Top 10 Best Microwave Popcorn of 2019 – Reviews

Microwave popcorn is a convenience food that’s as tasty as it is satisfying. Who doesn’t love throwing a bag of their favorite brand into the microwave before watching a movie or after settling in for the night on a cold winter’s night? What’s really remarkable about this food, however, is that they’re available in a variety of different flavors including movie theater butter, kettle corn, and marshmallow flavors.

Yes, this product comes in a number of different varieties, brands, and flavors. And that can make it difficult for the average consumer. That’s why we’ve taken up the task of searching for the best ones available. Types of microwavable popcorn that are interesting, tasty and above all, meet a high standard of quality.

Best Microwave Popcorn Of 2019

10365 Everyday Value, Organic Microwave Popcorn, Light Butter Flavor

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The 365 Everday Value microwave popcorn, brought to you by Whole Foods Market, is a high-quality and delicious popcorn which comes at a great price. With 50% less fat than the regular version of microwave popcorn, this organic, quality, butter-falvored popcorn  contains just 5g of fat per serving. Each box of this product comes with three 85g bags of popcorn. If you’re looking for a quick and easy snack which is high in fiber and low in fat, then the 365 Everday Value microwave popcorn is the perfect choice for you.

9Jolly Time Mallow Magic Popcorn

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Popcorn comes in a variety of different flavors nowadays, but few brands offer a flavor as exciting as this Jolly Time Mallow Magic. This popcorn seems to be made exclusively for people who like a very sweet tasting popcorn, and it tastes very much like Rice Krispy bars. Each box of this product comes with two 3.5-ounce bags of popcorn and two marshmallow topping packets. And all the person enjoying them has to do is microwave the popcorn and then drizzle the marshmallow topping packet over the product according to directions. This is a tasty treat for anyone who has a sweet tooth.

8Orville Redenbacher’s Skinnygirl Butter & Sea Salt

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Some people may be familiar with Skinnygirl products, but few people realize that they’ve partnered with Orville Redenbacher to create a product that’s not only tasty but has few calories than some high-calorie popcorn brands. With only 160 calories per serving, this popcorn is ideal for anyone looking to watch their weight without having to give up their favorite snack food. Each 1.5-ounce mini-bag contains a tasty combination of sea salt and butter and is great for any occasion that’s appropriate for serving popcorn. It’s great for mid-afternoon snacks, for eating after intense workouts or eating during your favorite movie.

7Jolly Time Simply Popped Natural

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In a world of synthetic ingredients and high-calorie foods, it’s nice to have the option for a more natural choice. And that’s exactly what this Jolly Time Simply Popped Natural Popcorn provides to the average person. This company has been creating high-quality products since 1914, and now they have created a simple snack food that has wholesome ingredients. Each bag contains non-GMO popcorn and is made with four other ingredients. These ingredients include clarified butter, sea salt palm oil, and rosemary extract to keep it fresh. And best of all, each delightful cup of simple popcorn is only 35-calories, so it can be eaten anytime.

6Jolly Time The Big Cheeze Gourmet Popcorn

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Although butter flavored popcorns are extremely tasty, sometimes a person needs something that’s a little bit different. And that’s where Jolly Time Big Cheez Gourmet Cheddar Popcorn comes in handy. This product has a savory cheddar cheese flavor that adults and children alike will love. It has zero cholesterol, is made with nothing but whole grain non-GMO popcorn kernels and is high in fiber. And although it’s made with a combination of artificial and natural flavors, it’s an extremely tasty product that’s packaged in the U.S. by a company that’s been making popcorn for over 100-years, so users can expect a high-quality cheddar popcorn.

5Jolly Time Blast O Butter Ultimate

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The problem with some movie theater popcorn brands is that in order to create extra buttery flavor they have to pack their products with cholesterol. Fortunately, this brand doesn’t have to put cholesterol into its product in order to give it a lip-smacking buttery taste that’s perfect for eating during movie time. This product is made with whole grain popcorn, derived from non-GMO kernels, and has 0-grams of cholesterol. What it does deliver, however, is a gluten-free snack that’s high in fiber and is destined to make just about any movie more enjoyable. And since each box has 24-bags of popcorn, there’s enough for everyone.

4Kirkland Signature Popcorn

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Simple ingredients can make for better microwave popcorn, and this can easily be seen in Kirkland Signature Popcorn. Each bag contains whole grain popcorn and a simple ingredient’s list that is easy to read. This popcorn contains palm oil, natural flavors, salt, ascorbic acid, rosemary extract, and butter. And that’s all that’s in this product. Each 3.3-ounce bag is easy to prepare and produces kernels that are always nice and fluffy. When cooked, this product also produces fewer other unpopped kernels than many leading brands, which makes it a choice for many snack food fans or anyone who enjoys the simplicity of popcorn.

3Quinn Snacks Popcorn Variety Pack

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Quinn’s Popcorn is unlike many of the popcorn varieties available, and it all starts with this product’s bag. This popcorn is packaged in a bag that’s free of the chemicals that can be found in some microwave popcorn bags. That means it doesn’t contain any chemical coatings, PFOAs or plastics in its formulation. Inside of these bags is popcorn that’s made with real ingredients, including GMO-free popcorn that’s grown in the U.S and Atlantic sea salt. All of this comes together to make a wholesome product that doesn’t contain any trans-fats, no preservatives, and no artificial ingredients. They’re just a tasty snack in flavors which include cheddar & sea salt, parmesan & rosemary, and white cheddar.

2Orville Redenbacher’s Movie Theater Butter

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Orville Redenbacher is a microwave popcorn brand that’s easily recognizable by anyone who enjoys real movie theater popcorn. This product is made with wholesome non-GMO popcorn kernels and is covered in real butter for a taste that’s designed to tantalize the taste buds. And this brand of popcorn is also one of the only leading brands that don’t put artificial dyes, flavors or artificial preservatives in their movie theater popcorn. All of which means it contains just a handful of ingredients which include annatto, and paprika for color, tocopherols to preserve freshness, salt, and butter. This allows the snack lover to enjoy it without guilt.

1Black Jewell Premium Natural Popcorn

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Black Jewell Premium Popcorn is different from most other types of microwave popcorn available, and it all starts with its kernels. This product uses white popcorn instead of yellow, so their kernels not only pop up with a snow white look, but they also pop up nice and fluffy. These kernels also deliver a delicious taste that’s slightly different than yellow popcorn varieties and also don’t contain as much corn hull as yellow varieties contain. Another thing that makes this popcorn truly exceptional is that it’s made with nothing but all-natural ingredients. All that’s in each bag of popcorn, besides the kernels themselves, is palm oil and salt. This makes it a simple snack that’s perfect for 21st-century snack lovers.

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How to Make Perfect Microwave Popcorn

Without a doubt, microwave popcorn is a wonderful invention. Who would’ve thought that by placing some corn kernels in a paper bag with butter, salt and other flavorings can produce a treat that’s so tasty? It’s a miracle of modern society, which is probably why boxes of microwave popcorn fly off the shelf so quickly.

Although this product is delightful, some people have trouble making a bag of popcorn that’s light and fluffy. When they try to make it, they either burn it or significantly under-pop it. And neither one of these options is very good. That’s why we’ve decided to give some tips and trick for making that perfect bag of popcorn. So, let’s get started and get into some of the ways that the method of popping popcorn can be improved so that everyone can go enjoy a hot bag of popcorn right away.

Step One: Choose Your Favorite Popcorn

The first thing that you should do is choose your favorite popcorn, or maybe select a type of popcorn from some of the brands we’ve suggested above. And before you ask the question about which popcorn pops up the best, let me tell you a little secret. Almost every popcorn can pop up nice and fluffy. That’s because it’s how it’s cooked and not what company makes it, so feel free to try out a variety of different flavors until you find one you like. But for right now, just choose a popcorn that you can learn how to pop.

Step Two: Avoid The “Popcorn” Button

Just about every microwave produced nowadays has a popcorn button, and it seems like a really convenient option. After all, with the press of a button you can have a nice bag of popcorn, right? Well, actually no. I don’t know why this button is on most microwaves because it usually just ends up overcooking the popcorn. Even microwave popcorn bags tell you not to use it, so don’t ever use this button or you’ll be really sorry you did.

Step Three: Microwave Some Water

The next thing that you need to do is to add some moisture to the inside of the microwave. No, we’re not talking about soaking the inside of the microwave down. Instead, you should fill a coffee cup with some water and then microwave it for about 60 to 90-seconds. Don’t microwave it any longer than that, however, because you don’t want to superheat the water. A minute is fine because it will increase the humidity on the inside of the popcorn and that can mean all the difference between tough kernels that don’t want to pop to softer kernels that pop up nice and fluffy.

Step Four: Place Your Popcorn Bag in Your Microwave

Okay, now place you microwave popcorn in the center of the microwave and make sure the side that says “This Side Up” is actually facing upwards. Try placing the popcorn on an overturned saucer in the center of the microwave to slightly elevate it. This will result in microwaves being able to hit the popcorn from all sides, even from the bottom. And this will help more kernels pop.

Step Five: Set Your Microwave’s Timer

Now it’s time for the most important step—setting the microwave’s cook time. Be sure to set the cook time on the microwave in accordance with the popcorn manufacturer’s instructions. Once that’s done, make sure the microwave door is closed and start the microwave.

Step Six: Stay by The Microwave

This is a step that many people seem to neglect. Once your popcorn has begun cooking, then it’s your duty to stand by it and listen to the popping sounds. Don’t head to the bathroom, set up your Blueray player or do anything else but listen to your popcorn popping. That’s because you will want to stop the microwave when the sound of popping corn has slowed to 2 to 3 pops. It doesn’t matter how much time is left on the microwave’s timer when the popping slows the popcorn is done.

Step Seven: Leave the Bag in The Microwave a Few Extra Seconds

Even though you’ve stopped your microwave when the sound of popping corn has slowed, don’t immediately open the microwave door. With the microwave off, be sure that you leave the microwave popcorn in the microwave for an addition 3 to 5-seconds. During this time, one or two extra kernels almost always pop. That’s one or two extra kernels for you to enjoy.

Step Eight: Give the Bag a Shake

Now, take the popcorn out of the microwave and carefully shake it to distribute the butter and/or other flavorings throughout the whole bag. Remember the bag is hot, so do this as carefully as you can.

Step Nine: Enjoy!

Carefully, open the bag and enjoy your popcorn! If you want, this is the stage to add butter or additional flavorings to the product to further enhance its flavor. Now go enjoy that movie or TV show before the popcorn gets cold.