The Best Packing Cubes For Travel Organization

You may shudder at the thought of living out of a suitcase, but it’s a breeze with the best packing cubes. I’m speaking from personal experience here, as I’ve been traveling frequently from a very young age.

I might have been going up to the mountains for a long weekend or staying at my grandmother’s place for a month. All I knew was that I’d have to pack almost everything I needed to last me a while. If you’re like me, with some international trips thrown in, the best packing cubes are simply crucial.

Packing cubes may seem frivolous to some, but these folks might never have experienced them. They compress your items into a tight, manageable bundle. They also separate your stuff so you can simply pull out the section you want.

With the packing cubes, you can fit all your stuff into a small space and unpack in minutes. Still, what makes them so different from a suitcase?

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Why We Use Packing Cubes Instead of Just a Suitcase 

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There are actually several reasons why one might choose packing cubes instead of their good old suitcase. We love a trusty suitcase just as much as the next person, but packing cubes actually help maximize their potential. Here’s how:

Easy organizing is the best bet

If you’re traveling with a lot of clothing, you should try packing different items in their separate cube. You can put shirts in one, dresses in another, and bundle the socks and scarves together.

That way, you can simply pull out the cube you need and get your required clothing in a pinch! This means no frantic searching, no untidy explosions, and no time lost in planning your day.

It’s a great way to make the most of your space

With the best packing cubes, you’ll be able to compress all your stuff. This will undoubtedly help to get everything into one suitcase. If you’re simply taking a backpack, packing cubes are all the more necessary.

Fewer chores mean more traveling fun

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By chores, we mean ironing. It’s crazy how wrinkled clothes can get when they’re just knocking about in a suitcase. Since you don’t want to waste time ironing, you can get the packing cubes for an easy fix.

We don’t say that packing cubes will keep your clothes absolutely wrinkle-free. Still, they’ll prevent them from moving around too much. Movement is what mainly causes those wrinkles, so you should try it out and see.

Incidentally, we recommend that you roll your clothes when packing, with or without the packing cubes. This will also save space and help to prevent wrinkles.

Avoiding tedious tasks becomes possible

Once you get to your destination, you simply want to get out there and have fun! Whether it’s conquering the hiking trails or splashing in the sea, every second of your vacation counts. When you have to pull out all your clothes and put them away one by one, you’re wasting that time.

With the best packing cubes, however, all you have to do is take them out upon arriving. Your packing is over in about half a minute. You can put the cubes in the drawers or cupboards, and then put the empty suitcase out of the way.

Re-packing is another tedious task that you might want to avoid. With packing cubes, all you have to do is place them right back where they were! Of course, you might want to take along an extra cube or two for souvenirs or other kinds of shopping.

There Are Varieties. How to Choose the Best Packing Cubes?

Packing cubes are not just limited to one size, shape, or brand. The perfect choice will depend on the traveling individual. Here’s how you can choose the best packing cubes for your own traveling needs:

The main features

At the very least, we’ll recommend that your packing cubes should have three main features. These include two handles (at least for larger pieces), stiff material, and a mesh top.

You want to carry the pieces correctly, not balance them or use both hands each time. That’s why the material should be somewhat stiff in order to get proper compression.
Finally, the mesh top is great for checking whether your required items are actually inside. This will save you from pulling out the wrong cube and wasting your efforts.

The fitting factor

Packing cubes need to fit into your bag. They’re no use if their width is too large for the suitcase. Therefore, you should pick and choose your cubes according to the size and shape of your bag.


It might also be a good option to get some flattish packing cubes. That way, you can layer them on top of the other right in the suitcase. The layering results in utilizing all the space possible.

Of course, you can always stuff some extra items around your cubes just to pack everything in tightly.

The edges

The edges of your packing cubes should ideally be of the rounded variety. This sounds like a bit too much detail, but it’s actually better for getting in every last piece of clothing. You’ll also be glad of those round corners when you’re struggling to fit in a few more makeup items.

How We Reviewed These Innovative Packing Boxes

There are certainly a lot of good options for the packing cubes on the market today. However, we can’t have them all, so we’ve narrowed down some of the top choices.
The selection is based on the features of the handbags, their versatility, and many other factors. We’ve tried to include all kinds of sets in several prices, so there should be something here for everyone. Every offering has an Amazon rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars, though, so you don’t worry about quality.

Let’s check out some of the fantastic options for the best packing cubes right now:

Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter Cube Set

Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter Cube Set, Brilliant Blue, One Size
  • SPECTER TECH CUBE SET XS/S/M - Newly redesigned durable and lightweight fabric to keep you organized without adding...
  • PACK-IT TIPS - We recommend rolling your items to maximize storage and to minimize wrinkles; Short or long, roll them up...
  • PACKING ACCOMMODATE - Zipper opening to conveniently accommodates any packing style: Easily fold and stack your clothes...

The Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter Cube Set come with dual zippers, lightweight nylon, and durable construction. They’ll resist any ripping while compressing your clothes into the smallest possible space.

What sets it apart from others is the extreme lightweight experience, which is essential for minimizing baggage fees.

The fabric is water-resistant and lightweight, which are its two main advantages. And while the price is pretty reasonable, some might still not be sure whether these are worth the investment.

This set seems to have everything we need: a pull handle, several sizes, smooth zippers, and even a dual-sided option. According to customer reviews, these are perfect for compressing several clothing items into a tiny space. Unfortunately, the zipper tabs seem to be a bit flimsy, but that won’t affect the zipper’s function itself.

TravelWise Packing Cube System

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The TravelWise Packing Cube System is a durable five-piece set that’s perfect for organizing your luggage. It consists of one small, two medium, and two large cubes for packing purposes. This makes packing, unpacking, and traveling much easier.

The nylon in its construction is also lightweight, yet can stand the test of time and rough usage. Moreover, customer satisfaction is a priority of the company, so you can call them for support at any moment.

Overall, these could be your best packing cubes for streamlining storage. Still, we should be prepared for a few stuck zippers and somewhat scratchy material. This still isn’t a dealbreaker for the passionate traveler.

Shacke Pak Packing Cubes

Shacke Pak - 5 Set Packing Cubes - Medium/Small – Luggage Packing...
  • 5 Medium Packing Cubes - 4 x Medium (13.75x9.75x4) / 1 x Small (11" x 6.75" x 4")
  • Made From High Quality Water Resistant Nylon Material to Withstand the Wear and Tear of Traveling
  • X Design with Double Stitching – Creates a Strong Reinforced Lid to Hold Your Clothes in Place and Prevents the Bag...

Shacke Pak Packing Cubes are a favorite among online customers. They’ve been facilitating travelers with a unique X design that helps to retain the shape. That way, you’re sure of how and where the cubes will fit inside your suitcase or backpack.

The Shacke Paks boasts some high ratings from customers. Plus, their unique X design helps the bags to maintain their shape.

You can also get these cubes in several exciting colors such as aqua teal and orchid purple. If you prefer a more classic look, options like black and dark gray are also available. However, you should keep in mind that these are about 4 inches in depth, which may not be enough for everyone.

Bagail Travel Packing Organizers

The set of Bagail Travel Packing Organizers comes with six pieces. It should satisfy the most discerning of travelers, as they can bring along a few pieces or all of them. These come in several sizes so that you may choose according to your requirements.

Best of all, they feature a wide range of color options.

We really appreciate the lifetime warranty available with Bagail packing cubes, along with the generous space inside.

The mesh cover is also a useful addition, though some might have an issue with the lack of zippers.

Packing Cubes Organizer Bags by Easyfun

Packing Cubes Organizer Bags For Travel Accessories Compression For...
  • It can not only be used as a storage bag for clothes, but also as a separator for suitcases
  • High quality nylon material, water-resistant, worry-free of leak issue, withstand the tear and wear
  • Six packs three sizes large, medium and small; multiple colors, two colors as a set, convenient to classify your clothes

The Packing Cubes Organizer Bags by Easyfun comprise a set of three pieces. These are made of top quality nylon and have a water-resistant construction. If you’re packing toiletries or cosmetics, there should be no worrying about leaking with this option.

The three pieces are of different sizes, so there shouldn’t be any confusion about which item goes where.

We like the zipper and handle inclusion, while the mesh design gives us both ventilation and visibility. These cubes are also lightweight, and the lifetime warranty is quite encouraging as well. You shouldn’t be fooled by pictures, though; these aren’t a rigid option.

eBags Packing Cubes

eBags Classic 6pc Packing Cubes (Peony)
  • INCLUDES 6 VARIOUS PACKING CUBES: 1 Large (17.5" x 12.75" x 3.25"), 1 Medium (13.75" x 9.75" x 3"), 1 Small (11" x 6.75"...
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Highest construction standards utilized, making it a customer-favorite, packing cube of choice....
  • DURABLE & CONVENIENT: Interior seams fully finished for durability and soft mesh tops won't damage delicate fabrics or...

The eBags Packing Cubes have traveler fans located all over the world. They’re almost at par with the designs from the market leaders for the best packing cubes. Users love the feel of both the mesh and the fabric, which are quite durable.

The YKK zippers are a neat addition here, which partially explains the high customer ratings. The sizes are also a bit larger than the usual offerings, which is usually a good thing.

We also like the fact that the material is TechLite Diamond Nylon. This might make the overall look a little wrinkled but still gives some structure. The mesh top is another positive factor, while each cube has its own convenient handle.

The one downside here seems to be the large size. You might just want to use the medium for most travels, as the large is just too big for most.

my FL Packing Cubes

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The my FL Packing Cubes are an excellent addition for traveling, whether you’re flying or backpacking. We’re lucky to have these in several colors and patterns. You can also use these to separate your dirty clothes from the clean ones.

We’re quite hopeful about this option too, especially with the premium polyester and lifetime guarantee. However, you’ll have to be extra gentle with these zippers, as they snag and pull a bit too easily.

So, Which Packing Cube Brand Deserves to Travel with You?

To be honest, any of the options above will be the best packing cubes for several traveling situations. For travelers who just need one or two cubes, the eBags Packing Cubes are probably the best way to go. These have high-quality zippers, a large size, and several other impressive features.

Do you have a favorite when it comes to packing cubes? Let us know in the comments!

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