Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans of 2019 – Reviews

Whether you are buying your first ceiling fan or looking to replace an older one, you will have to spend an awful lot of time browsing through what the market has to offer either way. In fact, the sheer variety available may make it downright impossible to find one that is guaranteed to offer everything you need down to the smallest detail. To save you the trouble of having to go through all that yourself, we put together a list of the ten best ceiling fans money can buy for you to look at.

Best Ceiling Fans – Top List

10Hunter Fan Company 52085 Hatherton

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Equipped with a powerful WhisperWind motor, this ceiling fan can deliver a whisper-quiet cooling performance of the highest standard. Furthermore, this ingenious engine is also fully reversible, which allows you to direct your fan from downdraft mode to an updraft mode when needed. It also includes a pull chain that allows you to make quick adjustments to its operation and a three-light fitter with three 60W incandescent bulbs.

9Hunter 59245 Contemporary Dempsey Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

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Also from Hunter, this particular fan features a three-position mounting system that allows you to mount it in a traditional fashion, at a low point, or at an angle. What’s interesting about this ceiling fan is that it comes with a universal handheld remote control for added convenience. At the same time, it includes an integrated light kit with a cased white glass and two 9.8W LED bulbs included for good measure.

8Litex BRC30WW6L Vortex 30-Inch Ceiling Fan

Design Toscano

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Designed for large indoor spaces, the Litex BRC30WW6L enjoys a flush mount construction with a fashionable white finish. Thanks to a surprisingly quiet motor and a wobble-free operation, this ceiling fan is definitely among the most stable and reliable fans in this price range. Interestingly enough, it also comes with a 15-year warranty, which is no small feat for such an inexpensive ceiling fan.

7Hampton Bay Hugger Ceiling Fan

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Built with a 3-speed reversible control for a more versatile airflow, this fan stands out as one of the most versatile out there. Design-wise, let us point out that it features 5 reversible blades with a white finish on one side and a bleached oak finish on the other. Its flush mount construction makes it easy to install on low ceilings while its multi-capacitor makes it fairly quiet even when running at high speed.

6Hunter 59135 Key Biscayne 54″ Weathered Zinc Ceiling Fan

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What makes this particular fan one of the greatest in its class is the ETL Damp rate that recommends it for use in covered porches, patios, and sunrooms as well as indoor spaces. It also stands out with its WhisperWind motor which delivers an ultra-powerful air movement at a whisper-quiet performance so that you get the best possible cooling power without any of the noise normally associated with ceiling fans.

5Litex E-UB48BC4C1 Urbana 48-Inch Ceiling Fan

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The Litex E-UB48BC4C1 enjoys a down-rod mounting system that allows you to safely and securely install it on ceilings of any height. Due to its sleek brushed chrome metal finish and the quiet motor performance, it is seen as one of the best choices when it comes to small indoor spaces. With a 15-year warranty, you also get the certainty that you won’t have to go through ceiling fans catalogs anytime soon.

4Westinghouse 7801665 Comet

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We see the Comet from Westinghouse Lighting as one of the most powerful fans out there, one that delivers a 199 CFM airflow without making too much noise in the process. It owes its quiet operation to an ingenious 15-millimeter cold-rolled steel motor with a triple capacitor, three-speed, reversible switch capabilities. Not only that but it also comes with a 78-inch wire, a 3 by 4-inch rod, and two candelabra-base 40-watt torpedo bulbs.

3Hunter 54140 Kingsbridge

buy from amazonLike many other Hunter fans, this one too features a WhisperWind motor that delivers a powerful airflow at a whisper-quiet noise level. This way, you get the benefit of all its cooling power without any of the noise that ceiling fans traditionally used to make. As you would expect, this quality fan also features a reversible motor that allows you to change the direction of your fan from a downdraft mode to an updraft mode at a moment’s notice.

2Harmony 7214100 Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan

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This ingenious ceiling fan from Westinghouse features a 153×20-millimeter silicon steel motor with a triple capacitor, a motor that offers four fan speeds with fully reversible capabilities to change the draft mode when needed. Speaking of which, this fan delivers 4,881 CFG worth of power at the cost of just 53 watts without the light working. As such, it offers an airflow efficiency of 92 CFM per watt. Furthermore, this fan comes with a lifetime motor warranty and a two-year warranty on all its other parts.

1Westinghouse 7800000 Brentford Ceiling Fan

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There is perhaps no better ceiling fan out there than Westinghouse’s Brentford 52-inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan. This ingenious fan features a reliable silicon steel motor with a triple capacitor and three fan speeds to choose from along with fully reversible capabilities. With a 5,062 CFM airflow and a 55-watt energy usage, this fan stands out as one of the most practical on the market, both in regards to its energy-saving capabilities and CFM per watt index. What’s interesting is that it also comes with a lifetime motor warranty for the event that its long-lasting motor somehow breaks down at some point.


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What To Look For In A Ceiling Fan

There are many reasons for investing in a ceiling fan if you haven’t already; they create a healthy airflow inside any room, they are energy efficient and depending on what you get, they can even be budget-friendly to some extent. A ceiling fan can extend your cooling options throughout the year, allowing you to manipulate a room’s climate depending on your personal preferences. That said, the sheer variety of ceiling fans available can be a bit overwhelming, so you would be advised to take the time and learn about what makes a great ceiling fan before making purchases.

Ceiling Fan Types – Even though most ceiling fans are easy to operate, there are clear differences between brands and models, both in terms of design and capabilities. While their intended purpose is to circulate air and cool a room, many ceiling fans are equipped with a variety of other useful features that you can use, not to mention how their design can sometimes reflect the general vibe inside a particular room. That said, ceiling fans are mostly built as hanging propellers, directional fans, or rotational. Propeller fans resemble an aircraft’s propeller, whereas directional fans are built to be turned at an angle to ventilate a certain area. Rotational fans, on the other hand, employ a combination of directional and hanging propeller fans that spin independently from one another.

Ceiling Fan Styles – It isn’t just the construction that sets ceiling fans apart from one another but their design as well. We say this because ceiling fans come in many different shapes and styles, some more aeshetically adventurous than others. One one hand, you have contemporary fans. These fans boast clean lines and monochromatic color schemes, which makes them suitable for contemporary themes. Next, you have transitional fans which have clean lines with a simple touch of embellishment. Traditional fans are also quite popular because they meet the basic requirements without standing out too much. Although rare, you can also find palm leaf blades which are cleverly designed but seem a bit pretentious.


Lights – The first thing to consider when judging a ceiling fan is the light assembly. When combined with a quality lighting arrangement, a ceiling fan can perform a double duty, which is precisely why many of those who invest in a ceiling fan look for. In this regard, there are usually built with a dome lighting pattern, a design that can also enjoy a branched lighting type or dimmer lights that can be incorporated into the fan’s wall.

Motor – The second thing to consider is the motor of the ceiling fan and how efficiently it runs. The motor determines the CFM airflow a fan delivers, so pay close attention to voltage, wattage, and general characteristics. Depending on the manufacturer, this motor can also provide a fully reversible airflow, either in the form of an updraft or a downdraft, options any high-end ceiling fan should provide.

Controls – Although perhaps not as important as the motor or the lighting, a ceiling fan’s controls also determine how efficient a fan can be. While most of these fans are equipped with a pull chain that you can use to manipulate the fan and its motor, some are equipped with a variety of other features. For instance, some ceiling fans come with remote controls or timed lights that you can set to light up at certain times.

Fan Size

It is very important when choosing a ceiling fan to have a good idea of where to use it. In this respect, you should always consider the size of the room it will be placed it because differently sized fans behave unlike one another. Most ceiling fans tend to range between 50 to 55 inches in diameter, which should be more than enough for an average room. To be more precise, 100 square feet rooms or smaller can be cooled down with fans between 29 and 36 inches in diameter, whereas larger 200+ square feet rooms require fans as large as 48 inches in diameter or more.


After you have decided on a specific model or at least a specific fan size, all that remains is that you think about how you’re going to mount it. You will find that ceiling fans offer a variety of mounting options, mostly in regards to the airflow you can expect a fan to provide or how large the fan is. To best understand how a specific fan should be used, pay close attention to its mounting options.

Flush Mount – If your ceiling is 9 feet tall or less, you might want to use a flush mount. This installation method reduces the space between the fan’s motor and the ceiling, thus allowing it to provide a stronger airflow. Keep in mind that low-ceiling fans are usually different in terms of design, or at least easy to spot among the rest. Performance-wise, however, they meet roughly the same standards.

Downrods – If your room has a high ceiling, then you should look into a downrod installation for whatever fan you bought. If, of course, the fan you got allows it without losing any of its CFM potential. With the help of a downrod, you can expand the fan out from the foundation of the ceiling, giving the fan’s motor a bit of space to operate. In this respect, we should point out that most medium-to-large fans usually come equipped with downrods that you can use.

Sloped Ceilings – If your room has a sloped ceiling, it would be a good idea to employ a sloped ceiling adapter. This way, you will be able to hang your fan straight up in order for it to run smoothly despite the odd geometry. One thing to remember is that sloped ceiling adapters don’t always work with most fan models. For some of them, you might be forced to also invest in a downrod that you can then turn to any angle you see fit.