, these umbrellas can also be equipped with a crank to wind them open or close and also to lock them in place once you have decided where to place them.


Most of the time, beach umbrellas are constructed from either wood, aluminum, or fiberglass. The most common, perhaps, is aluminum, which is also the most widespread material when it comes to umbrella poles. When properly built, aluminum poles can withstand all weather conditions; unlike wood frames which even though they lack the durability of their aluminum counterparts, they stand out by being much prettier overall.