The Best Electric Scooter: Our Top Picks for Cruising

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Electric scooters continue to rise in popularity. With the hunt for the best electric scooter underway, it's essential to look at how popular these machines have become.

In 2018, riders hopped onto their electric scooters a whopping 38.5 million times. That's two million times more than docked bikes. With environmental issues around every corner, using a machine that doesn't harm the environment is a huge plus. Perfect for bustling cities and small towns, electric scooters capture the best of both worlds.

The scooter market popped up fast. Within a couple of years, it's become one of the more popular ways to get around. The concept of sharing a scooter has grown too, and some of these scooters offer the perfect opportunity for sharing with another person.

Although many different types of scooters exist, we have chosen to focus on the electric ones.

Best Electric Scooter: Comparison Table

How We Choose the Best Electric Scooter

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To earn the moniker of the best electric scooter, features such as speed, mobility, safety, and durability come into the review process. Each scooter we will discuss contains a couple of features that stand out from the rest. Each one is unique and deserves a spot on this list.

We also considered user experience. Customer reviews give us insight into how the products perform in the real world.

The Best Electric Scooters

Below are the best electric scooters available on the market today. From companies such as Razor to a couple of new ones, these electric scooters offer buyers a tremendous amount of quality. Read on to find out about the best electric scooters.

1. NanRobot D4+

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Meet the NanRobot D4+. A name well known to fans of electric scooters, they don't disappoint with their D4+ model.

The electric scooter houses two 1,000 watt motors. One motor controls the front wheel while the other covers the back. These motors give the electric scooter a little more balance in terms of power.

The D4+ reaches a maximum speed of 40 mph. It also possesses the ability to travel a range of 45 miles before needing charging. Finally, six shock absorbers and 10-inch pneumatic tires round out a great group of attributes.

Customer reviews complimented the scooter for its sheer power. But, with great power comes heavy lifting. A few customer reviews pointed out that the scooter weighs quite a bit.

2. Megawheels S5

The Megawheels S5 belongs on this list because it has a collection of amazing features. Finding the best electric scooter doesn't have to be difficult if you look at the S5's stats.

A 250-watt motor means you'll be zipping around from destination to destination in no time at all. The speed tops out at 15.5 mph, but that doesn't mean this isn't a great scooter. A portable folding design creates an opportunity to take this with you practically anywhere.

Along with the portability, it only weighs 27.5 pounds. On the lower end of the weight scale, this proves key to being one of the best. It also contains two speed modes. The first keeps you around the slower 11 mph mark. The second takes that speed cap off and allows you to hit the max 15.5 mph.

Rounding out the scooter are 8.5-inch tires. These are a good size for scooters and add to an already robust lineup of attributes.

Happy customers stated that the electric scooter was easy to set up. However, some customers thought the process of folding the scooter up and down was a hassle.

3. Glion Foldable Scooter/Dolly

What's better than having an electric scooter? How about folding your electric scooter and wheeling it around? If this sounds convenient to you, then the Glion Foldable Scooter/Dolly is exactly the scooter you need.

It folds up into a dolly position. This foldability allows you to wheel it wherever you need to go. Along with this, the scooter's battery charge time only sits at around 3.5 hours. This isn't bad for an electric scooter of this quality.

Reaching speeds up to 15 mph is what you can expect from this product. You can also expect around 15 miles before you need another charge.

Overall, this is considered by many as the best electric scooter. Customers loved the durability of the scooter itself. However, one negative review pointed out that there's a one-second delay from inputting your acceleration until you actually accelerate.

4. Razor E100

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A household name when it comes to scooters, Razor makes the best electric scooters available on the market today. The majority of the most highly reviewed scooters out there are Razors. This quality best exemplifies itself with the Razor E100.

Although the top speed for this electric scooter is 10 mph, don't let that fool you. What the E100 seemingly lacks in speed, it makes up for in longevity. Short charge time and long battery life make for an excellent experience for an electric scooter.

Enjoy this scooter for up to 40 minutes at a time, and you're guaranteed to have one of the best days ever. Finally, a twist grip throttle allows you to accelerate without taking your hand off the accelerator. These features alone show why it's in the running for the title of the best electric scooter.

Customers agree that this scooter rocks. Many complimented its ability to hold a tremendous amount of weight and still ride quickly and smoothly.

But, a downside deals with the scooter coming pre-charged. While that's a good thing, most of the scooters still required a 12-hour charge time once out of the box. This is a little disappointing for those looking for instant gratification.

5. Hoverstar Kick Start Scooter for Kids

A mouthful of a title, Hoverstar delivers elements of greatness with this model. Safety should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to a kids' scooter. It's crucial, and Hoverstar covers the safety aspect well. They use a more efficient braking system with this electric scooter than other scooters do.

It's perfect for children and smaller adults, as the weight limit is 120 pounds. The smaller frame size suits them well. As mentioned above, safety comes first and foremost with Hoverstar. That's why this electric scooter contains a maximum speed of 6 mph. The low speed is perfect for kids.

The Hoverstar brings a fun experience to the table quickly, as it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to set up. Customers have complimented the ease-of-use in terms of putting it together in reviews. Though, a few customers complained that it wouldn't charge, and they had to send it back.

6. Razor Ecosmart Metro

Another Razor scooter to don this list, the Metro varies a little bit from the other Razors. One of the main differences comes as a small basket on the back of the scooter. Not only that, but it comes with a seat as well. Built for navigating through a city, it's a smart design to make. It also looks terrific.

A 500-watt motor helps propel this scooter as one of the more powerful ones you can buy. The seats and handlebar are adjustable, so finding the right height isn't a problem. A rear disc braking system plays into a safety factor, and all of these features combine for an electric scooter that's hard to pass up.

Customers remarked that the bike makes it a long way before needing a recharge. However, a negative review brought up was that the setup was a little bit difficult.

7. Razor E125

Razor continues to dominate the electric scooter marketplace with the E125 model. Improving on the E100 model, the E125 lets you travel up to 10 mph.

That's a nice speed to have on an electric scooter. Also, having fun doesn't have to mean riding for only 20 minutes. Instead, the E125 charge lasts for a whopping 40 minutes.

A twist grip throttle puts you in total control of your scooter. A hand-operated brake means you also have complete control over your braking as well.

Finally, a retractable kickstand means your scooter stays upright when not in use. Customers adored this product. They praised the length of the battery life. One negative review spoils the fun, however. For them, the scooter simply didn't turn on.

8. Razor E Prime

What makes the E Prime a candidate for the best electric scooter? The sleek and modern design updates the looks of past models. A thumb-activated throttle allows you to accelerate and brake at the flick of your thumb.

The aluminum deck provides a ton of room for your feet, so don't worry about it being too narrow. The scooter has a top speed of 15 mph and has a maximum weight of 176 pounds. So, it's a great electric scooter for teens.

An excellent addition to the Razor family, buyers have praised the light weight of the machine. The only red mark of note in the many buyer reviews we've read was that some said the scooter rattled a bit when in use.

9. Hiboy S2

A name not mentioned too often in the electric scooter market, Hiboys deserve some attention. Why? They make one beast of an electric scooter. The best electric scooter needs power. The S2 provides this with a 250-watt motor. This motor takes you up to 18.6 miles on a single charge. Not only that, but it takes you there quickly with a top speed of 15 mph.

An exceptionally smooth ride, the Hiboy gives you a pleasant riding experience. Along with the smooth ride, two braking systems ensure you're safe when riding. If that's not enough safety, then the lights located at the front, middle, and rear of the scooter ensure that others can see you.

The Hiboy steals the show with customers gushing about the stopping power of the brakes. However, one negative review pointed out that the scooter is slow when going up hills.

10. NanRobot D5+

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One word describes this electric scooter: fast. It travels up to 40 mph, which is ridiculously fast. Front and rear 1,000-watt motors give this scooter a big kick. Possessing this ability helps lift this into the top picks for the best electric scooter.

Its 10-inch tires give this scooter a hulking look as well. Aside from the large tires, the braking system is fantastic. Front and rear disc brakes keep you safe from harm.

Finally, a set of LED lights make you visible at night. Overall, the NanRobot D5+ leaps and bounds over its competition.

Customers agree with this sentiment. Positive customer reviews complimented the stability of the scooter at high speeds. However, a few customers remarked that the brakes were too sensitive for their liking.

Our Pick for the Best Electric Scooter

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NanRobot brings to the table a mighty scooter with the D5+. A top speed of 40 mph makes this useful for all types of adventures. A set of front and rear brakes make sure you're safe, and the 10-inch tires are absolutely outstanding.

Many thought Razor would steal the victory, but NanRobot crept up and claimed the top prize for the best electric scooter.

Get Out and Cruise Today

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You now have all the knowledge necessary to make an educated buy. All of the electric scooters listed above are the best of the best. Each one is a quality choice, so don't overthink the decision.

Instead, get excited about all the fun you or the person you buy it for are going to have. Cruising around on the best electric scooter makes for memories you won't soon forget.

Stay safe on the roads, and cruise responsibly. And be sure to sound off about your choice for the best electric scooter in the comments below. Whether it's one we've mentioned or something else entirely, we'd love to hear it.

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