Top 10 Best Denture Adhesives of 2019 – Reviews

At one point in time, the only place you could purchase denture adhesive was at your dentist’s office or at a local pharmacy. Nowadays, that’s no longer the case, and consumers can buy these products everywhere from the local grocery store or even online. And having the ability to buy denture bonding products online not only means that consumers can purchase them discretely, but it also means they have a whole lot of different products to choose from.

The plethora of products available can leave a person wondering which one is the best one for them. While we can’t answer that question for most people, what we can do is show our readers the ten best adhesives currently available. And each one of these products is specifically designed by their manufacturers to have the holding power to hold dentures securely in place.

Best Denture Adhesives Of 2019

10Sea Bond Denture Seals Uppers

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These Sea Bond Upper Seals are designed to be used on the upper denture and to securely hold it in place. Unlike many gels or pastes, this product doesn’t ooze out from between the gum and the denture, and it has a soft cushioned feel that makes to comfortable enough to wear all day. And once it has been applied, this product is designed to give the user the all-day denture hold that they need. Of course, they aren’t as easy to use as powders or pastes because they have to be cut to fit, but they do provide a fairly strong hold that isn’t affected by eating or drinking.

9Shionogi Cushion Correct EZ

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Although some people may be reluctant to use this adhesive because it’s a Japanese product, this adhesive does work very much like Comfort Grip used to work when it was available. It goes on the denture smoothly, and once it’s applied, it provides a strong bond between the user’s gums and their dentures. It does a good job of holding, even when the user is speaking, eating or drinking. Anyone searching for a product that does a good job but does it at a discounted price may want to take a closer look at this adhesive and see if it’s right for them or their dentures.

8Secure Denture Bonding Cream

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This zinc-free formula is manufactured in the U.S and is suitable for use as an adhesive for holding partial or full dentures in place. It goes on like a traditional paste, and since it doesn’t require a whole lot to be used for it to hold the denture in place, it won’t ooze out as traditional pastes do. Although it’s not a waterproof adhesive, it does hold up against most foods and drinks. And it’s extremely easy to apply. All the user has to do is to squeeze the tube slightly and apply it in a strip. It will then provide the user with the holding power necessary for an all-day hold.

7Super Poligrip Comfort Seal Strips

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Super Poligrip Comfort Seal is a product that’s doesn’t contain zinc in it and provides a hold that’s capable of lasting all day. This product is made without any artificial colors or flavors and is both easy to apply and easy to remove. Unlike pastes or gels, this product doesn’t ooze and doesn’t create a mess when it’s applied. That’s because it has pre-cut strips that are applied with just the right amount of adhesive, so there’s no guesswork needed to figure out how much product to apply. And since it creates a great seal between dentures and gums, users can be confident all-day long.

6Super Poligrip Extra Strength Powder

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Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive Powder is designed to keep food particles from getting between the gums and the dentures and causing irritation. It’s a zinc-free formula that is very convenient to use because it’s in powder form and goes on exactly where it’s needed. Once applied, this product provides an all-day hold. Unlike lesser-quality adhesives, this product is also free from artificial colors. Anyone looking for a quality product that will inspire a confident smile will want to give this product a try. And since it isn’t affected by foods and drinks like other adhesives, users can eat confidently as well.

5Fixodent Control Cream Plus Scope Flavor

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Fixodent Plus Scope helps users become more confident by mixing their quality adhesive cream with the fresh taste and minty freshness of Scope. Not only does this cream provide a hold that will last all day long but it will make the user’s breath fresh and minty. Since this product is a cream and comes in a special applicator bottle, it goes on easily and goes on exactly where it’s applied. Its ultra-thin tip helps the user keep control of the flow of the adhesive and not too much for their dentures. And since it provides an ultra-tight seal, this denture adhesive seals out food particles very well.

4Fixodent Plus Food Seal Cream

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Providing up to five times the food-sealing power over not using any adhesive at all, this product is sure to make a lot of people happy. It’s an easy-to-use cream formula that comes in an applicator tube that has a thin tip so that it applies exactly where it’s directed. When this product is applied properly, it will provide all-day hold and holds up against food and drink better than many other adhesives. And since it has the power of Scope formulated into it, this product not only has a minty-fresh taste but it also freshens breath by killing 99.9% of all odor-causing bacteria.

3Super Poligrip Original Formula Cream

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Capable of sealing out 74% more food particles than not using any adhesive cream at all, this product provides an all-day hold that will instill the user with confidence. This formula is designed to provide up to 12-hours of hold and is not only zinc-free but is also free of artificial flavors and colors. This product provides a nice cushion between the user’s gums and dentures, making the dentures more comfortable to wear. And since this product is in a convenient cream, it’s very easy to apply exactly where it’s needed. All of this makes this product that just about any denture wearer is going to want to keep in their medicine cabinet.

2Fixodent Extra Hold Adhesive Powder

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Formulated to provide a strong, airtight seal that can last all day, Fixodent Extra Hold powder is a product that can be appreciated by just about anyone. Because it’s in powder form and not in a gel or paste, this product goes exactly where it’s applied and provides an airtight seal that other denture adhesives can only dream about providing. This product is ideal for either partial or full-plate dentures and is always comfortable to wear. And it’s one of the number one dental adhesives recommended by dentists. It’s a product that can be easily used by anyone looking to hold their dentures in place for the day.

1Fixodent Complete Original Cream

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Fixodent Complete Original Cream proves that when it comes to adhesives for dentures, then sometimes the original formula is the best. This product has been used for years by denture wearers who need a strong all-day hold. This cream goes on smoothly and doesn’t produce the same amount of oozing that some of the other adhesive creams produce. It forms a powerful seal between the user’s gums and their dentures, a seal which helps to keep food particles out. This product’s seal makes dentures more comfortable to wear and gives the wearer the confidence they need to go about their day.

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A Guide to Denture Adhesive Products

Denture adhesive products are a simple solution to an age-old problem. They are a water-soluble product that’s designed to be placed between the gums and the denture to help hold the dentures in place. Normally, dentures are designed to be held firmly in place by the physiological features of a person’s mouth, but a variety of things can happen to make a denture become ill-fitting and the use of a denture bonding agent necessary. Fortunately, these product come in a variety of different forms and are very easy to use by most people. And they also do a pretty decent job of holding dentures in place, regardless of whether they’re eating, speaking, coughing or laughing.

Types of Denture Adhesive Products

These products come in a number of different forms, and these include gels and pastes, powders and even, pads. However, of all of the different varieties, it’s probably pastes and gels that are used the most often. Powders are the next form of adhesive that’s frequently used by people, and this is followed by pads, a product that isn’t used as much as the rest.

The Benefits of Oral Adhesive Products

Although it may seem trivial to some people, using a decent denture adhesive can mean all the difference to the user. These products produce very real results and can really improve a person’s life. Below are a couple of the benefits that people have when they begin using these products.

More Bite Security-These adhesives hold the denture firmly in place, so the user is more confident while they’re eating.

Relief From Dry Mouth-Keeping the dentures firmly in place prevents them from putting pressure on the Parotid Gland, which can result in a dry mouth or even may result in oral infections.

More Confidence: Being able to speak clearly without worrying about slippage can improve the wearer’s confidence and willingness to socialize.

Properly Using an Adhesive

Although the procedure for properly using these products can vary in between brands, we’ve presented a simple overview of what the process might be like. As always, be sure to properly read the directions on your denture adhesive and be sure to contact your dentist or physician before you begin using any denture adhesive for the first time. With that being said, below is a sample procedure for properly using one of these products.

Start With a Clean Denture: Every night the dentures should be cleaned using a cleaner that’s specifically designed for cleaning dentures. That ensures that when you wake up in the morning, your dentures are clean and ready to be inserted with an adhesive.

Rinse-Off The Denture: Take the dentures and rinse them under running water.

Apply According to Directions: Place the appropriate amount of adhesive to the denture.

Insert Into Mouth: Once the adhesive has been placed on the denture, be sure to put them immediately into your mouth for best results.

Tips For Denture Wearers

  • Spend some time getting used to new dentures
  • Brush the dentures regularly
  • Soak dentures daily
  • Consult a dentist before using an adhesive
  • Give your mouth a break from dentures every day
  • See your dentists on a regular basis
  • Follow all instructions on the denture adhesive
  • If you’re using more adhesive than necessary, then your dentures may need to be resized.

When NOT to Use Denture Adhesive

Although denture adhesives are a great product that improves the lives of millions of people, it should be noted that there are circumstances that arise when the user should discontinue using the adhesive until they talk to a dentist. For example, if the dentures become ill-fitting and you have to increase the amount to hold them in place, then you should discontinue use of the adhesive until you can talk with a dentist. You should also discontinue adhesive use if you develop sores in your mouth, get a new oral appliance that hasn’t been reviewed by your dentist, or if you cannot maintain the best oral hygiene practices. And finally, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients found in the adhesive, then you shouldn’t use it at all. However, if you can practice all of these guidelines, then using an adhesive shouldn’t be a problem for most people. They’re great products that can provide excellent results.