Top 10 Best Laptop Coolers of 2019 – Reviews

It doesn’t matter how well made a laptop is made, it’s eventually going to get hot at some point in time. And depending on how it’s being used, it may even have a tendency to overheat. Which is why many people are beginning to use portable notebook coolers; Devices that are designed to keep notebook computers nice and cool. Which is quite handy when you’re working or playing games and need to keep your rig cool.

Of course, how well the cooler actually cools depends on its features and how well it’s made. That’s why we’ve decided to find the best laptop coolers and put them in a convenient top ten list below. Any of the following coolers will keep your laptop cool, even when those machines are under heavy load. Now, let’s take a closer look at these fabulous devices and see just what they’re capable of doing.

Best Laptop Coolers Of 2019

10Thermaltake Steel Mesh Cooler

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This laptop cooling pad is designed for 19-inch gaming laptops who need a lot of cooling to keep at a stable operating temperature. It’s equipped with a steel mesh surface that’s been integrated with a 200mm fan that improves airflow around the laptop and provides a better thermal environment for the notebook. This unit has 3 height adjustments that help it to hold the computer up at the perfect ideal and also helps to relieve stress on the user’s hands. Additional features found on this cooler include the ability to control lights and fans speeds easily using a light mode button, a color mode button or a fan speed knob.

9Top Mate TM-3 Gaming Cooler

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This cooling pad has all of the fans needed to keep your gaming rig nice and cool. It has 5 built-in fans that can provide up to 2,500 RPM of air circulation around the bottom of the laptop. All of the fans also have blue LEDs which make them look really cool while they’re cooling. It also has 5 adjustable height levels which make it easy for the user to set optimal viewing levels. This cooler has a hinged flap that prevents the laptop from sliding back towards the gamer, and it also has an LCD display screen that relays important information the unit’s fan speed.

8Nobebird Adjustable Cooling Pad

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This laptop cooling pad can really help to cool down just about any notebook. That’s because it’s equipped with 5 fans that can be used all together or in groups to cool down the laptop. It has a large 140mm fan in the center that’s surrounded by 4 smaller 85mm fans. The large center fan has a top speed of 1,100 RPM, and the smaller fans operate at speeds up to 2,200 RPM. The user can choose to use only 2-fans to cool their computer, use only 3 fans or use all 5 fans together for maximum cooling. And since this unit is capable of supporting a laptop up to 17.3-inches in size, this cooler can be used by almost anyone.

7Tenswall Quiet-Cooler Pad Stand

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Equipped with 5 cooling fans and a multi-function speed controller, this cooling pad stand is ready to cool down just about any notebook. It has a large cooling fan that spins at 1,000 RPM, and it has 4 smaller cooling fans which operate at a speed of up to 1,500 RPM. It’s equipped with a wheel which helps the user adjust fan speed, and it has Dual USB ports for convenience. Users can choose between having the maximum amount of airflow around their notebook to choosing a more quieter fan operation, depending on their particular needs. This model is suitable for laptops up to 17-inches in size.

6Havit Slim USB-Powered Cooler

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Anyone looking at this laptop cooler may surmise that it doesn’t cool as well as the 5-fan models because it only has 3-fans. However, anyone who dares to underestimate this model is going to find out rather quickly just how wrong they are. This unit is capable of cooling down laptops better than some of the 5-fan models on the market. And each of its extraordinary three fans not only does a good job of cooling but they are also extremely quiet. This cooling pad features a power switch design that’s easy-to-use and has a built-in USB hub for convenience.

5Tree New Bee Cooling Station

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Compatible with most notebooks up to 17.3-inches in size, this cooling station is ready to put in some serious work cooling down your notebook. It has an ergonomic design with adjustable height settings that make it easier for the operator to play games or watch movies while using it, and it is equipped with 4 high-power blue LED fans for raw cooling power. It has dual fan controls and also has 2 built-in USB ports, so the operator doesn’t have to lose one when they’re using it. Probably the best thing about this unit, however, is that its fans are as quiet as they are powerful.

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4Garunk Laptop & PS4 Cooling Pad

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Regardless of whether you’re working on your laptop or are playing a game of Resident Evil 2 on your PS4, you are going to want to get a cooling pad that can keep your device nice and cool. And this cooling unit may just be the device you’re looking for in a laptop cooler. It has an ergonomic design with 2 adjustable height settings, and it’s lightweight so it can be taken almost anywhere. It can be used on both laptop computers or PS4 systems, and it has a USB hub that allows additional USB devices to be plugged in while it’s being used.

3Opolar Rapid Cooling Fan Cooler

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Designed to work with some laptop models that have compatible exhaust vents, this product is easy-to-use and is also extremely effective. It has 13 different wind speeds ranging from 2,600 to 5,000 RPM. This model is capable of reducing internal laptop temperatures anywhere from 15 to 50-degrees Fahrenheit. This model mounts to the computer easily and can be used on not only gaming laptops but can also be used on Nintendo Switches as well. Although this model doesn’t work for all notebook computers, it does an exceptional job on the ones it can be used on. It’s a high-tech solution for an age-old problem.

2Klim Wind Cooling Pad

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What’s the best cooling pad for a PS4? Well, if you ask some people, then it would certainly be this one. Which is understandable since this product does a great job on both PS4 game systems and on laptop computers. It’s compatible with laptops up to 19-inches in size, and can also be used for Macbooks if so needed. This unit is equipped with four spinning fans that deliver an exceptional 1,400 RPMs. And since this unit has an extra USB port, the operator doesn’t have to give up a precious USB slot when they plug it in to cool their system.

1TeckNet Portable USB Powered Cooler

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This cooler is capable of fitting most notebooks or gaming laptops that are 12 to 17-inches in size. It uses 3 USB-powered 110mm fans and a power switch design to quickly and efficiently cool any laptop that’s placed on it. It has two blue LED indicators on the back of it that show the operator that it’s working and it has 2 extra USB ports so that the user can plug in an additional USB device such as a mouse. This cooler comes with a USB cable and a user’s manual, so the operator can jump right into using it. And all of these features just goes to show you that this is one of the best laptop coolers around.

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How To Buy A Laptop Cooler

Laptop coolers have become extremely popular over the past few years, and there’s a good reason why that’s the case. As computer manufacturers have sought to cram more power into smaller and smaller laptops, they created a sort of a problem for themselves. And that problem is that many laptops—particularly ones designed for gaming—have a tendency to overheat, which isn’t a good thing at all.

When a laptop computer begins to overheat, it begins to slow down, and that can have a drastic effect on the computer’s performance. Overheating notebooks also have a lower life expectancy and may end up burning the legs of the user if they place one of them on their lap. Therefore, it’s extremely important to buy the best laptop cooler you can afford.

Step One: Choose A Model Equipped With A Pad

When searching for a way to cool down their laptop or Macbook, some people may be tempted to buy a passive notebook cooler. After all, these devices are inexpensive and are touted as being just as good as a laptop cooler. However, the fact of the matter is that they aren’t as good as notebook coolers. Sure, the concept of cooling down your laptop with a device that doesn’t have to be plugged in sound great, but in practice, it doesn’t work out so well.

Passive coolers work by elevating the laptop a few centimeters so that natural air flow can cool the laptop down. This may sound like a good idea, but you can basically make your own passive cooler using Plexiglas or PVC pipe. However, it’s simply not going to work as well as a cooler that’s equipped with 3 to 5 fans and can operate over 1,000 revolutions per minute. So do yourself a favor and make sure that the cooler has fans in it.

Step Two: Choose A Suitable Design

Not all laptop coolers are equal and not all of them are suitable for you. After all, if you’re using your laptop in bed, then you are going to need a cooler with a different design than someone who wants to use their notebook at a desk. People who use their laptop while laying on soft surfaces may need a cooler that gives the laptop clearance above their pillows and covers. On the other hand, people who work at a desk may need a more stable and adjustable platform for their notebook. Keep that in mind when you’re choosing a new cooler for best results.

Step Three: Consider Models With Extra USB Ports

Laptop coolers that contain fans are operated using the power of the computer through its USB port. That means that just by using the cooler, you are giving up one of your ports. However, some cooler manufacturers have addressed this problem by adding extra USB ports to their rigs. This not only enables the user to gain back the port they lost in the first place, but it may also mean that they may gain an extra port if they choose a dual USB model.

Step Four: Make Sure It Fits Your Laptop

It’s pretty important to make sure that your cooler fits your laptop. Both laptops and coolers are made in a wide variety of sizes, so be sure that the cooler you want to buy will fit the laptop that you currently own.

Step Five: Consider Additional Features

Next, you’ll probably want to consider the extra features that may be found on a laptop cooler. Some models are equipped with LED fans that look really cool when they’re being used but may not be suitable for all instances. Therefore, if you want LED fans on your cooler, then you may (or may not depending on personal preference) choose one that allows you to turn off the lights when necessary.

It’s also fairly important to choose a model with adjustable fan speed. There are times when you may need your fans going at full force to cool off your laptop, and there are other times when a quieter fan operation is more desirable. This is especially true if you expect to use the cooler in areas where it may disturb other people—like at the university library or on the train.

Depending upon your personal needs, it may be helpful if the cooler also has a height adjustment. Being able to adjust the height of the laptop cooler can prevent you from having to twist yourself into knots to properly see your laptop’s screen. It may also allow you to set the height of the laptop at a level that’s more comfortable for your wrists while you’re typing on your notebook.