Top 10 Best Heating Pads of 2019 – Reviews

Ever since the heating pad was first invented in the early 20th century, it has provided people a way to relieve their achy joints, ease general pain and relax muscle sprains. These pads have been a simple, effective and inexpensive way for many people to get the relief they need and it’s probably a good idea if every household had at least one of these pads around for this very purpose.

However, that doesn’t mean that the consumer should run out and buy the first pad they see. There are a few things to consider when purchasing one of these pads, so it’s probably a good idea for people to do their research and find the one that’s appropriate for them. Having said that, below are the ten best pads available that will help our readers get started on their search.

Best Heating Pads Of 2019

10Marnur Electric Wrap Heat Shoulder Pad

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Since this product measures 25-inches by 26-inches, it can be used on larger sections of the body that other heating pads simply can’t. It can be used as a shoulder wrap or can be used to warm the leg and abdomen areas of a person. Equipped with 6-different heating levels, this product is able to be adjusted according to the comfort level and personal preferences of the user. This pad is fully FCC/ETL certified and has a machine washable cover that’s made out of soft micro plush. This product is also equipped with a 7.5-foot cord that allows it to be plugged into any outlet.

9TechLove Moist-Heat Therapy Pad

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This 12 by 24-inch pad is made from a flexible material that allows the user to mold it to the body part that’s being treated with heat therapy. It also heats up in 30-seconds and offers the user both dry and moist heat options. Other options found on this quality heat pad include a 9-foot long cord, a digital LCD controller, 6-different heat settings and a 2-hour automatic shut-off feature. It also has a removable machine washable cover that’s made out of soft micro plush. All of which allows this heating pad to be easily used for arthritis pain, shoulder pain or aching knees.

8Pure Enrichment Pure Relief XL Pad

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This pad is contoured in such a way that it’s ideal for use to treat back, shoulder and neck pain. It slips around the shoulders like a cape and comes down to most people’s lower backs. It also comes with a long electrical cord that makes it easy to control while it’s being used. Some of the features that can be found on this product include 2-hour auto shut-off, a corded LED controller, a machine washable micro mink cover, an elastic belt and a storage bag for stowing it away when you’re done with it. And since it’s adjustable, this product can be used by almost anyone.

7UTK Far Infrared Jade & Tourmaline Pad

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What this pad offers its user is to provide precise heat to large sections of their body. This 23.5 by 16-inch heating pad is the ideal size for placing over legs, wrapping around shoulders or using on your back. It has a smart digital controller that allows the user to select the heat level they prefer: from 103-degrees to 159-degrees Fahrenheit in 1-degree intervals. This allows the user to adjust it according to their own comfort level and not to a preset heating level. This product also has a 4-hour auto shut-off feature, a 10-foot long power cord, precise time settings and are equipped with natural jade and tourmaline.

6Charmed Fir Mats Infrared Mat

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Anyone suffering from arthritis, joint pain or chronic muscle pain is going to want to look at this innovative mat. It’s 20 by 31-inches in size and is equipped with a number of features which makes it not only very effective but also very easy to use. It has adjustable temperature settings, it is made with 17 different layers of material and it contains approximately 6.5-pounds of tourmaline and natural amethyst crystals. These crystals emit radiant heat right into the user’s joints and provide effective relaxation and pain relief. It also comes with a manual and a handy waterproof carrying case.

5Anbber Ultra-Large Fast-Heating Pad

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With a large 34 by 17-inch size, this heating pad is capable of being used for all kinds of pain but is especially effective against back pain. It offers moist or dry-heat therapy and is equipped with a digital LED controller that makes it easy to use. It also has 6 personalized heat settings, a 2-hour auto shut-off feature and a 9-foot long cord. It has a washable micro plush fabric that’s machine washable and allows the pad to sit right on the skin. Since it heats up quickly, this heat pad provides almost instant pain relief and is good for people suffering from back pain.

4Anegal Electric-Heat Shoulder Pad

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Registered with the FDA as a Class 2 medical device, this shoulder heating pad can be used to treat muscle stiffness and pain. When used according to directions, this product increases blood circulation to the area it’s placed on and not only relieves pain but also encourages heating in the area. It’s a 12 by a 24-inch pad that’s equipped with a number of features including a 2-hour shutoff and a soft micro-fiber plush cover. All of which makes this an effective, easy to use and comforting heating pad for home use. And it can also be used as a pet heating pad if the user so desires.

3Mighty Bliss Extra-Large Heated Pad

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This dry and moist heating pad is 12 by 24-inches and is equipped with a number of features that make it useful for easing minor body pains or menstrual cramps. It has a soft micro-plush cover that’s soft on the skin, it has an auto shut-off feature, and it heats up rather quickly. It only weighs approximately 1.3-pounds, so it’s easy to carry around and to place on aching parts of your body without worrying about excessive pad pressure. It also has 3 different heat settings that allow the user to use just the right amount of heat for their muscle pain or cramps.

2HL Healthyline Natural Gemstone Radiant Pad

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This heating pad is 32 by 20-inches in size and uses radiant heat technology for muscle and joint pain relief. This product has a penetrating heat that can penetrate up to 8-inches into the body and is made with tourmaline and jade stones. This product is suitable for use by people with fibromyalgia, arthritis or other serious pain conditions. This product weighs approximately 7-pounds, has 12 functioning layers and provides the user with EMF protection from its electrical components as it soothes away their muscle aches and pains. All of which makes it one of the top-rated heating pads available.

1MediCrystal Infrared Amethyst Mat

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This heating pad is made with more layers than just about any other pad currently available on the market. Its 18-layers of material gives it a comfortable feel and is the ideal foundation for the 7-pounds of purple amethyst crystals that have been added to it. And although it has a substantial weight of approximately 10-pounds, it’s still light enough to be taken where it’s needed. This pad is 30 by 20-inches in size, has a digital controller and heat settings which range from 86-degrees to 158-degrees. This gives the user a lot of options for dealing with pain and makes this one of the best heat pads available.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check these suggestions:

Heating Pad Buying Guide

Heating pads are marvelous inventions that can be used to treat a number of minor medical problems and also for general discomfort. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about some of the benefits that can be gained from using one of these pads, or they believe one of the many myths that seem to surround these products. In order to provide some clarity to the situation, we decided to write this guide dispels some of these myths and tells consumers what to look for when buying the best heating pad.

Common Heating Pad Misconceptions

  • Heating Pads & Pregnancy: One of the myths surrounding this product is that it’s bad for pregnant women to use and that’s not the case if the pad is used correctly. Most of these pads are suitable for use during pregnancy, as long as they aren’t used to the extent that they raise the mother’s core body temperature. Pregnant women should remember that if the heating pad raises their core temperature, then it also raises their unborn babies temperature. All of which means that using a heating pad is acceptable for pregnant women as long as they don’t use it too much and don’t place it directly on their belly.
  • Heating Pads & Blood Clots: Another common question asked is “Do Heating Pads Cause Blood Clots?” and the answer to that question is quite simple: They do not. In fact, heating pads are often prescribed by doctors to relieve the pain associated with thrombosis. They do this by promoting blood circulation and an increase in circulation is always a good thing.
  • Heating Pads & Conception: Another myth is that heating pads affect a woman’s ability to conceive—which is not true. While saunas and hot tubs may raise a woman’s core body temperature, which may affect conception, heating pads won’t do that if they’re used properly. And while we’re on the subject, it’s also a myth that heating pads will help with conception. In fact, there’s no link between heating pad use and increased conception rates. So to sum up, heating pads won’t affect a woman’s ability to conceive—either positively or negatively—when they’re used with common sense.

How To Buy A Heating Pad

We’re not going to bore you with a long section on buying a heating pad, especially since we’ve already listed 10 of the best heating pads available. So, we’ll keep it simple and list some of the things you may want to consider before buying a new heat pad. Let’s take a quick look at them, shall we?

  • Heat Level: Generally speaking, you’ll want to find a pad that has at 2 heating levels, although 3 would certainly be better. This gives you plenty of options when it comes to treating muscle sprains, arthritis or other conditions.
  • Dry/Moist Heat Options: Some people prefer a moist heat option and other people are fine with using a dry heat pad. Consider which one is suitable for you and choose that option.
  • Quick Heat Up Time: Most of the better pads heat up quickly so that the user can get relief quickly.
  • Washable Cover: A washable cover makes the pad easier to maintain and keep clean.
  • Automatic Shut-Off Timer: An auto shutoff makes the heating pad safer to use.

Safety Tips For Heating Pad Use

Okay, now it’s time to say a few things about using these products safely. Like most other devices powered by electricity, heating pads are generally safe to use if they are used properly. Below are some safety tips which will help consumers use these products in a safer manner.

  • Always inspect the heating pad before use.
  • Discard a heating pad that is obviously worn, frayed or damaged in any way.
  • Always read your heating pad’s instructions and follow them.
  • Never fold a heating pad that’s currently on.
  • Never leave heating pads unattended.
  • Never sleep with a heating pad.
  • Only use the heating pad 15 to 20-minutes per hour, or as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Always start with the lowest heat level and adjust as necessary.

Keeping the following things in mind will enable you to not only remain safe while you’re using one of these pads, but it will also enable you to have a better experience with this product. When used properly, heating pads can be the greatest tool for combating a wide range of minor injuries and can be extremely comforting to use. So buy the best one available and use it safely. This will produce the best results.