Top 10 Best Packing Cubes of 2019 – Reviews

Before the invention of packing cubes, people had to find a way to stuff all of their clothing into their suitcases or overnight bags. Although this was usually possible to do, it often wasn’t very convenient and left travelers with the onerous job of having to search through all of their luggage in the hotel room so they could find the one particular article of clothing that they needed. A task any traveler knows can be fairly difficult.

So it’s not surprising that when these cubes were invented, a whole generation of travelers became immediately excited. After all, now they could organize their clothing in a way that allows it to easily fit into their bags, and also remain easy to sort through. And that’s really true of anyone who chooses one of the best packing cubes that can be found on our top ten list.

Best Packing Cubes Of 2019

10Mossio 7-Piece Traveler’s Set

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This 7-piece set is designed to give any traveler the bags they need for their travels. It contains 3 laundry pouches, 3 packing cubes and even comes with a shoe bag. That’s more than enough accessories to give the traveler plenty of packing options when they travel. These cubes are designed using lightweight material, have two-way YKK zippers, and feature heavy-duty stitching. They are easy to pack, completely capable of being folded and are water-resistant as well. They are also available in a variety of colors, from dark blue to pink so the traveler can find one that goes with their luggage and their personal style.

9Vagreez 7-Piece Travel Cubes

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This packing cube set has 7-pieces in several different sizes so the user can use them to pack just about any item of clothing or personal items. It comes with 3-different size larger cubes that are designed to hold shirts or pants, a bra/underwear bag, a laundry bag, a zippered bag, and a shoe bag. All of these cubes can be filled and packed easily into a 25-inch suitcase or carry-on bag for the traveler’s convenience. They are manufactured using high-quality water-resistant polyester and feature mesh tops, handles, and heavy-duty double zippers. They are also easy to use and can be laundered when needed.

8OEE 6-Piece Organizing Cube Set

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This 6-piece luggage cube set has a variety of different sized cubes so the traveler can pack all of their needed essentials. It includes 3 different sized clothing bags that are designed to hold shirts or jeans, a bag for shoes, an underwear/bra bag and a bag for toiletries. All of these bags are made from a lightweight yet high-quality material that’s resistant to bacterial grown as well as moisture and contains high-quality zippers. They are designed to easily fit into a 25-inch suitcase, so the traveler can better organize their clothing and have less luggage to contend with.

7Travel Wise 5-Piece Weekender Organizer Set

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This 5-piece set is available in a number of different colors, and is made from high-quality and quite durable material. User can choose between packing cubes that are pink, black, blue, lavender, black, gray or teal. Each of these sets contains 2 large packing cubes, 2 medium-sized ones, and 1 small sized cube. This number of packs is usually all that’s needed by most travelers for their necessary essentials. And since they have an open mesh design, it’s easy for travelers to locate the items that they need to locate. That makes this set ideal for vacations, work trips or weekends at the beach house.

6Travel Wise 3-Piece Packing Cube System

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This 3-piece travel cube set proves that when it comes to packing cubes, sometimes less is more. After all, if you aren’t planning on using 5 or 7 cubes for traveling, then why buy a large set when they will only sit around your home? This set solves that problem because it only contains three packing cubes—a large one, a small one and a medium sized one. And each of these cubes is made from durable nylon that’s lightweight and holds up to frequent traveling. Each of these cube sets comes in a different color, too, so travelers can choose one that suits their style and luggage.

5Trip Dock 6-Set Luggage Cubes

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Not only do these packing cubes come in a wide assortment of colors including black, blue or wine red models, but they also come with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship. This should instill some confidence in anyone who buys these packing cubes. This set comes with 3 medium, 2 small and 1 large cube, so travelers can pack everything from their socks and underwear to their shirt and jeans easily. And since they have an open mesh design, the traveler doesn’t have to worry about not being able to locate items once they’ve been packed.

4Veken 6-Set Travel Organizers

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This 6-piece cube set is a lifesaver for many travelers. That’s because it offers them the opportunity to pack everything they need to pack for their next trip. Each of the cubes in this set is thicker than comparable packing cubes, so travelers can rest assured that they can fit a pretty good assortment of accessories and clothing into them. Another thing to like about this set is that the cubes are made of waterproof fabric that keeps their contents nice and safe. And since these cubes allow clothing to be compressed down to their minimum size, they also help prevent clothes from getting wrinkled.

3Shacke Pak 4-Set Travel Cubes

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Although these packing cubes can’t be washed in a washing machine, they can be washed out by hand in cold water. They are manufactured with a durable design that features double stitching, a reinforced lid and an extra deep design that allows more clothes to be stored in them than comparable cubes. Each set comes with a 17.5 by 12.75-inch extra large cube, a 13.75 by 12.75-inch large cube, a 13.75 by the 9.75-inch medium cube and a small cube that measures 11-inches by 6.75-inches. This is just enough of a variety of different sizes to allow just about all necessary essentials to be packed into them.

2Yamiu 7-Piece Travel Organizer Set

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This packing cube set not only comes in one of six different colors, but each set contains 7-different pieces. There are sets available in black, blue, grey, pink, purple or wine red. And each set contains 4 packing cubes for clothing, 1 for shoes, and 2 toiletry bags. This set allows the traveler to consolidate all of their clothing and accessories, and the cubes are made from high-quality nylon that’s been equipped with double zippers. These cubes are of such high-quality, they are backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, so users can rest assured that these bags are built as well as possible.

1Bagail 6-Set Packing Cubes

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Six high-quality packing cubes are included in this set. There are two large 17.5×13.7-inches cubes, two medium 13.7×9.8-inch cubes, and two small 13.7×5-inch cubes. Each of these cubes is 4-inches deep so they can be really packed full. And its made with a high-quality material that holds up to frequent use and is made with extremely durable stitching. The cubes in this set also have durable zippers that hold up to regular use. Other features found on this set include durable handles, a breathable mesh design that can be really compressed and double stitched seams. They may just be the perfect packing cubes for anyone who needs to store or travel with a large number of clothes.

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The Traveler’s Guide To Packing Cubes

Having completed the task of showing you some of the best packing cubes available nowadays, it’s probably a good time to take a deep dive into packing cubes in general. Although you could simply go by our top ten list and come up with a great set of packing cubes, some people like to have a more hands-on approach to choosing their packing supplies, so we decided to write this little guide. In this guide, we’ll not only show you the benefits of using these cubes, but we’ll also tell you what to look for when you’re shopping for a set. Having said that, let’s jump right in, shall we?

The Benefits Of Packing Cubes

Even though it may appear at first glance that packing cubes are somewhat of a fad, the truth is that these cubes really do make a difference for travelers. But it’s not only for the reasons that you think they make a difference. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of owning packing cubes.

Keeps Everything Organized

The prime benefit of using packing cubes is that they keep everything organized. Since most packing cube sets come with different bags for different articles of clothing, it’s easier for travelers to organize their clothes when they’re packing. And since they’re being organized as they’re being packed, it also means that the clothes are easy to find in a hotel room or while out on the road.

Helps To Compress Clothing

Packing cubes are specifically designed to be stuffed with clothing, and as a result, they can help compress even a large mass of clothes into a manageable pile. This allows the traveler to pack more clothing for their trips than would ordinarily be possible by just packing their clothing into a suitcase.

Cuts Down On Wrinkling

Because the traveler compresses their clothing tightly into these cubes, their clothing is less likely to wrinkle. And wrinkling is a huge problem for anyone who’s living out of a suitcase—even if they’re only doing it for a little while. The problem isn’t that suitcases are bad necessarily, it’s that the clothing is allowed to rub against other articles of clothing, which can lead to wrinkling. However, this is avoided when using a packing cube because the clothes are tightly packed and are kept separate from other articles of clothing.

Can Be Used For Home Storage

Packing cubes aren’t just for travelers, however. Anyone who wants to keep things organized can use them. Do you have laptop computers, cables and computing accessories you want to keep organized? If so, then these cubes can help. Want to store your traveling supplies in between trips? Well, these bags can help with that as well. They can even be used for storing clothes or other essentials under your bed when you have used up all of your closet space. The storage options these cubes offer are almost limitless.

How To Buy The Best Packing Cubes

Now that we’ve addressed why you should own at least one set of packing cubes, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the features that you should be considering before you buy a set. The following guidelines are designed to help just about anyone find a set of packing cubes that’s right for them.

Choose The Correct Cube Sizes

The first thing that you should think about is what size cubes you may need. Even though cubes come in a variety of different sizes, not everyone needs every size they make. Perhaps you only need smaller cubes and don’t have the need for larger packing cubes. Or maybe you only need a larger packing cube or really don’t need the smaller ones. Choosing the set that has the cubes you need will help you get the most out of your set.

Choose The Correct Cube Material

It’s also extremely important to choose packing cubes that are made with materials that are lightweight, water-resistant and is durable enough to hold up to regular use. Another thing that the traveler should consider is whether the packing cubes are made out of a material that allows them to be laundered or not. Although there are some packing cubes that can be laundered, usually by hand-washing, there are also a great many more which can’t be laundered. So if that’s an important consideration for you, then you may want to keep it in mind.

Choose One With High-Quality Zippers

The last consideration that a person may want to keep in mind before they buy their next set of packing cubes is the quality of the zippers. When choosing a cube, it’s important to choose one with durable zippers that are going to hold up to regular use. And it may also be advisable to choose cubes that have a double zipper design for their added convenience.