Top 10 Best Cat Trees of 2019 – Reviews

If you love your cat(s), then you should definitely get your furry friends a cat tree to keep them entertained. Proven to be not only stimulating but extremely healthy for cats, cat trees have become more and more complex over the years, both in terms of design and size. While intricate cat trees will indeed cost a bit more than a standard scratching post, they are definitely a lot more entertaining for cats. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best cat trees out there and what to look for when buying one.

Best Cat Trees – Top List

10Majestic Pet Products Casita

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The Majestic Pet Products Casita is another wonderful and fun-filled cat tree. At 72 inches high, the Casita is beige-colored and covered in quality faux fur and a sisal rope. It is incredibly easy to assemble a condo that includes a kitty bedroom with its fourth story, two perches, two nests, a large ladder, and a hanging mouse toy. Given its large size, this cat tree is suitable for two cats or more cats.

9Molly and Friends MF-84 Cat Tree

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Made by Molly and Friends, the MF-84 is a blue-themed cat condo that is sure to keep even the pickiest of your feline well pleased. With its 90-inch tall design, it provides a spacious bed and several ample resting places. No matter the size of your cat, they will always be comfortable when relaxing on the MF-84. It is made of top-grade materials such as natural sisal rope for the pets to scratch on.

8Kittywalk KWPH500 Cat Penthouse

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An impressive cat perch for outdoor use, the Kittywalk Penthouse is more of a cat’s shelter than any other thing. It boasts weatherproof roofing and hammocks on a strong steel-made frame. It is a great cat’s Penthouse with balconies and outdoor use. Its 5-ft tall design is ideal for use in small apartments or terraces. Moreover, your feline will be well protected against the sun and other environmental elements.

7Furhaven Pet Cat Tree


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This cat tree helps to improve your furry friend’s claws by offering a scratch post. The sisal fiber is biodegradable and long-lasting, even with regular use. Once your cats have finished filing their nails, it’s time for some playtime! The play area features platforms, a ladder and cat houses that provide enough room for two cats. They’ll love that the material is gentle on their noses while remaining comfortable and soft for them to sleep and play. As your cats will spend long durations on this pet cat tree, you’ll appreciate that it’s easy to clean and maintain, thanks to the material used and gaps between each platform.

6Molly and Friends Pinnacle Cat Tree

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USA’s Molly and Friends are popular for designing outstanding cat trees and this particular cat tree is the perfect example. The Pinnacle ranks among the best quality big models in this class, standing 86 inches high. However, its skinny nature makes it space-efficient. Pinnacle provides your felines with 2 condos, 4 cradles, and more than 30 inches of quality posts lined with sisal rope to ensure the cats are ever entertained when not resting.

5Go Pet Club F2040 Cat Tree

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Keep your pretty cats from spoiling you pricey furniture with the Go Pet Club’s F2040 Cat Tree. Beige-themed, this 72-inch tall cat tree has 3 perches, 2 condos, as well as 2 toy mice. It offers ample room for the felines to play and also lounge. Moreover, its 10 posts are covered with sisal for the pets to scratch on. Given its ingenious design, this cat tree is fun to assemble and easy to look after.

4Armarkat B5701Cat Tree

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Standing 57 inches tall, the Armakat Cat Tree offers a wonderful option for your furry friends who are fond of staying up high observing. It is a strong kitty condo made quality pressed wood that is covered with a light faux fur material. Its features support various cat activities. It has durable scratching posts, multiple perches, hanging mouse and a bedroom among other equally interesting features.

3Armarkat A-7202 Cat Tree

buy from amazonAnother one from Armarkat, the A-7202 is a 70 to 75-inch tall cat tree furniture condo is designed for your active kitten. It is an ideal choice for felines who fancy climbing, playing, and exercising. Its many posts, toys, perches, ramps, and bedrooms provide the cat with plenty of play and lounging options. Furthermore, it is a simple to assemble a model for young and active kittens who might otherwise damage a standard cat tree.

2Go Pet Club F2030 Cat Tree

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Go Pet Club’s F2030 is an 80-inch tall quality cat tree that will keep your felines entertained for hours on end. Its sisal-covered posts and secure ropes offer a scratching post of the highest quality so as to save your furniture the abuse. The F2030’s perches are hanged with mouse toys for added fun. After their play, your cats can take a nap in one of the condos or many perches that this ingenious cat tree features.

1Go Pet Club F67 Cat Tree

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This might just be the most popular kitty condo out there, a cat tree designed for households with low ceilings and limited space. Coming from the popular Go Pet Club, it is a 62-inch tall cat tree house for your furry friend’s comfort and fun. It is made using quality materials such as faux fur, pressed wood, and natural sisal rope. Felines with a liking for tunnels have this tree as their favorite as it features a complex system of tunnels for them to crawl through. It is also quite easy to assemble, which is always something to look for in a cat tree.


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Choosing A Cat Tree

As anyone with cats would tell you, cats absolutely love cat trees for the most part, both as a toy and as a relaxation complex. Designed mainly for your cat’s enjoyment, a cat tree can provide so much more in terms of relaxation and stimulation. This is because cats love to scratch, climb, and jump on things, all activities a good cat tree will encourage in a cat. With this in mind, let us find out what best describes a high-quality cat tree.


Even though there isn’t a universal standard when it comes to making cat trees, most manufacturers tend to use roughly the same materials. In general, cat trees are made of pressed wood covered in faux fur or any similar fabric. They also tend to use plywood to some degree because it offers a much better consistency than pressed wood. There are also cat trees made of solid wood out there but they tend to be heavier and harder to look after.

For the most part, cat trees are covered in sisal rope to aid with the cats’ scratching. Some of these cat trees also employ carpet for roughly the same job, but these versions tend to wear out much quicker than sisal rope scratch posts. One thing to keep in mind is that a cat tree’s construction also determines the maximum bearing capacity. In this respect, most cat trees can hold up to 200 lbs depending on how they’re made.

Features To Look For

Cats are active creatures, no doubt about it. As such, you will need to invest in a cat tree that involves not one but several distractions to entertain your cat. To capitalize on cats’ active nature, manufacturers often pack cat trees with a galaxy of features, including scratch posts, toys, tunnels, and other similar accessories. That said, here are the most common features a cat tree can have:

Hanging toys – Some cat trees may have inbuilt hanging toys like feathers, balls, and a variety of fake animals for the cats to play with. These toys are mainly designed to attract your cat’s attention and keep it occupied for a very long time. It is common for kittens to be particularly fond of these toys even though cats of all ages are known to enjoy the toys, especially if they’re cleverly designed.

Tunnels – Tunnels are placed throughout the cat tree for the cat to roam freely through. This is because cats have a natural desire to crawl through tunnels and to hide in boxes, thus their fondness for cat tree tunnels. You will find that high-end cat trees generally have these tunnels but that they can also be present in low-budget models. The difference here is that quality cat trees have longer, sturdier tunnels.

Scratching posts – A cat tree without a scratching post isn’t a real cat tree some would say. Seeing how cats love scratching things, it’s only natural that a cat tree would employ a scratching post for the job. Also found separate as stand-alone cat toys, scratching posts are a major part of any cat tree that’s worth the money. Like we said, these scratching posts are mostly made from sisal rope but they can also be made from carpet-like materials on occasion.

Perches – Cats love to observe their surroundings from a high vantage point, thus the need for cat trees to have perches. Even without the cat tree present, you will find that your cat will always enjoy sleeping or spending time in high places, be it atop of couches or on top of doors and furniture. As such, a good cat tree should have several high perches and platforms for your cat to exploit.

Ramps – The quality of a cat tree’s ramps should tell you everything you need to know about any particular cat tree. These ramps are generally built to double as bearings, so you can expect them to reflect the overall build quality of the cat tree itself. Even though it is old cats that generally prefer the ramps over the high perches and platforms, kittens can also be expected to run up and down the ramps when they’re bored.

Sleeping areas – While most other features are designed to entertain the cat, sleeping areas are mostly designed to help the cat rest. For this reason, these areas are often built using soft fabrics with smooth surfaces. Generally speaking, cat trees can have at least one sleeping area but it isn’t unlikely for a good cat tree to have several depending on how big the cat tree is and how wide the whole structure was built to be.