Top 10 Best Chainsaws of 2019 – Reviews

Unlike the first chainsaws that were large and heavy, modern chainsaws allow only a single person to operate them at any given time without any difficulties whatsoever. These tools are not just limited to cutting wood but pretty much anything else their specially designed bars and chains allow them to cut through. Although the market has a lot to offer when it comes to chainsaws, you are advised to pay close attention to their design, engineering, and technical characteristics before making any sort of purchase. Not only for technical reasons but also to ensure their practicality. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best chainsaws money can buy.

Best Chainsaws – Top List

10ECHO CS-310 Gas Chainsaw

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ECHO CS-310 is a high-quality gas-powered chainsaw that delivers an impressive efficiency when it comes to wood and log cutting tasks. Being a lightweight device, this tool is suitable for a variety of applications. It integrates special fuel efficiency innovation that delivers sufficient power while using significantly little fuel amount and emitting an insignificant carbon footprint. For top performance and long value, this 14-inch chainsaw has an automatic chain oiler, while an anti-vibration handle provides the user with an added level of convenience.

9Sun Joe ION16CS Cordless Chain Saw

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The newest generation of the iON power tool series, Sun Joe iON16CS is a high delivery cordless chainsaw that outperforms many of its competitors, at least in this price range. Running on the universal 40V Eco-Sharp Li-Ion battery used by other iON tools, this 16-inch 4-amp chainsaw provides up to 40-minute whisper-quiet runtime. It also boasts zero carbon emissions, rating it as eco-friendly and user-safe.

8WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw

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Readily doubling as a chainsaw, the WORX WG309 electric pole saw is unique and multi-functional. It is a compact 10-inch powerhouse with a rotatable handle for superior pruning efficiency. With a robust 8-amp motor and highly versatile design, this is an ideal yard tool for light and medium-duty lambing, pruning, trimming and clean up tasks. Additionally, its tool-free automatic chain tensioning system and the automatic oil pump (with level indicator) makes it a lot easier to use and maintain.

7WORX WG320 Cordless Jawsaw Chainsaw

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The WORX WG320 Jawsaw is yet another efficient cordless chainsaw you cannot get it wrong with. It packs all the features you expect from a standard Jaw Saw, besides great cordless operation convenience and portability. It is powered by a high-quality 20V MAX Li-Ion battery. WORX WG320 is also a lightweight and safe chainsaw for trimming and pruning jobs around your home, camp site, or clearing after-storm debris.

6Husqvarna 450 Gas Chainsaw

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Featuring an ideal design for homeowners and other DIYers, Husqvarna 450 is a gas-powered 18-inch, 3.2 HP chainsaw model perfect for homeowners and other users who cut less frequently. Integrated Smart-Start technology and quality fuel pump make Husqvarna 450 easy to operate, while its ergonomic design and other unique features such as air injection technology and powerful low carbon emitting X-Torq engine add to user convenience and safety.

5BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw

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BLACK+DECKER’s LCS 1240 is a 12-inch cordless chainsaw that runs on a powerful and long-lasting 40V MAX Li-Ion battery. The 12-inch Oregon low kickback bar and chain ensure a fast and smooth cutting. A lightweight design allows easy use and maneuvering, while tool-free chain tension system offers convenient chain adjustment. Integrated automatic oiling system keeps the bar/chain well lubricated for peak performance. It also has a wrap-around bale handle that provides an improved user comfort and control.

4WORX WG304.1 Electric Chainsaw

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Also by WORX, the WG304.1 is another high-performance chainsaw, a robust yet lightweight 18-inch model that is ideal for easy, quick jobs around the farm or yard. From cutting firewood to trimming trees, bush clearing and more, this power tool doesn’t let down. Moreover, it emits no harmful gases and presents minimal operating/maintenance costs relative to many gas-powered options out there.

3Greenworks 20312 Cordless Chainsaw

buy from amazonIncorporating the premium-class power of the innovative DigiPro brushless motor technology, the Greenworks 20312 cordless chainsaw performs up to 100 effective cuts on a single full charge. It comes with a 4AH Battery and charger, but can also run on GreenWorks G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion system, providing a variety of tool choices to work with. The Brushless motor provides 30% greater torque and 70% less vibration for more efficiency and added user comfort. We should also acknowledge its improved user safety thanks to a chain brake along with a low kickback chain.

2WORX WG303.1 Electric Chainsaw

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WORX WG303.1 is 16-inch electric chainsaw with a powerful 14.5-amp motor delivers reliable performance and durability. Its unique auto-tension chain structure ensures no cases of over-tightening and also prolongs the bar and chain lifespan. Integrated chain brake and low kickback bar ensure extra safety, while a built-in oil tank with level indicator and auto oil lubrication feature keeps the tool well maintained. The rear handle has rubber over-molding and the front handle has ergonomic full-wrap for greater comfort and control.

1Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper

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The Alligator Lopper by the renowned Black & Decker tools maker is a robust electric chainsaw with a strong 4.5-amp motor. It is ideal for pruning up to 4-inch diameter tree branches, cutting them into manageable pieces, and clearing after-storm tree debris. The motor ensures reliably fast cutting power, with its innovative clamping jaws grabbing and cutting in a single easy stroke. A heavy-duty cutting bar is also included, delivering the type of cutting that allows you to process thick logs and branches of any size.


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What To Look For In A Chainsaw

Seeing how chainsaws are fairly complex in regards to their engineering, you should keep track of all their specialized components in order to determine their practicality. Not only should you pay close attention to the moving parts but also to the ergonomic aspects of the device for good measure. In this respect, let us point out a few characteristics to consider when shopping for a chainsaw of any kind:

Cutting Chain

A chainsaw’s cutting chain determines the speed and efficiency of your cutting tasks. These chains are comprised of chromium-plated metal teeth riveted together in a way that is similar to bike chains. When operated, the chain pulls the teeth quickly around a guide bar to enable the cutting process. These teeth can be chiseled or semi-chiseled depending on their intended purpose. Chisel teeth are basically metal squares with sharp corners whereas semi-chisel teeth have a more rounded form which reduces the cutting speed to some extent.

Power Source

We should point out that chainsaws can either be electric or gasoline-powered. Smaller chainsaws tend to be electric because they also offer a slightly reduced cutting prowess when compared to their much larger, gasoline-powered counterparts. The biggest advantage electric chainsaws have is how silent they are. In terms of cutting power, however, gasoline-powered chainsaws are much better overall, both in terms of efficiency and versatility. The only downside of gasoline-powered chainsaws is the bulky, heavy design that makes them difficult to store.

Guide Bar

Most chainsaws have a guide bar that supports the cutting chain, a bar that as the name suggests, is designed to guide the chain when the machine is operational. These bars are usually made from wear-resistant steel alloys or any rigid materials. Usually, these bars range from 16 to 36 inches in length and have rounded ends to facilitate the cutting process. We should point out, however, that some of the older chainsaws used loop-style bars called bow bars.

Engine Control

A chainsaw’s engine is operated via the clutch, which is what controls the combustion engine. The clutch has the intended purpose of keeping the chainsaw operating at a consistent speed and to allow you to quickly variate between tasks. It is the throttle that determines a chainsaw’s speed by increasing and decreasing the volume of the fuel being supplied to the engine at any given time. It should be said that some chainsaws also have weighted wheels that keep the engine running at a constant speed without the risk of overheating the device.

Tooth Arrangement

Most chainsaws use drive links to connect the teeth together, a design that proves very efficient when cutting wood. Full complement saw chains, often referred to as ‘full house’ chains, use just one drive link between each pair of teeth. Semi-skip and full skip chains, on the other hand, use a smaller number of teeth by inserting additional drive links between them. It is often that these chains are used on larger chainsaws with long guide bars.


Even though most chainsaws are relatively loud when running, the larger the chainsaw the more likely that it will make more noise. Seeing how prolonged exposure to running chainsaw noise can cause industrial deafness, many chainsaws come equipped with inbuilt mufflers to keep the noise levels at acceptable levels. You should also invest in some form of ear protection when operating a chainsaw for your own safety.

Vibration Control

Seeing how much chainsaws tend to vibrate when operated, some chainsaws tend to use a spring-loaded connector system that allows the operator to maintain control of the device while reducing the vibration as much as possible. For the same reason, some chainsaws will also have electrically heated handles that recommend them for colder climates. Despite not reducing the vibration levels too much, they definitely provide the user with a much better grip, thus allowing them to better control the machine.

Safety Equipment

Most if not all modern chainsaws require their operators to wear protective apparel, helmets, and goggles. It is also advised that chainsaw operators invest in a first aid kit that might come handy in the event of an accident. Because of how loud these machines are, you should also consider investing in a loud whistle to enable you to call for help in the event that you suffer any injuries.


Bear in mind that chainsaws are fairly dangerous even when they’re not running, simply by virtue of how sharp they are. For this reason, a plastic scabbard should be used to cover the blade when storing or transporting the machine. This scabbard serves not only as a way to safeguard the machine against accidental injury but also to protect the cutting chain against any bumps or blunt damage.