Top 10 Best Bean Bag Chairs for Adults of 2018 – Reviews

Those of you who never had the pleasure of relaxing in a bean bag chair are really missing out. Not only are these chairs extremely comfortable to sit it but they’re also very lightweight and easy to store. Perhaps their most redeeming feature, however, is their versatility. Given their construction, these bean bag chairs can very well be used as compact sofas while some of them even enable you to use them as beds.

Having said that, we should point out that each bean bag chair is built differently and that in order to get the one that best suits your needs, you’re gonna have to do a bit of research. To save you the trouble, we put together a list of the ten best bean chairs for adults the market has to offer right now.

 Best Bean Bag Chairs for Adults 2018

10Gold Medal Large Leather Look Tear Drop Bean Bag

buy from amazonMany products promise to go out of their way to suit your needs but only a selected few ultimately live up to the promise. With this bean bag seat, Gold Medal has fulfilled its promise of guaranteeing comfort by including polystyrene beans (virgin expanded), a feature that takes comfort to a whole new level. Aside from the characteristic color of Navy blue, it comes in Green, Cobblestone, Medium and wide blue, purple and hot pink colors.

9Chill Bag – Bean Bags Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

buy from amazonThis is the type of chair which even though comes with a slightly higher price, its quality remains largely uncompromised. While this particular chair boasts similar characteristics to the earlier mentioned chair, its main distinguishing factor is its normal backing feature which facilitates proper back form and handling when you are lying on the chair. Furthermore, if you are all about an exotic touch, you can settle for their zebra print version.

8Original Panda Sleep XL Bean Bag

buy from amazonForget the numerous bean bag brands out there promising all sorts of ‘heavenly experience’, because the newly released Original Panda Sleep XL is the real deal. Don’t let the 2 color options of Khaki and Charcoal sway you; with a new reinforced strap provision coupled with its shredded foam allow you to correctly position and support your back as you desire. In fact, don’t ever choose a chair based on its aesthetics alone.

7Big Joe Lumin Chair

buy from amazonThe archetypal feeling you have when chilling in a typical black sofa is exactly what this limo black seat reproduces. The fact that its center is easily visible gives you a free leeway to just let loose and immerse yourself into the ?warm welcome’ of this chair. Aside from an affordable price tag, this chair’s simple appearance and smooth black color make it a favorite for many out there. Moreover, it works effectively for people of all sizes due to its large size provision.

6King Fuf in Comfort Suede

buy from amazonRepresenting the Comfort Research is their king fuf seat which although slightly lesser in size to the XXL-edition just about offers a similar experience. Although not exactly cheap, you can expect the price to vary depending on your color selection which ranges from Espresso, Sierra Red, Black Onyx, Sand Dune and Blue Sky. In addition, it opens you to a variety of lying positions which can also allow you to incorporate another body to your domain.

5Original Big Joe Bean Bag Chair

buy from amazonThe horizon keeps getting better for Big Joe as they make the list with yet another quality chair model. Similar to its other chairs, it brings an assortment of colors to your pad in the form of either spicy lime, stretch limo black, sapphire, zebra flaming red and radiant orchid. To give you the typical bean bag seat experience, it is best done through setting it up vertically against a surface and if you need to lie low, you can stretch it to a voluminous bean bag pillow.

4Big Joe Large Fuf in Comfort Suede

buy from amazonAlong with this lavender purple chair comes comfort and ease of transportation due to its lightweight characteristic. Moreover, with a host of outstanding features like as a removable cover, polystyrene beads for extra comfort, and a locking zipper for securing its contents, it is hard to imagine a better bean bag chair in this price range. Speaking of which, you will find this seemingly large chair to be quite affordable given its price.

3Large Cozy Sack Bean Bag Chair

buy from amazonNormally when a brand makes a successful debut, it is mostly due to a distinguishing feature; but for Cozy Sack, the list of outstanding features is a handful. Starting off is its commendable 5-foot dimensions followed by a list of other specifications such as an easy to remove and clean microfiber cover, a child-safe zipper, and a consequent protective liner. What is more is that it comes in a variety of colors including Cow print, Buckskin, Black, Cinnabar, Earth and Grey among others which makes stand out among the rest.

2Big Joe XXL Fuf in Comfort Suede

buy from amazonComfort research is a widely sought after brand particularly because of its quality when it comes to bean bag chairs; and for the price it commands, their latest production the XXL – is the ideal comfort model. The seat is both super soft and perfect for every type of room spacious enough to accommodate it. It is characterized by fuf foam which guarantees durability and unmatched comfort.

Moreover, the experience gets better with the chair since its momentous size swallows you into its cozy abyss perfectly redefining the scopes of your overall comfort. Not only that but his fuf chair offers you a diversity of color choices ranging from Blue Sky, Black Onyx, Steel Gray, Sand Dune and Sierra Red.

1Big Joe Dorm Chair

buy from amazonShopping for bean bag seats can be quite challenging, especially if you have no exact clue on where exactly to begin your search. Nonetheless, this is the type of bean bag chair that sets the standards of what you should expect from such a chair. Filled up with Ultimax beans for maximum comfort, a double-stitch zipper for boosted durability, it is hard to even imagine you could get a better chair in this price range.

Besides the fine compliment of armrests, this chair is designed not to be easily dirtied up and comes in multiple colors including Radiant Orchid, Flaming Red, Spicy Lime and Sapphire


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