Top 10 Best Label Makers of 2019 – Reviews

Without a doubt, label makers are some of the most useful tools available. It can be used to mark your name on your lunch at work, to put expiration dates on food in your fridge or to even label all of the breakers in your fuse box. It’s such a useful product, in fact, that’s it’s pretty surprising that everyone doesn’t have at least one of them in their home.

Before anyone runs out and buys the first label maker they find, however, it’s important that they do their research. Although past models may have all had the same features, newer models now come packed with a ton of features in them that really extend their usability. Which is why we’ve gathered together the ten best label makers currently available.

Best Label Makers Of 2019

10Dymo Color Pop Handheld

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This lightweight handheld label not only has a beautiful and stylish design, but it’s packed full of features which make it easy and fun to use. Powered by an optional AC adapter or by 6 AAA batteries, this tool can be taken everywhere a label is needed. It can be taken to work to mark lunches or can be used at home for putting expiration dates on meals. It prints a white print on a blue glitter tape, so it’s also one of the more unique label printers available. And since it has over 150 different emojis and symbols, as well as over 20 fonts, it’s capable of producing all kinds of unique labels.

9Dymo Letra Tag LT-100H Plus Handheld

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With a sleek handheld design and 13-character LCD screen, this product is ready to print labels easily and quickly. It can be taken anywhere, and it’s equipped with 5 different font sizes, 8 different box styles, and 7 different print styles. Although it’s equipped with an A-B-C keyboard instead of a QWERTY one, it’s still fairly easy to type up and print labels on this device. Another key feature that can be found on it is internal memory that helps prevent the user from having to type in the same phrases over and over again while they’re making their labels.

8Dymo Rhino 4200

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Although this device is a little bit larger than many comparable handheld models, that’s because it’s pretty well jam-packed with features. This product has hot-keys that are useful for creating and formatting cable wraps, breaker labels, and fixed-length labels. It’s also capable of producing Code 128 and Code 39 labels, which are useful for anyone who needs to print barcodes on a regular basis. And since it’s equipped with a library of over 150 symbols, electrical and facility management codes, it’s a device that’s made with the needs of professionals in mind. It’s QWERTY keyboard allows the user to quickly and efficiently create labels as well.

7Epson Label Works LW-400

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One of the first things that anyone is going to notice when they use this device is the fact that it has smaller margins than many of the other label printers competing against it. Smaller margins mean less waste and this product proudly boasts that it is up to 62% less wasteful than many other label makers. However, that isn’t the only great thing worth mentioning about this product. It also has a number of other features which include a backlit display, over 300 built-in symbols, large built-in memory, and 14 different built-in fonts. Using these features, just about anyone can print high-quality labels for labeling just about anything.

6Brother P-Touch Cube Wireless

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This device may not be equipped with any sort of keyboard or have a display screen, but it is capable of producing some high-quality labels for just about any purpose. That’s because users install the P-Touch Cube App on their smartphone and this gives them the capabilities to connect wireless to this product. Once connected, the user can then print some pretty amazing labels using this device. This tiny printer is installed with a number of different fonts, over 60 different frames and up to 450 different symbols. It can print labels in color and it is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones. It’s a versatile and easy-to-use product for making labels.

5Brother P-Touch PTH110

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The Brother P-Touch PTH110 is a product that’s not only lightweight and portable but is capable of printing labels in a variety of different sizes. It can print 3.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm wide labels and it has a print speed of 20mm per second. The labels this product prints are laminated, so it can be used for making labels for either indoor or outdoor use. Since it’s equipped with a QWERTY keyboard, it’s also extremely easy for a user to input words or phrases into this device for printing their labels. It’s also installed with over 250 different symbols. It also has 3 different fonts and 14 different frames installed for the user’s convenience.

4Brother P-Touch PTD210

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The Brother P-Touch PTD210 may look more like a calculator than a label maker, but its mild-mannered exterior encases some pretty impressive features. This device has a QWERTY keyboard, which makes it extremely easy-to-use for entering label data, and it has an easy-to-access memory that’s capable of holding enough information to print up to 30 different labels. Using this device, products can also personalize their labels anyway they want. That’s thanks to it being equipped with over 600 symbols, 14 different fonts, 97 frames, and 10 unique styles. All of which allows the user to print labels in a way that allows their creative side to shine through.

3Brady BMP21-Plus Handheld Label Printer

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When we first saw the Brady BMP21-Plus, it kind of looked like a multimeter, but once we got to know it we realized that it’s an extremely powerful label maker. It’s capable of multi-line printing and can print 6-point fonts through 40-point fonts. It’s equipped with a keyboard that contains numbers from 0 to 9 and contains every letter of the alphabet. If the user purchases continuous tape cartridges for use with this product, they can also use it to print labels of different lengths. Powered by 6 AA batteries, this product can also be used anywhere a label is needed.

2Brother P-Touch PTD600

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Business owners who need an easy-to-use label maker will find the Brother P-Touch PTD600 quite useful. It has a high-resolution backlit display that’s completely in color, so the operator can see exactly what their label is going to look like before they even print it. This unit also has a QWERTY-style keyboard, comes with an AC adaptor and can also be powered by batteries if the user needs to print labels on the road. And since it has a compact design, this product is easy for most people to hold in their hands and use. It should also be said that this device produces some pretty nice labels as well.

1Brother P-Touch PTD600VP

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The Brother P-Touch PT-D600VP is a top-of-the-line product that’s ideal for business owners or homeowners alike. It’s equipped with 14 different fonts, 99 frames, 11 different styles, and over 600 symbols, so the user can print exactly the type of label they need to print. It’s also equipped with a large memory so that the user doesn’t have to repeatedly type in commonly used phrases and it is capable of printing in 8 font-sizes. Other features found on this product include a large color display, a QWERTY keyboard, and a protective carrying case that keeps everything safe for storage or for transportation.

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Label Maker Buying Guide

Label makers are wonderful inventions, and that’s why there are so many different models available. And this can really make it rough on consumers who are trying to sort the best label makers from the ones that are just okay. To help out our readers, we’ve decided to do some research and find out some of the things that they need to consider before buying one of these tools. The result is this handy little guide you’re reading right now. Let’s get to it and find out what consumers should look for when choosing a label printer.

Embossed or Thermal?

Many people remember the embossed label makers of the past with a sense of nostalgia. These were models that made raised letters on little plastic strips. Although they made have been a good choice during the 1980s and 1990s, technology has moved on, and these label makers are no longer the top of the line. Sure, consumers can still buy them if they want, but in our opinion, these models are well past their prime. Most modern label makers use thermal printing technology, which works a lot faster than the old embossed models ever did.

Qwerty Keyboard & App-Driven Models

Another innovation that sets good modern label makers from all right ones is a QWERTY keyboard. Being able to quickly type up your label, complete with special fonts or symbols, is nothing short of a life changer. The keyboard is our favorite method of entering text to print, but it’s important for consumers to realize they aren’t the only option available. There are now label makes that use a smartphone App to print out labels. These models are good too because they allow the user to pick fonts, and use special characters as needed. Whether the consumer prefers a model which has a QWERTY keyboard or is App driven will depend on what they feel is most convenient to them. In our opinion, both options are pretty good for printing up labels and there are so models which offer both of these options to the consumer.

Full-Color or B&W Graphic Displays?

Yes, there are some models that now have full-color graphic displays built into them, which makes them extremely useful to use. And since most of them print the text exactly the way the text appears on screen, they can be a very handy way to print up labels. Consumers should be advised, however, that models with these displays are usually more expensive than models which don’t have full-color displays. Anyone who doesn’t want to spend the extra cash for a color display can rest easy knowing that there are also models with basic black & white displays. These models work pretty well, and they’re a whole lot cheaper than their full-color cousins.

Built-In Memory

It’s also important to choose a model that has built-in memory, especially if the user intends on making a lot of repetitive labels. Words or phrases that are used often can be saved to memory, so the user doesn’t have to type them over and over again, which is a time saver, to say the least.

Built-In Fonts & Symbols

The next thing to check out on a label maker is how many fonts and symbols it can print. Some of the more inexpensive models only have the minimum number of fonts and symbols available, while some of the higher-end models can contain over a dozen fonts and over six hundred different types of symbols.

AC Adapter or Battery-Powered

The final thing to think about is whether you want a model with an AC adapter, one that’s battery-powered or one that can be powered by either option. Honestly, any of these options are worth considering, it all just depends on what the consumer needs. However, if the battery-powered model isn’t going to be used very often, it’s important to remove the batteries, so they don’t leak during storage. Having stated that fact, it really doesn’t matter how the device is powered as long as it’s convenient to the user.

Top Label Maker Uses

Now that everyone knows how to purchase one of these devices that serves them well, it’s time to talk about some of the ways that they can be used around the home or office.

  • Labeling lunches in the refrigerator
  • Labeling circuit breakers in the fuse box
  • Labeling computer cords
  • Labeling paper files to keep them organized
  • Labeling home canning jars
  • Labeling frozen foods in the refrigerator