Top 10 Best Bike Storage Racks of 2018 – Reviews

Ask any experienced cyclist and they’ll tell you that it simply isn’t safe to have your bike out in the open, exposed to the elements and extreme weather conditions. A good way to store a bike is to employ a bike storage rack, a simplistic yet highly useful device that won’t just protect your bike from damage but also save you an awful lot of space overall. With a bike storage rack, you can store your bike virtually anywhere you want, although you should probably install the rack in a garage or a shed for good measure. That said, let us find out what are the ten best bike storage racks the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Bike Storage Racks Of 2018

10Gladiator GarageWorks GACEXXCPVK

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Boasting a special push-lock system, the GarageWorks GACEXXCPVK by Gladiator is an advanced bike storage rack that allows the easiest and fastest access to your bike. As such, you can rely on this garage bike rack to adult as well as mid-sized bike models on its sturdy arms. With just much-reduced effort, you can quickly release the bike by pressing a simple button. Highly convenient and easy to install, this particular rack is bound to save you a lot of space.

9Coastal Provision LifeStore

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LifeStore by Coastal Provision is an easily adjustable wall-mounting bike rack suitable for a variety of bike frames. It Is made of welded steel and features rubberized coating to provide a soft and safe hold on your bike. The rack folds upward to add to space efficiency. Moreover, it comes with wall mounting hardware to help secure the bike in position. A set of screws is included for easy installation on stud-mounted walls.

8Feedback Sports Velo

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If you need extra care on your pristine house garage wall when hanging your bike safely, the Feedback Sports Velo 2D is your perfect rack. It is designed to get the bike as close to the wall thanks to the 2 arms that move independently while keeping the bike and the wall secure. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt the frame of your bike since it features a soft rubber cradle. It comes with all the hardware and manual guide to make installation and use a lot easier.

7Dirza Bike Rack

buy from amazonWith no assembly needed, the space-efficient Dirza is an easy to install bike storage rack. Its fixed unique safety hook allows you to hang and access your bike in a jiffy without any accidental release. This metal hook is covered with thick rubber for preventing the bike rim from scratches. The rack offers a 65-pound maximum hanging capacity, and it is sturdy enough for your MTB road bike, kids’ bike, folding bike, etc.

6Swagman Hang It

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The Swagman 80690 Hang It is another great garage bike storage rack that holds up to two bikes quite conveniently. It is designed to adjust to a maximum 9 feet in height to brace against the floor and the ceiling. Its bike hooks can also be adjusted to accommodate various bike styles and sizes. It is also simple to install and uninstall, which is something you should always consider when buying a storage rack.

5Allen Sports 201B

buy from amazonThe Allen Sports’ 201B is another wall-mount rack for storing two bikes in residential garages. It is available fully assembled and has a straightforward design that is very simple to install. When not in use, this rack is easy to up and out of the way to further create more space. Moreover, it is made of zinc-plated, corrosion-resistant material, and it easily doubles as a bike repair stand.

4Monkey Bars 1006

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Ideal for storing your bikes in a space-efficient way convenience, the Monkey Bars 1006 rack is designed for long-term use and thus frees up your valuable garage floor space. It stands against daily abuse and offers ease of getting your bikes on or off. It is made of heavy-duty steel that features a powder coating for enduring years of regular use. Its hooks snap and also slide easily along the bar, allowing you to effortlessly place the bikes on. Again, these hooks are plastic-coated to ensure that you won’t experience any scratches on your bike long-term.

3CyclingDeal 5 Bike Stand Rack

buy from amazonThis garage multi-bike storage rack is made of strong yet thin aluminum tubing that cannot break or bend. As such, it holds your bikes securely in position, and it can be separated into 5 independent racks for more placement flexibility. Other than that, we should also point out that this particular rack is fairly easy to install due to its intuitive construction. Not only that but it is also built to last, a sturdiness not many other racks out there enjoy.

2Delta Cycle RS4007 Leonardo Da Vinci

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Store your bicycle easily and safely with the Delta Cycle RS4007, a stylish wall-mounted rack for one bike. Featuring an elegant silver finished design, it is ideal for bike storage in space-limited rooms or garages. It also has a rubber-coated arm for holding the front wheel in position to stop it from swiveling to one side. Furthermore, it is suitable for all bike wheel sizes and has a 40-pound maximum load capacity.

1Ibera IB-ST4

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Ibera IB-ST4 is a quality bike storage rack with a horizontal mounting wall hanger for one bike, saving a lot of floor space. It has a sturdy, durable aluminum construction that is safe for hanging a bike on. Featuring a 45-degree adjustable hanging angle, it enjoys a double-arm design with padded ABS arms for keeping your bike without scratches or dents. It also holds most conventional bike models well, with its hanger beam adjusting to fit wide and narrow handlebars.


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What To Look For In A Bike Storage Rack

With bike storage racks, you have to keep in mind that they tend to differ in shape and size to some extent. Although they’re a very good alternative to simply leaning the bike against a wall, storage racks can be quite a hassle to set up, or at least the older models used to. Generally speaking, good racks offer secure storage without impeding your access to the bike when it’s stored and to allow you to quickly store the bike when needed. Another thing to consider is the type of rack because as we are about to find out, there are several types of racks to choose from.

Types Of Bike Storage Racks

Depending on their construction, bike storage racks can either be Ceiling-to-floor racks, Wall-leaning racks, Free-standing racks, and Wall-mounted racks.

Ceiling-to-floor racks – These are among the most common types of non-permanent racks and they involve a pole that clamps between the floor and the ceiling. These racks are rather strong and sturdy as far as durability goes, although not necessarily flexible. They usually use a spring or hinge to lock in place, even though they can easily be removed if needed. Most of the time, these racks can accommodate two bikes along with a couple more aftermarket kits or similar accessories.

Wall-leaning racks – These racks offer a more simplistic solution, one that doesn’t take as much time to set up. These racks can be set up on any vertical surface you can think of, which may reduce their overall rigidity and reliability. Even so, they look rather nice as far as aesthetics go, although you got to keep in mind not to install them on slippery surfaces like marble floors.

Free-standing racks – By far the most complex and reliable type of rack, free-standing versions are sure to offer a more stable solution to your bike storing needs. Also known as ‘bike trees’ these racks usually employ a weighted or tripod base along with a pole to hang the bikes onto. Needless to say, these racks take a bit more time to set up but it is all worth it in the long run considering how solid and reliable they are.

Wall-mounted racks – Very widespread and popular, wall-mounted racks are designed to maximize the available storage space in smaller areas. They do this with the help of a simple wall-mounted frame or a wheel hook that can also employ a storage stand. For a more secure fit, they use bike hooks that can range in size and complexity. These hooks can be made of strong metal alloys, usually with a plastic coating so as to not scratch the bike(s).

Type Of Mount

You also need to consider the type of mount each rack employs, because the mount system tends to differ from one manufacturer to another. In this respect, In-ground Mounts are by far the most secure on account of the steel tubing that usually gets planted into the ground up to 10 inches deep. If you are looking for a permanent installment with maximum support, then an in-ground mount is the way to go.

There is also the option of a Surface Mount, which even though is not as secure as an In-ground Mount, it can still offer a considerable amount of stability and reliability. These mounts use secure flanges that you install on the floor through lag bolts. These flanges can either be round, square, or rectangular depending on the rack’s construction. We should point out that surface mounts are recommended if you already have an existing concrete slab or if you are unsure about using the rack long-term.

Another way to mount a rack is via Rail Mounts, which tend to offer a lot more complexity and versatility. The reason we say this is because they use a steel tubing mounted in ‘C’ channels through carriage bolts. As such, these rails can connect multiple racks while allowing the racks to be secured to the floor on virtually any surface. You want to employ a rail mount with U racks if you need multiple racks but you want to minimize mounting costs or permanent damage to the floor.


Galvanized – These racks provide perhaps the best basic value option out of all finishes. We say this because these bike racks are dipped in a molten zinc bath to give the rack a thin coating for a more durable corrosion protection. At the same time, a galvanized finish gives the bike rack a muted gray appearance that is somewhat aesthetically pleasing; then again, it isn’t the design that many people are concerned with when it comes to storing a bike.

Powder-Coated – With powder-coated racks, you get a dry powder coating applied electrostatically and heated to a point where it offers a tough, protective outer layer. For this reason, powder-coated racks offer a high gloss appearance, excellent corrosion resistance, an exceptional durability, and a huge variety of colors to choose from. It is perhaps for this reason that powder-coated storage racks are so popular in the first place.

Stainless Steel – By far the most durable racks, stainless steel versions usually involve a low carbon steel construction with a fair share of chromium. This gives the steel distinctive, corrosion resisting properties that no other finish can offer. When polished, stainless steel racks also tend to look a lot better than plastic and thermoplastic coatings. Last but not least, we should point out that stainless steel racks are extremely resistant to extreme temperatures and highly durable in harsh weather conditions.