Top 10 Best Laptop Locks of 2019 – Reviews

A strong password should protect your laptop from any unwanted entry but what about physical attempts on your laptop’s security? A good way to deter those is with a reliable laptop lock that will not only protect your laptop against theft but also secure it against any unwanted access. Finding a good laptop lock shouldn’t technically be too difficult, not as long as you take the time to find out what makes a good laptop lock to begin with. To give you some pointers in this regard, we put together a list of the ten best laptop locks money can buy.

Best Laptop Locks – Top List

10Kensington K64663US ClickSafe Master Lock

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The K64663US ClickSafe Master from Kensington acts as a keyed laptop lock, the best out of many from Kensington. It is made of top-quality hardened steel for added resistance to tampering and also for increased durability. It is also cut-resistant and is designed to work with any laptop model that features the Kensington security slot, making it very versatile. Although slim, the cable is incredibly tough by most standards.

9Bestland Laptop Cable Locks


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Bestland has developed one of the best laptop locks for an affordable price. It’s a high-duty, secure lock that requires a 4-digit password to protect your device from strangers in a public place. However, this lock is versatile enough to use with your TV, docking station, projector, and other devices you wish to protect. The cable measures 78.7” which is an ideal length to fix the lock to your desk or table to provide you with peace of mind. However, do consider that it’s not suitable to use with Apple laptops produced before 2014 and Dell laptops after 2016.

8Generic 6 foot Laptop Security Cable

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Generic 6 ft laptop security cable is among the top leading laptop lock models. It is made of high premium-grade materials in order to deliver greater strength. Featuring a universal design, it is compatible with most laptop models, and it offers a dial security code combination of four digits. It is very simple to use and also attach to any laptop, firmly holding your laptop while resisting any cutting attempts by thieves.

7Dell Premium Laptop Keyed Computer Lock

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This is a highly reliable, universal laptop lock model that features a 6mm-thick cable and a top-grade coating for protecting it against undesirable scratches. The lock also has 2 keys which feature unique serial codes. We should also point out that the NS20T works with any type of laptop. It also has a premium quality stainless steel construction that makes it too strong to break or cut.

6Belkin F8E550 Notebook Security Lock

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The Belkin F8E550 is a cable lock that locks a Notebook laptop securely. It is designed using rugged, galvanized steel cable which, although lightweight, is strong and 6ft long. The cable is durable and very tough, therefore able to resist any trials to cut or break it. Moreover, this lock has two unique keys, and it includes a handy travel bag for easier portability and storage. The lock is backed up with a lifetime warranty that speaks volumes about the quality you can expect.

5Kensington Microsaver 2.0 Keyed Cable Lock

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The Kensington Microsaver 2.0 Keyed Cable Lock features an integrated security slot for easier use, while the cable is quite strong for resisting any cut attempts. It is made of very durable steel which is also hardened to be tamper-proof. The accessory, thanks to its foolproof 4-digit combination lock, helps you guard your notebook computers as well as projectors, flat panel displays, cameras, and other highly valuable electronic that you often carry with you against theft. It includes a quality PU leather jacket, allowing for easy portability and storage.

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4Targus DEFCON CL Cable Lock

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Targus DEFCON CL is another high-quality notebook computer cable lock you can rely on. It enjoys a tough metal construction that is both cut and tamper-resistant. Approximately 6 ft long and 2 inches in thickness, you can lock your computer with it and still be free to use the laptop. This accessory provides easy-to-set security combinations, and you don’t have to carry keys around. Moreover, the cable is vinyl-coated, while its galvanized steel construction renders is super tough to break.

3Kensington K64637WW ClickSafe Lock

buy from amazonMeant to be used with laptops that feature the Kensington security slot (which is the commonest slot in most today’s laptops) the Kensington K64637WW ClickSafe is a keyed laptop lock that doesn’t disappoint. Its cable is made of premium-grade and super strong steel and measures 5 ft long. It is one of the strongest cables for securing your laptop against theft. Its single click operation makes it quite simple to use. Moreover, the cable is designed to be resistant to tampering, keeping your laptop reliably safe against virtually any type of tampering short of physical damage.

2Sendt Black Notebook / Laptop Lock Cable

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Sendt Black Notebook and Laptop lock security cable is a highly reliable laptop lock by most metrics. It boasts a 6ft long cable design and provides an easy to change security combination system. Allowing a dial combination of four digits, the Sendt allows you to secure most laptop models and also usually works well in locking any laptop that features a Kensington security slot. This makes it a versatile model to go for, no matter how big or small your laptop may be.

1Kensington 64068F MicroSaver Lock

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Also by Kensington, the 64068F MicroSaver is a keyed laptop lock of the highest quality, both in terms of security and durability. At 6 ft long, the lock cable is long enough to allow you to work on your laptop while it is still locked. The highly reliable cable is made of high-grade carbon-tempered steel and also a steel composite core, providing additional strength and long-lasting use. It is also resistant to cuts and tampering, thus assuring security for your device no matter what. Furthermore, Kensington 64068F MicroSaver is not only simple to use but also very easy to set up.


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What To Look For In A Laptop Lock

Laptops are usually quite expensive, which warrants a special type of attention when it comes to protecting them. Given their portable nature, they are quite susceptible to tampering and theft, good enough reasons for you to invest in a laptop lock if you haven’t already. Now, we should point out that not all laptop locks are built to the same standards. To ensure that you’re getting the right quality, you should first educate yourself on what characteristics best describe a reliable laptop lock.

Anchor Point

Before deciding on a laptop lock, you must first ensure that you have a good anchor point to lock your laptop to. Sturdy desks or cubicles usually make good anchor points, not to mention that some professional desks even have grommets for you to thread a laptop lock cable through. Alternatively, you can buy yourself an attachable anchor that glues onto a table or one that snaps between the seams of an office desktop.

Laptop Lock Function

Despite not all being built the same way, all laptop locks work quite similarly. This involves a braided steel cable that wraps around any secure object of your choosing; objects like pipes, furniture, or specialized fixtures built into your workspace. According to their brand and installation method, these locks can either be located on the end cable inserts, the anchor plate, or on a custom fixture on the device itself. You safeguard the lock by using a key, combination, or code depending on the lock.

Kensington Security Slot

You should know that the Kensington Security Slot is the most common anti-theft system, a system built into many portable electronics out there. This particular slot is a small rectangular hole located on the back of the device, a hole that goes through the laptop’s exterior to an inner metal panel. This panel is designed to provide a good hold so as to make it impossible for any unwanted party to take the device without causing it irreparable damage in the process.

Lock Brands

While the Kensington system is the most popular, there are several other brands to choose from, each with their own particularities. Brands like MicroSaver, Sharp, Belkin, or others, offer similar fastening systems like Kensington. These locking systems may also involve anti-theft methods that use industrial strength glue or tape to secure or anchor the plates to any mobile device of your choosing.

Laptop Lock Security

Keep in mind that no matter how good a laptop lock may be, no theft prevention system is fully infallible. We should also point out that the thickness of the cable varies by product and that certain cutting tools might make easy work of cutting through them. These locks can also be removed by smashing them with a hammer or any other blunt objects that are hard enough to dismantle them. Seeing how thieves often refrain from damaging the devices they intend to steal, you shouldn’t really worry about them using a hammer when making an attempt on your laptop unless you somehow leave your laptop in a public place.

Other Types Of Lock Systems

While laptops are the most common devices that feature security slots for anti-theft systems, other consumer or professional electronics have them as well. Take Kensington locks, for instance, these locks can be found on a variety of laptops, desktop systems, video game consoles, projectors, and a variety of office equipment. We should also point out that while regular laptops may have anti-theft security slots, smaller laptops and tablets may not for aesthetic reasons.

Anti-theft Systems

Interestingly enough, it isn’t just laptops that boast anti-theft systems, but a variety of other devices as well. Desktop systems, for example, can include a variety of anti-theft systems for the tower, monitor, or any valuable peripherals. So do video game consoles to some extent, mainly in the form of built-in security systems or third-party anti-theft installations which can also be found in projectors and portable printers.