Top 10 Best CB Radios of 2019 – Reviews

It used to be that only truck drivers, law enforcement, and security services employed CB radios but with the advent of new technologies, these radios can nowadays be used by pretty much anyone who has a use for them. Even though these devices aren’t as versatile as mobile phones, they can still be relied on for medium to long range communication and for emergency situations.

In other words, CB radios are pretty much perfect for local communication purposes, which explains why they are as popular as they are to this day. Having said that, let us take a look at the ten best CB radios the market has to offer in a quest to find out what exactly makes a good CB radio and what features should one look for when buying such a device.

Best CB Radios Of 2019

10Cobra HHRT50 Road Trip CB Radio

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A well-known model in the world of CB-radios, this unit does very well when it comes to interchanging between frequencies. You can program unique frequencies for later use and also switch immediately between crisis channels as necessary. The highlighting of the nozzle control improves the operation of the radio. Also worth mentioning is the control unit which gives the user the opportunity to modify the talkback and obtain highlights for an improved configuration. The unit can operate even with a remote nozzle that can be connected to the connection socket for an included control functionality.

9Cobra 25 LTD 40-Channel Radio

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Cobra is an important name in the field of CB-radios and the 25 LTD is without a doubt one of their very best. Consequently, it is not much of a surprise to have the 25 LTD enjoy such a huge rise in popularity as of lately, not when you consider its ease of use and how quickly it changes frequencies. As its excellent design proposes, Cobra offers you an exceptionally solid and simple to use system without modifying the outdated look that most CB users love.

8President McKinley USA 40-Channel CB Radio

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With the capability to use AM & SSB-modes, the menu highlights to accommodate the driver make it simple to change groups when in a hurry. The easy-to-use LED-lit presentation is advantageous for reading in the middle of the night hours & there is also a decreasing alternative to help avoid deviations. The essential presentation tells you what channel you are in now and a second presentation includes a five-digit recurrence counter. The consideration of the Galaxy-Noise-Filter allows the increment to be marked separately, which adds an extra that indicates an extraordinarily large clear sound that is heard loud &clear when accepting CB-radios. In addition, there is a variable response highlight that enables you to alter the volume and gain of your voice.

7Cobra-29NW Professional Radio

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The structure of this particular CB radio provides you with a single direct band configuration that encourages you to target specific flags in a short period of time. The functionality included here gives you additional assistance to focus anywhere. The presentation screen also shows a complete indicator that audits the channels and marks the ones you find most interesting in minutes. This is definitely something you need to consider when looking for a versatile CB radio.

6Midland-1001Z 40-Channel CB-Radio

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This CB-radio from Quansheng offers a dual-band configuration that works with VHF, UHF, & FM radio signals. The user can change the bandwidth in the radio in minutes to make a superior association across a wide spectrum. The 1600-mAh-battery allows the user to keep this radio running for an extended period of time. The structure of the handheld feature also ensures that the user can access the many functions on this radio with relative ease. A speaker is incorporated in the center, while a numeric keypad gives the user full control over the band that is being used within different frames. The structure guarantees a simplified way of dealing with sound care while moving, starting with one band of association and then towards the next.

5Cobra-29-LX Professional Selectible Radio

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With a remarkable range of 13-miles, the Cobra 29-LX is a standout among the most imaginative models in its class. Each of the 40-CB radio channels can be accessed, while dynamic channel scanning helps limit the user’s inclinations to quickly tune into their preferred channels. In addition, the Cobra incorporates 10 NOAA-climate channels to tune in and includes identification/alarms for any changing weather conditions. A multi-color presentation allows one to see the level of transmission, battery-power, time, and level of recurrence, while the speaker probably transmits reliably accurate sounds. As an additional function, the Cobra works as a PA-framework as far as you have a PA-speaker purchased independently.

Garmin 728x90 Banner

4Cobra-75WXST Handheld CB Radio

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It is known that the Cobra Citizen Band radios command a slightly bigger price tag, a cost that is more or less justified. Fortunately, this brand also has some reasonable models for people with a low expense plan, options that include the 75WXST. This radio is worth watching if you are looking for a unit that slides on the board with ease, yet a radio that you can also detach as a portable option. The Cobra-75WXST is also among the fastest moving CB-radios today, not only for its price tag and smooth operation but also for what it has to offer.

3Uniden-BEARCAT-980SSB CB Radio

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CB-Uniden BEARCAT-CB 980SSB is an excellent choice if you are looking for something extremely small yet reasonably powerful. Due to its ingenious design, it can be used with the mounting sections for trucks and emergency vehicles, yet fairly easy to use with normal cars as well. Among many interesting features, this CB radio features 40-accessible-channels, NOAA-climate-alarms, and an impressive range of use of up to six miles. Furthermore, its reliable screen can be illuminated or darkened when necessary, which is definitely a feature people who drive during the night should look into. Not just that but the extra-long cord of the receiver is exceptionally useful in more ways than one.

2Uniden-PRO505XL CB Radio

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Uniden’s PRO505XL radio is an excellent 40-channel CB-radio that you can use for regular communication or for extreme traffic circumstances due to its ingenious channel 9 feature and its PA-functions. This radio is anything but difficult to put into your truck or vehicle and the fact that it weighs less than two pounds makes it anything but difficult to handle. Furthermore, you will find this particular CB radio to be quite accommodating when it comes to mounting it on virtually any type of vehicle. Then again, this is one of the standout features of most Uniden radios out there.

1Midland-75-822 CB Way Radio

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With looks that resemble walkie-talkies more than CB-radios, the Midland 75-822 takes into consideration not just your convenience but its installation options as well. The illuminated display delivers perfect visibility regardless of the time of day, while its small size makes it easy to fit anywhere inside a car. Energized by six AA-batteries or through an included 12V-port connector, the Midland incorporates each of the common 40 CB channels, along with 10-NOAA-channels, and a variety of emergency options. At the same time, the programmed mute controls assist in improving the sound quality by reducing the clamor of the base and adding extra treble. It also comes with a double-channel watch that gives you access to an emergency channel that you may or may not need at some point.

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CB Radio Buying Guide

Citizens Band Radios or ‘CB’ radios as people commonly call them are used not only for interpersonal communication but for business purposes as well. This is because the use of a CB radio isn’t restricted by any license or broadband restrictions, which allows virtually anyone to use such a radio at will. That said, you DO need a license to operate such a radio in areas where the FCC regulates radio communications for whatever reason. Still, there are no less than 40 authorized channels that you can use at any given time with no serious restrictions to speak of. With a decent CB radio, you can reach these channels in AM or SSB either on a lower sideband or an upper sideband.

Types of CB Radios

Regardless of what you’re buying a CB radio for, you will undoubtedly have to do a fair bit of leg work trying to find out which one to buy. This is because of the wide selection the market has to offer, but also because of how popular these radios are. It needs to be said that CB radios come in all shapes and sizes, which is why you shouldn’t use visuals alone to determine which radio would work best for your particular needs. As a matter of fact, some of the smaller ones can also serve as onboard CB radios for your vehicle, thanks to the accommodating accessories they come equipped with. That said, here are the four main classes CB radios fall into:

  • Mobile CB Radios – As the name suggests, these are mobile radios intended to be portable and easy to handle. Although they come in various sizes, they all share a common portability that recommends them for people who are always on the go. It is common for these type of radios to be equipped with plenty of knobs and a microphone that may or may not be ported through an all-in-one handset if it’s the kind of radio you can use in a vehicle.
  • All-in-Handset CB Radios – These particular radios are designed in the style of a handset, which makes them fairly compact and ergonomic. Seeing how they fit most of their controls in a relatively small space, you can more or less control all the radio’s features with just one hand. As you would imagine, these CB radios are by far the most useful for people who want a CB radio inside the car but who also do not wish to make any permanent modifications to the inside of their cars.
  • Handheld CB Radios – Pretty self-explanatory all things considered, these radios are small in size, light in weight, and very easy to use. Powered by batteries, for the most part, they resemble walkie-talkies in more ways than one, going as far as boasting most of their features as well. Given their portability, many people prefer to use them as vehicle radios, which explains why some of them can be powered via cigarette cords and jacks.
  • Base Station CB Radios – The great thing about Base Station CB Radios is that they pack built-in power supplies. This means that they draw their energy straight from a wall outlet, which means that they aren’t exactly portable. Still, what they lack in portability, these radios certainly make up in sheer prowess and versatility. It needs to be said, however, that in order to get the most out of such a CB radio, you will surely need a good base antenna that you need to mount as high as possible.

Benefits of CB Radios

People use CB radios for many reasons nowadays, even though traditionally it was only emergency services and law enforcement professionals that used them. Given their versatility, you can more or less use such a radio as an alternative to a car phone or a mobile phone for that matter. At the same time, you can get news and updates about whatever happens in traffic in your near vicinity, and a whole lot more. In principle, people use CB radios for:

  • Operating at Low Frequency – One of the reasons people use CB radios is for their capacity to operate at 151 MHz signals. This simply isn’t possible with regular radios, thus the reason why people who dabble in narrowband communications prefer them. Needless to say, communicating at low frequencies isn’t a widespread phenomenon but people across a broad range of activities and professions prefer this over using a regular radio or a mobile phone.
  • Getting Updates – Another great thing about VB radios is that they enable you to get updates on the go without having to rely on your car radio. After setting up the device, you can use it to get weather reports, traffic updates, travel information, and pretty much any other type of useful information. If, for instance, there is a traffic jam farther down the road, you can use your newfound wisdom to circumvent the jam miles ahead of everybody else.
  • Emergency Situations – Last but not least, bear in mind that a CB radio can literally save your life. Such a radio provides a perfect form of communication in times of crisis, mostly because they can be operated across a wide frequency spectrum. Seeing how you do not need a special license to operate the radio, you can use it at any given time and regardless of the gravity of your emergency to improve your situation in one way or another. It isn’t just your personal safety you need to consider, but also the freedom such a device gives you when it comes to letting other people know about potentially hazardous situations via low-band frequencies.