Top 10 Best Mosquito Killers of 2019 – Reviews

There are many ways to deal with the annoying mosquitoes who trouble our sleep whenever it’s warm enough outside for them to make an uninvited appearance into our lives. While some people prefer to use chemical products which deter the pesky little bloodsuckers, others choose electric devices for the job, both equally efficient to some extent. Over the next few minutes, we’ll delve into the world of mosquito killers in our quest to find the ten best mosquito killers the market has to offer at this point in time.

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Best Mosquito Killers 2019

10Ortensi Insect Trap, Mosquito Killer

buy from amazonThis modern-style mosquito killer looks great whilst trapping mosquitos and other kinds of flying insects. It is both portable and convenient and is powered by a USB cable which is compatible with all USB devices and power banks. The UV lamp is family-safe and chemical-free with a fan and timer. It is also very easy to clean. Simply remove the insect trap bin and empty the remains.

9Koolatron Lentek Electronic Racket Zapper

buy from amazonSharing a similar appearance to a typical tennis racket, this electronic racket utilizes a string of numerous electric wires which kill every insect that comes into contact with them. On turning on, this zapper immediately begins to lure insects its way killing them instantly. Its catch is that it is easy to maneuver and is portable. Moreover, it utilizes AA batteries (2) that make its functioning quite inexpensive.

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8Flowtron Diplomat FC-8800 Fly Control Device

buy from amazonIdeal for outdoor and indoor use, Flowtron FC-8800 is among the most effective fly/mosquito killers available. It is equipped with an electric mesh with a 1200 square feet action radius. It is a clean, mess-free and safe device that will neither release any unpleasant odors, use any harmful chemicals, or leave a residue that could be seen as harmful to any other item/organism other than the intended mosquitoes.

7GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb, 2 in 1 Mosquito Killer Lamp UV Led Electronic Insect & Fly Killer

buy from amazonThe advanced technology on this LED blue-violet band emits high-intensity UV light to attract insects. Not only will this device kill mosquitoes but it will also kill other flying insects. Insects are killed instantly with contact to the extremely powerful high-voltage electrically charged metal grid. The device is made up of eco-friendly materials and is chemical-free. This makes it perfect for placing in areas where pesticides can’t be sprayed. Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

6KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap: Bug, Fruit Fly, Gnat, Mosquito Killer

buy from amazonThis amazing mosquito killer features triple trapping power. It is perfect for catching mosquitoes and other small flying insects. The UV light in the device lures insects above the fan which then sucks them into the device and the super sticky glue boards ensure that the insects don’t escape. This is a family and pet-friendly machine and contains no chemicals or other poisonous substances. This makes it perfect for indoor use.

5Huntingood Electric Mosquito Insect Killer/Bug Zapper with 360 Degrees LED Trap Lamp for Indoor(Black)

buy from amazonThis USB-powered device provides a reliable and safe way of killing mosquitoes. It can be connected with an adapter, power bank, or any other device with a USB port so can easily be used almost anywhere. Mosquitoes and other small flying insects are attracted by the strong light on the machine and are then sucked into the internal fan where they are then trapped with no harmful chemicals or other poisonous substances. This is a family-friendly and pet-friendly device which can be used in all areas of the home.

4Mosquito Bits

buy from amazonA product registered by ETA, these mosquito killer bits are accessible in packages of 30-ounces each and are known to be highly effective. Unlike zappers or lures, Mosquito Bits require mixing with stagnant water around your home where mosquitoes are breeding an effective solution that kills even mosquito larvae. It comprises safe agents which are both environmentally and human safe, which is more or less what you should expect from any high-quality mosquito killer.

3The Executioner Electronic Bug Zapping Racket

buy from amazonMade from durable ABS plastic and powered by 2 AA batteries, the Executioner Electronic Bug Zapping Racket is the modern version of the fly swatters of yesteryear. All that you have to do is hold down the button and swing the racket. Once an insect touches its screen, it will be instantly killed. It’s a device that works on just about any flying insect you can imagine  – from a house or horse fly to a bumble bee or a sweat bee. This bug zapping racket is safe and easy to use and has been tested to provide over a hundred thousand zap’s over the course of its lifetime.

2Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Device

buy from amazonIf you are in search of a convenient solution to tackle all your mosquito woes, Thermacell repellent is definitely worth a try. Besides being both portable and cordless, it comes in a pocket-sized lightweight provision that is genuinely expedient. It has an action radius of 225 square feet and utilizes a virtually silent and odor free attraction method of killing mosquitoes. Its compact and small size make it popular with campers although it is similarly effective as a permanent stationary mosquito killer when outside your house.

1Flowtron BK-15D (Electronic) Mosquito Killer

buy from amazonSeen as one of the most effective mosquito killers out there, The Flowtron BK-15D is an electronic mosquito eliminator which utilizes enhanced electronic control to facilitate the elimination of many insect types within a significantly short period, devoid of clogging its killing grid. It works continuously and undeterred for an entire night, efficiently eliminating all mosquitoes that come within its 500+ feet radius. In this regard, it is perhaps one of the most potent mosquito killers money can buy.


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