Top 10 Best Bike Phone Holders of 2019 – Reviews

If you’re looking to mount your phone on your bike’s handlebars for navigation purposes or for any other reason, you’re going to need a reliable phone holder to not only ensure that you have a proper viewing angle but to also secure your phone firmly in place. Now, we should point out that there is no shortage of models to choose from, nor are they too expensive to cause you any issues if they do not meet all your expectations. Even so, you don’t really want to waste money on a phone holder that can damage your phone or bike. Let us then find out what are the ten best bike phone holders on the market and what to look for when buying one.

Best Bike Phone Holders – Top List

10 Matone Rotatable Phone Holder


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This Bike Phone Holder has a universal design featuring a 360-degree rotatable mount that accommodates any smartphone seamlessly. It also features a sturdy and durable rubber that stretches from all the four sides of the phone to hold it securely in place. You can easily adjust your convenient viewing angle thanks to an effective pivot. The holder keeps the phone safe as you ride through bumps and corners with its shock and vibration absorbing design.

9Bovon Anti-Shake Bike Phone Mount

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A bike phone holder must remain stable and secure on your handlebars so you can ride your bike with peace of mind knowing that your phone won’t suddenly fall off. Fortunately, Bovon designed their product with four wear-resisting silicone claws so your device won’t get scratched or damaged when mounted to your bike. This incredible design also prevents your device from shaking against the handlebars as your ride – a feature that is important if you look down at your phone. Also, the incredible open-face design allows you to access your phone screen and buttons using your face ID rather than hands so that you can remain securely attached to the handlebars.

8Wanfei Top Tube Bike Phone Mount Holder


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Wanfei understands that you don’t always ride your bike in dry, sunny conditions. As a result, they developed a bike phone holder that’s waterproof. It’s designed with a rain-resistant material that leaves ample space for you to use your charger cable and earphones in the appropriate outputs. It also has an additional storage compartment for a place to hold your keys, wallet, sunglasses and other smaller essentials you may need on the go. Wanfei wants you to remain safe and secure while riding your bike, so this product is equipped to block out bright sunlight to protect your eyes. This allows you to check your phone without any glares, but the phone holder is also fitted with two velcro flaps underneath the holder to keep your device securely attached to the handlebars will offering a clear view of the screen.

7TruActive Bike Phone Mount

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If you’re searching for a reliable bike phone mount that’s reasonably priced, TruActive has something for you. This bike phone holder is easy to install to your bike, and you don’t need any tools, making the process simple and quick. To ensure your phone remains firmly in place, the four-corner grips prevent any wobbles while you’re riding. This is also the case when riding at high speeds. If you’ve purchased a bike phone mount that was made of low-quality materials, TruActive understands you’re searching for a durable purchase that you can use every day. As a result, this product has been tried and tested by engineers to promise that you have a reliable purchase.

6UP UPKJ Universal Bike Phone Holder

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The UP UPKJ universal bike mount phone holder provides a 360-degree rotating pivot to allow you to adjust your convenient viewing angle. Simple installing, this is a simple design accessory for securing your phone in good position while you ride, thanks to its Foursquare bracket protection for holding your smartphone snugly and safely. Its no-strap design also adds to user convenience, and it accommodates virtually all smartphone models.

5FishOaky Bike Phone Mount


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FishOaky’s bike phone mount won’t damage your scratch your phone since it’s finished with a soft premium silicone to protect your screen. It’s also equipped with a non-slip material, so your device remains securely on the phone mount without falling. The silicone material throughout the phone mount ensures it’s lighter and doesn’t add more weight to your bike. It’s also much more durable than plastic and can absorb shocks and provide a quieter bike ride. When you install the phone mount to your handlebars, you can easily adjust the angle to your liking. This phone holder’s flexibility allows you to perfectly see your screen without having to move it around to obtain a clear view.

4Okra Bike Phone Holder

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Featuring a universal smartphone mount, the Okra’s phone bike holder has quality silicone bands that hold your smartphone securely, going over it from all sides. Its base can rotate, allowing you to easily adjust the mount to your convenient viewing angle. This accessory is suitable for most smartphone types and is quite easy to attach to your bike’s handlebar. Regardless of the terrain you ride on, with this holder your phone is guaranteed to remain securely in place on your handlebars at all times.

3Ipow Universal Bike Phone Holder

buy from amazonIpow is a great producer of smart outdoor accessories, among them this universal design bike phone mount holder. This unit features 2 silicone butterfly bands for gripping both sides of your smartphone to safely secure it in place. Moreover, it integrates a feature for reducing vibrations while protecting the phone’s surface from scratches. This holder can accommodate different phone sizes thanks to its adjustability. It also has a 360-degree rotating pivot for your best viewing comfort.

2Taotronics Universal Bike Phone Holder

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The Taotronics’ is another all accommodating bike phone mount model that rotates 360 degrees to allow for adjustment to your custom view angle. Simple to attach and detach to your bike’s handlebar, its width is adjustable from 1.97 to 3.94 inches. Its slip-free rubber grips keep your phone secure, while its thick rubber pads ensure the phone never slips. Assembling this unit is fun al things considered, and the fact that it adjusts to your smartphone’s size is definitely a big plus.

1Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Holder

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Vibrelli’s universal design bike mount phone holder is convenient for any cell phone, offering an improved security for your smartphone thanks to a sturdy, easy-adjust clamp. Since it is rotatable, you can adjust it to your best viewing angle, thus enjoying full control on the phone screen, buttons and mic jack. This gives you freedom for hands-free phone use. Moreover, this unit has three silicone bands for added security. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best bike phone holders out there.


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Finding The Right Bike Phone Holder

When looking for a bike phone holder, one should always consider the type, construction, and versatility of any gadget they set their eyes on. We say this for a number of reasons, mainly the need for your phone to always stay safely secured on your bike’s handlebars at all times. Depending on your budget, you may even opt for a phone holder with swiveling capabilities or a holder with inbuilt ports for good measure. In principle, this what you need to consider when buying one:

The Type

Depending on what you need, bike phone holders can meet different requirements in regards to utility, portability, and security. Similar to bike computer mounts, phone mounts will not usually require that you shell out the device. Most of these mounts involve plastic brackets that you can use to attach your phone to the handlebars with, along with a handful of variables that may change depending on the purpose of the holder and its manufacturer. In essence, there are three main types of phone holders for you to choose from:

Case + Mount – These mounts are designed to enable you to mount your phone in a portrait or landscape orientation. We found it that it is best you keep your phone in a portrait orientation for maximum security and visibility. Depending on their construction, these mounts may or may not be waterproof or weatherproof. In terms of fastening options, these mounts usually boast clipping mechanisms specific to the size and model of your phone.

Universal Bracket – These mounts are built in a way that allows them to be attached to your handlebars or stem as securely as their construction allows it. In this respect, they can accommodate virtually any phone, even when the phone is in its protective case. The main advantage here is that you do not need a new mount when you change your phone or when you decide to place the phone inside a protective case of any kind.

Frame Bag – These mounts are a lot more mellow than the other two, yet able to provide just as much stability and security. One thing to point out about frame bags is that they are mounted on the head tube for perfect stability, which is why you might not be able to reposition them once installed unless you take the time to go through the installation process once more. A real downside and perhaps the only one of this particular type of mount is the fact that you will have to constantly look/reach down to access it.


It is very important that you check what models each individual mount can accommodate before buying it. While popular holders tend to accommodate popular models, it is likely that they will fit some better than others. One way to circumvent the issues that might arise from an oddly shaped holder is to read up on each model, especially online reviews from verified customers. Keep in mind that most smartphones follow specific patterns, meaning that a new phone may very well have roughly the same shape as an older model from the same brand.


You should also consider a phone holder’s fastening system before making a purchase, mainly if it will fit your bike properly. Even though most bikes share similar parts, they do tend to vary in size and shape to some extent. It is for this reason that you must ensure that whatever holder you plan on buying will fit your handlebars safely and securely. Failure to do so might result in you losing your phone or it falling from the holder and getting damaged.


Another thing to consider is the overall transparency of a phone holder and how it may provide you with adequate visibility if the weather changes or when it gets dark outside. It often happens that the holders that provide the greatest security offer limited or partial visibility. A good way to find a holder that offers both security and visibility is to go for a high-end model, the type of holder that not only offers plenty of clamping options but also a certain versatility.


Usually made from hard plastic, most holders can withstand the occasional nudge, meaning that as long as you don’t get involved in any traffic collision you shouldn’t really worry about your phone taking any damage over time. It is also possible for phone holders to be not only waterproof but also weatherproof up to a certain degree. More often than not, these holders are somewhat more expensive than most for obvious reasons.