Top 10 Best Futons of 2019 – Reviews

Although many Westerners may not realize it, futons are actually based on a Japanese piece of furniture known as a Shiki Futon mattress. In fact, the word futon itself means “bedding” and is typically a piece of furniture that can be slept on at night and then folded up and used as a place to sit during the day. And this makes an innovative piece of furniture to own.

Innovation and versatility aren’t the only two features that can be found on these pieces of furniture. Many of them also get high marks for durability, comfort, and affordability. Unfortunately, there are some models that aren’t so highly received, and that’s why we’ve decided to separate the good from the bad and list the ten best futons currently available below.

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Best Futons Of 2019

10Mainstay Memory Foam Black PU

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Covered with a black faux leather material that covers memory foam, this futon not only has a nice modern look to it but is also comfortable, too. It’s approximately 32.5-inches by 71.7-inches by 33.5-inches, so it’s small enough to fit in any room. It can be easily placed in the living room, in the study or in the bedroom. During the day, it can be sat on like a loveseat, and in the evenings it can be folded flat into a sleeper. All of this ensures that it will prove itself to be a great piece of furniture for any dorm room, bachelor pad or small apartment.

9Better Homes & Gardens Wood Frame

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This Better Homes & Garden futon is designed not only to add a bit of class to the home but is also designed for durability. It’s made with a durable metal frame that’s designed to hold up to 600-pounds of weight, but it’s also equipped with wood arms which make it kind of look like it has a frame made entirely of wood. This product easily converts to a full-size sleeper, so it can be sat on during the day and slept on at night. These pieces of furniture are equipped with 8-inch coil mattresses and have a soft twill covering that comes in either oatmeal linen, blue or beige.

Design Toscano

8Kodiak 3-Position Lounger

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Although this futon is smaller than full-size models, it’s just the right size to fit in many efficiency apartments, studio apartments or dorm rooms. It’s approximately 72-inches by 33-inches by 31-inches when it’s in the lounge position, and it is equipped with a 5-inch mattress that’s 79-inches by 32-inches by 5-inches. Its mattress is made from 80% blended cotton and 20% polyurethane foam, and it’s quite easy to spot-clean when necessary. This high-quality mattress is supported by simple wood slats, and this product’s frame height is approximately 10-inches tall without the height of the mattress added into its total dimensions.

7Monterey Full Size Sofa Bed

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While some futon’s feature frames made out of less durable wood composites, this product is made using a sturdy hardwood frame that’s durable and also looks quite nice. This versatile sleeper bed has Side-Loaded Technology built-into it that allows it to be easily converted from a sofa to a bed. It also features a mattress with an innerspring coil core that’s wrapped with cotton batting and loaded with premium foam. This 8-inch thick mattress is covered in a suede microfiber that’s comfortable enough to either sit during the day or lay on at night. This futon’s frame is approximately 80-inches by 32-inches by 33-inches, and its mattress comes in a number of colors including either black, olive, chocolate or navy.

6Arden Full-Size Futon Set

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Some futons are durable, some are stylish, and others are customizable. However, there are few models which have all three of these features. Fortunately, this one is such a model. This product has a 100% hardwood frame and features an 8-inch mattress that’s soft and comfortable. This product has three easy-to-use positions and can go from the upright position to a lounging position and then all the way to the bed position. Its mattress has a twill cover that can be purchased in numerous colors including hunter green, khaki, black, navy or royal blue. These features make this product not only versatile but also capable of adding style to any room of a home.

5DHP 6-inch Coil Futon Couch Mattress

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What this piece of furniture lacks in functionality or durability, it makes up for in affordability. This futon is one of the more inexpensive models in its class, but it has enough features to make it a good piece of furniture for bargain hunters. It has a full-size frame and an 8-inch foam and polyester mattress that’s approximately 75-inches by 54-inches. On its mattress is a tufted microfiber cover that’s soft to the touch but still has a modern appeal to it. The consumer can choose a cover color that matches their home style, too and they have a number of colors to choose from including black, charcoal, chocolate, cobalt, merlot or tan.

4KD Frames Studio Full Bifold

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Crafted from Tulip Popular in Athens, Georgia and manufactured with a natural finish that doesn’t contain added chemicals, this full-size futon is ready to grace any home with its presence. This product’s frame is 71-inches wide and 10.5-inches high without the mattress, so it will fit nicely in a variety of different homes. This futon has 5-different reclining sofa positions and is easy to convert to a bed for sleeping. Although this product doesn’t come with a mattress, the consumer can easily buy one of the high-quality futon mattresses currently available online. It’s a product that requires some pretty extensive assembly, but once assembled is designed to provide years of use.

3KD Lounger Full Futon

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Although this lounger doesn’t come with a mattress, it still provides an exceptional value to just about anyone looking for a high-quality piece of furniture. It’s made out smooth, unfinished tulip popular that not only makes it look nice but also makes it extremely durable. This product does require a bit of assembly, but once it’s assembled, it’s designed to hold up really well. it has 13 convertible positions and can be used as a chair, a lounger or as a bed. And when it’s converted from a loveseat to a bed it lays flat so the user can get a good night’s rest whenever they decide to sleep on it.

2Stanford Full-Size Solid Wood Frame

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This futon may not come with a mattress, cover or pillows, what it does come with is the much-desired features of versatility and durability. This high-quality product is manufactured in Indonesia from solid hardwood and is designed to hold up to years of use. It can be placed into one of three positions include a sofa position, a lounger position or a futon bed position. The mechanism that can be used to place it into these 3-positions is made so that it doesn’t slip and is easy to operate. Another thing to like about this wood futon frame is that it’s manufactured with wood that’s sourced only from sustainable plantations, so it’s eco-friendly as well as beautiful.

1Nirvana Futons Standford Full-Size Set

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Everything a person needs to enjoy a high-quality piece of furniture is included in this set. It features a futon frame that’s made from solid hardwood and can be placed into one of three different positions. This frame can be placed into an upright position, a lounging position, and a bed position. This frame come with a high-quality mattress that’s 8-inches thick and is made in the U.S. This mattress comes with either a twill or microfiber covering that’s available in a number of exciting colors. Some of the colors this mattress is available in includes khaki, burgundy, blue, red, royal blue or hunter green.

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How To Buy A Futon

Although it’s true that some people simply buy the most affordable futon available, that’s not really the best way to buy this piece of furniture. Sure, it’s probably the quickest way to buy this furniture, but it’s also probably the fastest way to end up with a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit in with the décor of the home or isn’t as comfortable as it should be. Therefore, it’s imperative that people spend some time choosing a futon which not only fits in with the rest of their home and is affordable, but is also comfortable and functional as well.

Unfortunately, too many people don’t realize the features and functions they are supposed to be analyzing when they’re buying one of these pieces of furniture. And that’s understandable because not everyone is an expert on furniture. That’s why we’ve taken the time to draw up this guide. Hopefully, it will give furniture shoppers a guideline to follow as they search for the best futon possible for their home.

Step One: Consider Your Needs

Probably the first thing anyone is going to want to do is to consider the layout of their home, and where they intend on placing the futon, as well as its primary purpose in the household. For example, is it going into a guest bedroom where its primary purpose is for it to be used in lieu of a bed? Or is it going to be in the living room where its primary purpose is for guest to sit on and only occasionally used for guests who sleep over? These are all considerations that have to be kept in mind.

Step Two: Consider How It’s Going To Fit

Futons come in a variety of different styles nowadays. There are models that are designed to sit flat up against the wall, and there are other models that need a little bit of space from the wall in order for them to be unfolded into a bed. It’s important to note this fact and also realize that the futon is going to need some room in front of it as well if it’s going to be used for sleeping purposes. If the layout of your living room ensures that you’re going to have to move furniture around to accommodate the futon’s bed function, then at least make sure the other furniture is lightweight or place the futon elsewhere.

Step Three: Consider The Futon’s Frame

Futon frames come in a variety of styles include Bifold Frames, Trifold Frames, Wood Frames, Steel Frames, and Wood Composite Frames. Although all of these frames are suitable for one circumstance or another, it’s important for the consumer to consider whether the frame of the futon they want to buy is right for them. Here are a few things to consider when buying a futon with a particular type of frame.

  • Bifold Frames: These are the frames that most futons have equipped. They are easy to open and close and usually, rely on rollers to easily allow them to convert from a seated position to a lying down position.
  • Trifold Frames: Unlike Bifold Frames, which only fold once, Trifold Frames fold twice. This makes them larger and more cumbersome than bifold models.
  • Wood Frames: Wood Frames are usually more expensive than other types of frames, but they’re also more stylish and can last longer than other futon models.
  • Steel Frames: Steel Frames are also extremely durable and can provide a modern look to any home.
  • Wood Composite Frames: These frames are certainly inexpensive, but they are not very durable and shouldn’t be chosen for heavy traffic areas. Because of their low cost, these models usually end up in dorm rooms.

Step Four: Consider The Mattress

As a general rule, if a consumer is going to want to use their futon as a sleeper, then they’re going to want to get a mattress that’s at least 6-inches thick. Consumers will also want to buy a thick mattress if their futon has a wood frame. However, if it’s a Bifold or Trifold Futon, then the consumer may have to get a thinner mattress to make sure it folds up properly. If the consumer wants the highest mattress quality possible, then they should buy one with innerspring coils. These mattresses may be more expensive, but they’re extremely comfortable and durable, too.

Step Five: Consider The Cover

The last thing that needs to be considered is the futon mattresses’ cover. It’s important for the consumer to choose one that not only matches their décor but is comfortable as well. Deciding whether the cover is right for the amount of traffic it’s going to receive is also important. If the futon isn’t going to be used much, then a cotton or wool covering will provide the comfort needed. However, if durability is desired and the cover is going to be used a lot, then the consumer may want to get one that’s made out of synthetic material for durability.