Top 10 Best Canvas Prints of 2019 – Reviews

Canvas prints are all the rage nowadays. That’ because they’re not only a cool way to display arts or photographs, but because this technology isn’t that old. Twenty-five years ago, a person couldn’t print what they wanted on canvas with a high resolution, but that’s all changed. Prints nowadays are high-quality, durable and inexpensive.

Purchasing one of these products does take some careful consideration, however, because not all prints are the same. That’s why we’ve listed ten of the best canvas prints available and listed them below. Whether you’re looking for a piece of art or to reproduce one of your family’s portraits, the following prints will do so with style.

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Best Canvas Prints Of 2019

10Yixuan Wall Art Footprints on The Beach

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Sometimes a simple natural landscape can become not only the perfect focal point of a room but can also inspire a sense of calmness in the observer as well. And there’s no canvas print that proves this concept better than this one featuring a natural beach landscape. This print is 20 by 40-inches, so it covers a pretty good portion of a wall and is ideal for hanging in the bedroom, the living room or even in a bathroom. The subject matter of this prints is a beach landscape covered in footprints that lead out towards the serene and incredibly blue ocean.

9Wall 26 Forest Waterfall Scene

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Composed of three panels, this 16 by 24-inch print can be placed on the wall in a variety of different ways. Its subject matter is of a forest waterfall, or to be more accurate, a babbling brook coming from a waterfall and flowing through a forest landscape. This creates a beautiful, mystical and serene image that can be placed anywhere in the home. These prints are placed on 1.5-inch frames and are neatly tucked at the corners to maintain a proper appearance. It also comes with a hanging kit so the homeowner can immediately hang and enjoy this print when they receive it.

Design Toscano

8Photo Gifts Custom Personal Picture Print

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These prints don’t have a subject matter because your photos are what’s going to make these custom personal photo prints to come alive. All you have to do is customize it with your favorite picture of your family or friends, pets, or even landscape photos that you may have taken. After you’ve customized your print, this company will customize your picture with or without text and place it on a 0.75-inch wood frame. And best of all, it will be placed on these wood frames by hand by professionals who know what they’re doing. This makes this product ideal for your home or to give away as graduation, wedding or Christmas gifts.

7Decorarts Claude Monet Impression Sunrise Art Reproduction

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Do you want to hang a painting by Monet in your home but don’t want to spend a few million dollars to do it? If that’s the case, then you may want to look at this high-quality art reproduction canvas print. It’s a beautiful impressionistic painting of a man in a boat on a beautiful lake called Impression Sunrise, and this reproduction was originally painted by the impressionistic master Claude Monet. This print measures 30 by 24-inches and has a strengthened depth of 1.5-inches. It also has a semi-gloss acrylic coating that helps to protect the artwork from dust, keep it from fading and enhance its appearance.

6Wieco Art Blue Abstract Flower Wall Art

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With a size of a 24 by 24-inches and printed with a modern abstract design of a big blue flower placed on a white background, this art canvas is sure to make a big impression in anyone’s home. It’s beautiful enough to be hung just about anywhere, and that includes in just about any room of the home, in an office or even in a hotel lobby. It’s also striking enough to quickly become the central focal point of any room it’s placed. And if the consumer doesn’t like the blue flower, this company has a number of different flower designs which use abstract flowers in red, green or even brown.

5Natural Art Bird & Flower 4-Piece Wall Art

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This beautiful 4-piece print is printed with beautiful birds on each panel. This set comes in a 16 by 16-inch size and is perfect for hanging in the living room, in the study or in the bedroom. Each of the panels has a 0.78-inch thickness, and their corners are tightly wrapped. Each panel has a different bird on it against what looks like a tapestry background, and each one has its own one-word phrase such as “Passion” or “Nature.” Each of the panels is already equipped with a strong hook, so the homeowner can immediately hang them on nails they already have driven into their walls.

4Pyradecor Seaside Extra Large Ocean Landscape

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This beautiful print features a high-definition picture of a modern beach with nice blue ocean water and beautiful blue skies with big fluffy clouds. This bright and beautiful image is spread out over five different prints. These include two 16 by 224-inch prints, two 16 by 32-inch prints and one large 16 by 40-inch print. They are the perfect focal point for any room or for hanging above a sofa or couch. Staring at these high-quality canvas prints is almost like looking out a window at the still waves and beautiful skies of your favorite beach on a nice, warm day.

3Wall 26 Custom Photo Print

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There probably isn’t a better way to capture memorable moments with your friends or family then taking those high-quality photos and turning them into beautiful canvas photo prints. Using only your photo, this company can create a beautiful 12 by 18-inch canvas print that will bring to life any room in your home. This print also makes a marvelous gift. Although they need a picture that’s at least 75 DPI, once they receive it, they will turn it into a high-resolution masterpiece. This product has a frame thickness of 1.5-inches, and the canvas is completely stretched so that it fills the entire frame.

2P&L Art Personalized Photo to Canvas Wall Art Print

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Regardless of whether you want to turn your own personal photos into a canvas print or want to turn a high-quality digital image of your favorite comic book character into one, the company that produces these prints can get the job done for you. Using a 75 DPI image, this company can produce high-resolution prints that will absolutely blow you away. These prints have an 18 by 24-inch size, but the company also makes prints in size ranging from 12 by 12-inch prints all the way up to 40 by 60-inch prints. Each of these prints is printed using high-quality inks and are designed to last a long time.

1Build-A-Sign Personalized Photograph Prints

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The company that produces these high-quality prints can take your high-resolution digital photograph and turn it into a piece of work that will be admired and loved for generations. Once the user uploads their favorite photo to this company, they will print that on a premium quality 18 by 24-inch canvas stretch on a 0.75-inch wooden frame. This allows the photo canvas to be hung in the living room, study, bedroom or kitchen quickly and easily. These prints are produced using odorless latex inks that are eco-friendly and are designed to last a long time without fading. And each of these prints is proudly printed in the U.S. It doesn’t matter if this print is hung in the home or given away as gifts, it’s sure to provide joy to anyone who gazes upon it.

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A Guide to Buying Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are extremely popular because cool and that’s all there is to it. Up until the early 1990s, people couldn’t print their own photographs at home. No, prior to that time if people wanted high-quality photos of their friends and family, then they had to have their film developed somewhere—usually a pharmacy or one of those specialist photo booths that used to do the urban landscape. Fortunately, those times are long over.

At-home printing began, and this ability to print high-resolution photographs coincided with a shift in interior design. Houses began to trend towards a more open floor-plan and this led to somewhat of a canvas print revolution. Once this happened, it seemed like everyone was beginning to buy these prints, a trend which has continued because prices of these items have continued to drop over the years.

Although it’s a lot easier to find high-quality prints nowadays, that doesn’t mean that it’s a slam dunk. Consumers still have to do their due diligence and make sure that what they’re buying not only meets their quality expectations but that it also meets their needs. Keeping that in mind, we’ve decided to give our readers some tips which will help them find the perfect canvas print for their home.

Weigh Size Against Price

It should be no surprise that the larger the print the more it’s going to cost. These prints can be as small as 4 by 6-inches, or they can be as large as 84 by 40-inches, so it’s important to consider the size of the wall you want to hang it on and then weigh those dimensions against the price that you’re willing to spend on the print. It should also be noted that a photo or a piece of artwork can be divided into three, four, five or six distinct prints that can be hung in clusters.

If you’re printing a family photo be sure that the resolution of the photo is as high as possible because that will determine how the end product looks. For example, if you have a 7 or 8-megapixel photo, then you should be able to print a picture in the 40 by 30-inch range. However, if you have higher resolution photos, you can easily have them turned into even larger prints. Conversely, if your camera is a bit older and produces lower resolution photos, you may only be able to have smaller size prints printed to maintain proper resolution.

Framed Versus Rolled

Another thing that will affect the price of the canvas print is whether it’s framed or rolled. As a general rule, framed prints are more expensive because they not only include the frame, but the manufacturer also has to stretch the print over or under the frame. On the other hand, rolled prints are less expensive because these prints are delivered rolled and the consumer has to stretch the print to fit on a frame themselves.

Subject Matter

If you’re having a printed photo printed as a canvas print for you instead of buying an artwork print, then you may want to consider the subject matter of the photo before you have it printed. Let’s be honest here, not every picture is worth blowing up to a larger size and placing on a canvas. So, before you submit your photos for print reproduction, make sure that the picture is worth turning into a print.

Consider a Piece of Art

Nowadays, you have a multitude of different options when it comes to these prints. Not only can you have pictures of your friends and family immortalized on canvas, but you can also buy works of art. Okay, you can’t actually buy works of art, but you can buy beautiful reproductions of famous works of art. For example, after doing a quick search of canvas art prints, we’ve found reproductions of art from Van Gogh, Monet, Bierstadt, and Falero.

Other Types of Canvas Prints

Naturally, some people may not want to have their own photos turned into prints or buy reproductions of famous works of art. Fortunately, these people don’t have to because there are dozens of different ways to enjoy canvas prints. Below are just some of the wonderful things that have been printed on this exciting medium.

  • Animal Prints
  • Nature Prints
  • Fantasy Prints
  • Abstract Art Prints
  • Inspirational Quotes Prints
  • Galaxy Prints
  • World Map Prints
  • Urban landscape Prints
  • Mosaic Prints
  • Flower Prints
  • Underwater Prints