Top 10 Best Knee Braces of 2019 – Reviews

If you are concerned about the well-being of your knees and ligaments, then perhaps a knee brace should be atop your list of investments in the near future. Even sooner than that if you live an active life that involves practicing a sport on a regular basis. While some of these braces require that you talk to a doctor first, most of them can be worn with no preparation or without suffering from any afflictions whatsoever. That said, let us find out what are the ten best knee braces the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Knee Braces – Top List

10POWERLIX Compression Knee Sleeve

buy from amazonOur next option of the best knee braces to consider include the ever popular POWERLIX Compression Knee Sleeve. This compression sleeve is one of the best on the market and thousands of satisfied users will tell you so. What makes the POWERLIX Compression Knee Sleeve unique is the fact that it delivers stable and intentional pressure right to your knee joint.  This stability allows you to not only heal up quickly from a knee injury, but it effectively prevents another one from happening. Everything from volleyball, to soccer, to hiking and jogging, will not stand a chance against the POWERLIX Compression Knee Sleeve. 

The compression fabric that is used is not only effective in maintaining joint stability, but it is super breathable as well. Unlike many other knee braces that come with a level of discomfort that brings on itchiness, the material used in the POWERLIX Compression Knee Sleeve will allow you to avoid that. Part of the reason is because of its superb anti-slip system. There is a specially knitted technical design that incorporates two silicone gel strips. These two methods work together to ensure that your POWERLIX Compression Knee Sleeve stays put and does not roll down. Although this sleeve is available in only one color option, blue and black, it is ideal for both male and female athletes.

Lastly, what makes this one of the best knee brace options on the market is the fact that POWERLIX  offers a super 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your POWERLIX Compression Knee Sleeve, simply give the company a call and their friendly customer service will help assist you in any way you need.

9Shock Doctor 865 Knee Sleeve

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Shock Doctor 865 is a reliable knee compression sleeve with non-slip silicone gripper lining for a secure fit. It is a breeze to put on or off and has Lycra bindings for guaranteed comfort during prolonged wear. It integrates N-Tex air-flow perforated neoprene for breathability and moisture wicking, adding to your convenience for improved action. It offers light support to relieve minor pain, strains, and sprains, and proper compression for supporting joint alignment and circulation.

8Copper Wear Compression Knee Sleeve

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The Copper Knee Sleeve and Brace is designed to conveniently support minor and moderate sore joints, sprains, and muscle strains. It has an elastic strip ensures anatomical fit to upper and lower leg for consistent and comfortable compression. Unique and lightweight copper is infused in the brace to provide superior comfort and flexibility for your custom fit and free motion for advanced performance. The brace stimulates circulation to for quicker joint and tissue recovery, while its anti-microbial technology reduces odor and bacterial buildup.

7ACE Knee Brace with Dual Side Stabilizers

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Featuring dual side stabilizers, ACE Knee Brace guarantees runners reliable stability to keep you competitively active for long. For distance you cover or the workout intensity, ACE hugs your knee comfortably with suitable compression for stabilized joints and muscles. Thanks to its adjustable features, you get to enjoy a custom fit—snug yet quite convenient in regards to the comfort it provides.

Plyometrics at Power Systems

6Pro-Tec Athletics Gel Knee Sleeve

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Pro-Tec Athletics Knee Sleeve features an advanced quality design that integrates thick gel padding for extra knee comfort, stability and excellent absorption of action-related forces. Offering great knee brace support for runners and other athletes, its 4-way stretch quality material offers high support compression yet still allowing for full motion range. It is made of lightweight and breathable fabric to keep the skin cool and dry, while its lateral and medial spiral stays offer superior knee-joint stability.

5McDavid Neoprene Knee Compression Sleeve

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The McDavid Neoprene Knee Compression Sleeve May look like a basic knee compression sleeve, but it is anything but. One of the highlighting features of the McDavid Neoprene Knee Compression Sleeve is the fact that it helps to increase muscle productivity. Because this compression sleeve will keep your muscles nice and warm, the recovery time of your muscles is significantly faster when compared to those not aided by a compression sleeve such as the McDavid Neoprene Knee Compression Sleeve. This makes the McDavid Neoprene Knee Compression Sleeve the ideal option to go with if you need to heal up quick. 

Other ailments that the McDavid Neoprene Knee Compression Sleeve can help you deal with include pain from arthritis, tendonitis, meniscus tears, and so much more. Even if you are not recovering from an injury, the McDavid Neoprene Knee Compression Sleeve is a great sleeve to wear because it is known to prevent injuries from happening as well.

You can easily wear the McDavid Neoprene Knee Compression Sleeve with any activity you do because the elastic knit neoprene material will be shaped specifically to your knee all while offering absolutely breathability.  And though the material is breathable, you can trust that it will never fail you as it is suitable to fight against any wear and tear from even the most extreme and rigorous activities. There are a couple of sizes that you can choose from with this brace including small, medium, large, extra large, and double extra large. 

4Sable Knee Brace Support Compression Sleeves

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Designed for greater comfort than what most such braces can provide, this brace support delivers more than just what a regular sleeve ever could. The simple sleeve model is made of latex-free materials that provide excellent flexibility for a firm yet convenient fit, preventing injury cases. It is FDA approved for quality standards and comes in several size options to maximize support while running, cycling, etc.

3TechWare Pro Knee Brace

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The TechWare Pro Knee brace incorporates the open patella design for knee support. The design ensures optimal compression around your kneecap, therefore offering suitable support to the relevant tendons. This is crucial for healing MCL, ACL, and Meniscus tears. Again, the brace offers bi-directional support from its strong alternating Velcro closures, stabilizing the patella to alleviate knee joint pain while you are in action.

2Bracoo Knee Support Brace

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The Bracoo Knee Support Brace has open-patella design for relieving stress around the knee area and padded stabilizers for preventing displacements while guiding the kneecap into good motion. You can attach its three Velcro straps to any points on the support for custom fit and avoid slippage when in action. The brace is made of extra-thick neoprene for improved blood circulation and additional injury protection. Moreover, its design allows breathability for moisture dissipation and longer comfort.

1Sparthos Knee Compression Sleeve


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If you are suffering from a knee sprain, knee injury, or just knee pain in general, then you need a dependable and durable knee brace that can keep up with all your movement needs. This is where the Sparthos Knee Compression Sleeve comes in. 

The Sparthos Knee Compression Sleeve can be found in four shades to match your unique style. The available shades allow this to be a great knee brace option for both men and women. 

What makes the Sparthos Compression Sleeve a great knee brace is the fact that it can compress your knee to improve healing. The compression to your knee will increase blood flow and oxygen circulation towards the area. This compression will then allow your knee to heal a lot quicker than without the brace. 

This knee brace was specifically designed with athletes who plan on continuing to be active in mind. Whether you are playing a sport or simply working out, the Sparthos Knee Compression Sleeve will allow you to get everything you need, done. You can look forward to silicone strips on the top of the knee brace that will keep the knee brace secure and study in its place. You will never have to worry about your knee brace flipping down or rolling off thanks to this effective anti-slip system. 

Lastly, customers appreciate that the woven fabric is durable yet breathable. You won’t have to worry about your knee overheating or suffocation thanks to its breathable construction. 

Finally, this is easily one of the most affordable braces on the market and you certainly don’t have to sacrifice quality style because of the price tag. Join the hundreds of satisfied customers who give the Sparthos Knee Compression Sleeve a positive review.


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Finding The Best Knee Brace

Unless you’re acting on a physician’s recommendation when choosing a specific type of knee brace, you should have a fairly wide offer to choose from right now. This is owed to an ever-growing popularity of both medical and regular knee braces. While medical braces are usually aimed at providing a certain type of support or to aid with an affliction, performance knee braces can be chosen according to one’s personal preferences. Before getting into that, let us first delve into the types and characteristics that best describe knee braces:

Types of Knee Braces

Prophylactic Knee Braces – These braces are aimed at protecting your anterior cruciate ligaments, posterior cruciate ligaments, and lateral collateral ligaments. As such, they are extremely useful when it comes to sports injuries and for reducing stiffness in the knees. It is common for athletes to wear these type of braces during practice, yet not comfortable enough for them to wear them when playing.

Functional Knee Braces – Depending on your affliction, functional knee braces can meet several requirements. These braces can be both custom-made and store-bought, allowing you to choose the one that best deals with your ailment. For collateral ligament injuries, these braces can be used to alleviate the severity of said injuries while allowing the athlete to make a full and speedy recovery.

Rehabilitative Knee Braces – The main purpose these braces have is to limit the movement of the knee and allow it to recover. As the name suggests, these braces are commonly used after surgery to limit the knee’s movement and give it time to recover. Generally worn for six to eight weeks after a surgery, these braces have foam liners that surround the knee, calf, and thighs along with rigid bars on each side.

Unloader/Offloader Knee Braces – These braces are aimed at arthritic patients and those who suffer from knee osteoarthritis. Due to their construction, these braces relieve the discomfort these patients suffer from by switching pressure from the knee to the thigh bone, allowing the knee to bend away from the afflicted area. As such, these braces tend to be custom-made and fully adjustable.

Knee Brace Models

Hinge Brace – These braces are designed to protect the wearer against too much left or right movement, a construction that ensures they won’t put any amount of strain on their knees. For this purpose, these braces feature rigid bars that act as secondary stabilizers. At the same time, they might also have an inbuilt locking device to prevent the knee from bending excessively and to relieve part of the stress they receive when you’re performing a labor-intensive task.

ACL Brace – The main purpose of ACL braces is to prevent excessive rotation by reducing the stress your knee receives when healing after an injury. That said, it should be fairly obvious that these braces are generally used by athletes who are recovering from any type of knee surgery. Given their peculiar purpose, these braces are commonly fitted on a case-to-case basis according to whatever ailment one might suffer from.

Patellofemoral Brace – Like the name would suggest, these braces are designed to deal with patellofemoral joint issues. They do so by allowing the patellar to retain its position while the knee flexes and extends to any degree. As far as their construction goes, these braces are built with a doughnut shape hole that goes around the kneecap, an ingeniously placed whole that has the purpose of pushing the kneecap forward.

Neoprene Sleeve – Probably the least complicated yet most popular type of knee brace, neoprene sleeves are fairly basic when it comes to their construction. Just as the name suggests, these sleeves are mostly made of neoprene and provide quite a small amount of support to the knee. Their purpose is mostly to retain heat around the knee area so as to reduce chronic inflammation and to reduce the swelling of the knee.

Knee Immobilizer – These braces are usually employed in the aftermath of a knee or ligament injury. Due to the fact that they go all the way up the upper thigh from the calf, they provide very little mobility to the wearer, serving mostly as pain alleviation devices. For this purpose, they have inbuilt plates on each side of the leg along with a contoured plate behind the knee to provide protection to the ligaments.