Top 10 Best Inversion Tables of 2018 – Reviews

For those of you who don’t know, inversion therapy is one of the most beneficial forms of physical therapy you can undergo these days, much thanks to the highly engineered inversion tables available at this point in time. This form of therapy involves placing your feet higher than your head to improve your flexibility and blood flow throughout the body but mostly through your limbs. Is comes as no surprise that such a therapeutic practice would have such a wide array of aiding tools to choose from. That said, let us find out what are the ten best inversion tables the market has to offer.

Best Inversion Tables Of 2018

10Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table

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Teeter EP-970 is a 46lbs. Inversion table characterized by a dual pin height adjustment system accommodating users of between 4’8” and 6’3” tall, a safety strap that controls inverting angles, a spring-loaded (pull-in) system that allows ankle adjustment not to mention a safety lock provision that keeps your table secure. Additionally, aside from easy movement and transportation courtesy of its foldable nature, it, unfortunately, features cheap tools which make its assembly difficult.

9Invertio Premium Folding

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With a height adjustment of between 4’10” and 6’6” tall and with 26 various height adjustments, the Invertio Premium is an extremely comfortable inversion table for your use. It comes with premium ankle supports that allow eight different positions, a simple-release system, extra-long handrails not to mention a 3-position pivot joint that controls rotation speed. What’s more, it also features a comfortable, large backrest and padded head, an extra cushion for lower back support, padded handrails and a strength limiting high-tensile strap that controls its rotation speed.

8Inversion Table Pro Deluxe

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The Table Pro is an excellent inversion table that features among others detachable nylon support pads, a robust steel frame, an adjustable system for height adjustment accommodating users between 4’10” and 6’6” tall, a 3-position roller hinge allowing rotation con troll and padded ankle clamps. In addition to its 300lbs. weight capacity, it is quite simple to assemble and re-assemble and is quite comfortable.

7Teeter Hand Ups Inversion Table

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This ingenious tool is an exclusive inversion table that allows exceptional ankle comfort courtesy of its thick foam liners (5/8”), durable yet flexible DuPoint Hytrel shell not to mention self-locking ratchet buckles that allow a tailored fit. What’s more with its EZ-Stretch Traction Handles it offers multi-purpose functions such as decompression, oscillation assistance, and stretching. The table also includes a ComforTrak Bed complemented by an inventive track design, a detachable head pillow, a pre-set rotation control boasting an adjustable tether and typical Grip-and-Stretch Handholds. Aside from being easy to fold and transport, it is also easy to assemble and holds a maximum of 300lbs weight capacity.

6Ironman LX300

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The LX300 is an Ironman made inversion table that is constructed using a robust steel frame that features a scratch resistant powder coated finish. It comprises a foam backrest (vinyl-covered), extra-long safety handles, a combination of ankle cushions and foam rollers and an independent height adjustment of between 4’10” and 6’6”. Aside from the 275lbs. Weight capacity, the LX300 is well-built and straightforward to assemble. It is comfortable courtesy of its padded foam backrest, u-shaped ankle holders, and padded footrests.

5Ironman Gravity 4000

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Gravity 4000 is an inversion table designed using a robust steel frame (tubular) that features a scratch-resistant powder coat finish. It includes extra-long, foam covered safety handles, resilient rubber floor stabilizers (non-skid), ankle cushions (ergonomically molded, backrest featuring double stitching and covered with memory foam vinyl, 3 adjustments that set the inversion angles, capacity to invert up to 90 degrees among other features. This Ironman table is not only sturdy and well-built, but it is also simple to assemble and very comfortable courtesy of its detachable lumbar pillow and ergonomically molded ankle cushions. What’s more, it has safety vinyl sides which safeguard your fingers and hands, a 350lb maximum weight capacity not to mention a natural reach patented Palm Activated flexible ratchet ankle locking system.

4Exerpeutic Inversion Table

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The above inversion table is crafted using a robust steel frame that features a powder coated finish not to mention a backrest covered in vinyl and featuring special 0.75-inch soft foam. What’s more, this table also includes an ankle cushion, foam roller; adjustable tether straps that ease the control of different inverting angles, foam-covered full-loop handlebars, and a simple to pull ankle release system. What’s more besides its 300lbs weight capacity, it is also quite easy to assemble.

3Teeter EP-560 Ltd Inversion Table

buy from amazonThis inversion table is one that suits adult heights ranging from 4’7” to 6’8”. This table includes numerous features among them a standard pull-pin adjustment system, foam rollers (4) for cushioning the ankles, a lower pull-pin (spring-loaded), a typical safety strap that facilitates the control of the inverting angles, not to mention a safety lock that ensures the table remains in position. It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs and is quite easily foldable, therefore allowing for a secure storage. Furthermore, this table is not just user-friendly, but also simple to assemble.

2Ironman Gravity 4000

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The Gravity 4000 inversion table by Ironman is one designed with a tubular but durable steel frame that comes with a scratch resistant powder coated finish. It is characterized by non-skid tough rubber floor stabilizers, a durable and comfortable nylon backrest; extra-long foam covered steel handles, ankle cushions (ergonomically-molded) not to mention three several adjustments that steer the inversion angles. What’s more, it features a height adjustment provision extending to 6’6”, safety tether straps that are easy to allow optimal inversion angles, safety covers (vinyl-made) for finger and hand protection, not to mention a durable ankle locking spring-loaded system.

1Innova Fitness ITX9600

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The Innova ITX9600 is made using heavy gauge steel tubing not to mention having a 300lbs. optimal weight capacity. The inversion table features a wide, and subsequently padded backrest support, inversion pin (4-position side) which is easily adjustable, soft touch foam and thick foam rollers and handlebars, not to mention a simple to fold frame that eases storage. What’s more, this table features adjustable safety pins that allow at least four different inversion angles and as such diverse pain areas. This table is user-friendly, fairly light and comes with comfortable handlebars.


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What To Look For In An Inversion Table

Seeing how these tables are designed to relieve many more grievances than just back pain, the first thing you want to look for in an inversion table is versatility. As such, these tables should help you relieve back pain, joint issues, and a host of other muscle problems. Given their construction, these tables can also be used to target the source of specific pains throughout your body, be them muscular or surface problems.

Back Pain Relief

Like we said, a good inversion table should deal with back pain as efficiently as possible, preferably without causing you any discomfort in the process. Such a table will relieve back pain by allowing your joints to decompress while stretching your spine in a painless fashion. Furthermore, the use of an inversion table should also enable you to realign your spine and relax tense muscles throughout the body.

Stress Relief

Those of you who work long hours should know already just how stressful muscle spasms can be. Along with pulled muscles and joint pains, spasms can cause a lot of issues for anyone who doesn’t address them as soon as they surface. To prevent a spine misalignment, one can employ an inversion table to stimulate the nerves, the lymphatic system, and to increase oxygen levels in the bloodstream.

Boosting Joint Health

A good inversion table is one that improves joint health by changing the pressure points inside the joint for a more well-defined joint structure. This has the purpose of taking the weight off the cartilage sort of speak, so as to enhance shock absorption within the muscle itself. Now, there are a number of exercises and therapeutic practices you can undertake to achieve this goal, all of which intended to lessen nerve pressure and improve your general health.


You want an inversion table that can stretch your muscles, decompress your joints, and improve their general flexibility without causing you too much stress in the process. A good way to ensure that is to make sure that any inversion table you think of buying can be tweaked for a more diverse set of exercises. These exercises should be easy to perform, so as to keep you engaged and mobile at all times.

Weight Capacity

You shouldn’t even consider an inversion table that doesn’t at least have a 250 lbs weight capacity. Alternatively, you can look for one that can accommodate your weight at the very least, which is also a good indicator of the overall sturdiness you can expect. In fact, the bigger the weight capacity of an inversion table the more likely that it will provide a long-lasting durability for you to enjoy.

Height Limit

It is also common for some inversion tables to also have a height limit. Although not necessarily expressed on the packaging, the maximum user height for an inversion table should be made obvious by the overall size of the table and the features it comes equipped with. A good advice is to always try out an inversion table before making a purchase, or to at least study reviews to ensure that it provides the right fit.


Even though inversion tables aren’t supposed to be used for relaxation, there is no reason why they shouldn’t feel welcoming and easy to use. For the most part, a good inversion table features padded ankles and backrests along with extra padding in the head and lumbar areas. In this regard, let us point out that high-end inversion tables almost all share the same high standards of cushioning.


Given the wide variety of models available, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to choose a table that provides a more versatile range of uses. It is common for high-quality inversion tables to boast re-adjustable components, including the starting angle, maximum angle, the height, and the ankle support to be used during a session. These adjustment mechanisms should be extremely easy to use and they should always provide a tight fit after being repositioned.


Last but not least, one should also consider the size of an inversion table before making a purchase. Unless you already have the space for such a large piece, chances are that you will have to rethink your home gym’s overlay to some extent. Not to worry, though, because most inversion tables enjoy a foldable construction that makes them very easy to carry and even easier to store. All that remains is that you take the time to learn about the small differences between best-sellers and make a decision based on what type of inversion table would best suit your needs.