Top 10 Best Pancake Mixes of 2019 – Reviews

If there’s one thing that’s hard to understand, it’s the fact that some people go down to their local diner or restaurant to order a stack of pancakes. Why do that when some of the best pancakes or waffles can be easily made at home? All you need to make light, fluffy pancakes are a little bit of know-how, and one of the best pancakes mixes available.

Fortunately, we can help our readers with both of these things. Not only have we listed the ten best mixes for pancakes, but we’ve also put up a guide on how to make restaurant quality pancakes. This combination will allow just about anyone to become a legend when they make pancakes or waffles for their friends, family or spouses.

Best Pancake Mixes Of 2019

10Bob’s Red Mill Buckwheat Mix

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This quality Vegan pancake mix is not only made with some of the best organic stone ground whole grain buckwheat and wheat flours, but it makes some pretty good flapjacks as well. This product is manufactured by Bob’s Red Mill, a company that’s been making high-quality products for the past quarter century. This mix is ideal for Vegan, Vegetarians or those living according to Kosher Pareve standards and is great for making both pancakes and waffles. In fact, it really makes some great waffles. And finally, it’s a good source of iron and calcium that can be worked into anyone’s diet.

9Aunt Jemima Buttermilk Complete

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Aunt Jemima is a pancake and waffle mix that’s been around for quite some time, and it is still being used by people to make pancakes. That fact alone should be enough to convince most people to at least give this mix a try and see if it suits their taste. This particular product is a complete mix, meaning that all the cook has to do is to put water into it, and it’s ready to go. It even has buttermilk added to it, so the cook doesn’t have to add it separately. This mix always whips up a great stack of pancakes or waffles, and the cook is always free to customize their mix with fruit, nuts or chocolate chips if they want.

8Krusteaz Professional Sweet Cream Mix

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This mix is designed to provide professional quality pancakes, and we have to say that it really does. Just by adding the recommended amount of water to your batter, this mix is able to make pancakes that are light, fluffy and have a slightly sweet cream taste to them. It creates restaurant-quality cakes that have zero grams of trans fats, and are made with high-quality ingredients. Although it’s may not be suitable for all people, because it does contain some dairy products, for everyone else not sensitive to dairy, it’s a product that’s sure to be enjoyed at every breakfast it’s made.

7Bisquick All-Purpose Baking Mix

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Since the 1930s, Bisquick has been used to create the most delicious and moist pancakes that you can imagine. What makes this mix really exceptional, however, is that it’s not only capable of creating great pancakes but is also capable of creating waffles, muffins or just about any other baked good one can create for breakfast. It’s formulated with high-quality ingredients which include wheat flour, canola oil, baking soda, and palm oil, along with a handful of other ingredients. All of it comes together to create a product that everyone should have in their pantry.

6Birch Benders Micro-Pancakery Protein Mix

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This mix created by Birch Benders not only makes a delicious pancake but it also makes a pancake that’s packed with protein. People don’t often think of pancakes when they think of nutrition-packed breakfast foods, but that is exactly what this product creates. It’s made with powerful whey protein that provides the pancake eater with up to 16-grams of high-quality protein for every 2 pancake serving. This product is also packed with calcium, fiber, and iron, too. And since it’s made with non-GMO ingredients, pancake lovers can rest assured they’re getting a great product. And it’s all available at a reasonable price.

5Stonewall Kitchen Buttermilk Mix

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Although this company has only been making pancake mixes since the early 1990s, they have spent the last 28+ years perfecting their pancake and waffle mixes. And what they’ve ended up making is one of the great buttermilk pancakes mixes currently available. This product is the fool-proof way for just about anyone to make a great plate of flapjacks. The pancakes made with this product can be simply topped with butter and enjoyed, or they can be topped with whatever the pancake lover desires including ice cream, jams or syrups. And since it’s made in the U.S., this product delivers not only deliciousness but also quality.

4Pamela’s Products Gluten-Free Baking Mix

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Since the late 1980s, Pamela’s Products have been creating pancake and baking mixes that deliver consistently high-quality baking products, and this mix isn’t an exception to that rule. It’s made with only the best ingredients, and it is not only gluten-free but is also free of high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors. All that’s contained in this quality mix are simple ingredients such as white rice flour, brown rice flour, almond meal, cultured buttermilk, sweet rice flour, aluminum-free baking powder, baking soda, sea salt, and potato starch. Natural ingredients that come together flawlessly to make exceptional pancakes or waffles.

3Simple Mills Almond Flour Mix

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One of the best-selling products offered by Simple Mills is this pancake mix, and there’s a good reason for its popularity. That’s because this product is made with some of the highest quality ingredients available and this results in pancakes and waffles that simply taste better than most other mixes. This product is made with a blend of almond flour and coconut flour and is then enhanced further with the addition of coconut sugar. It’s made to be a gluten-free product that’s also free of grains, soy, corn or dairy products. All that’s in it is what’s necessary to make a light and fluffy pancake.

2Snoqualmie Falls Lodge Old-Fashioned Mix

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The pancakes and waffles made with this old-fashioned mix not only tastes better than pancakes made by other commercial mixes, but it also has an improved texture. In fact, the texture of the pancake made with this mix can’t really adequately be described, although we’ll give it a try. This product makes pancakes that are tender, light and fluffy, so even people who don’t normally like pancakes end up loving them. This product is easy to make and is just about fool-proof, so there’s no reason why anyone can’t enjoy making a great stack of pancakes anytime they want.

1Golden Malted Original Pancake Mix

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Anyone looking for a pancake mix that produces restaurant quality pancakes needs to look no further than this product. That’s because the pancakes that can be made with this mix are so light, so fluffy and so delicious, no one will be able to resist them. This product is made with a special mixture of wheat and corn flours, leavening, sugar, and buttermilk powder. However, its secret ingredient is probably the malt that’s in it, and it’s this ingredient that makes it taste different than all of the rest. And since this company has been making this mix since the late 1930s, anyone who buys it can rest assured that it’s a quality product.

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How To Make Better Pancakes

Making pancakes is an art and requires a combination of skill and technique. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to master making better pancakes. Anyone with a little bit of time and the best pancake mix available can make a pancake that’s light, fluffy and very delicious.

To help our reader make some really great pancakes, we’ve put together this guide which will give you all of the information you need to make a superior product. If you combine the following techniques with one of the top pancake mixes we’ve listed above, then you too can become the envy of your neighborhood and create a truly superior flapjack or waffle.

Step One: Start Off With A Great Mix

The first step to creating an awesome pancake is to start off with an awesome pancake mix. That means not only buying the best one available but also making sure that it’s fresh. Since not everyone makes pancakes or waffles on a daily basis, even a great mix will eventually become too old to make proper flapjacks. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that before you make pancakes you check to make sure your mix has passed its expiration date. If your mix is expired, it’s probably still going to be safe to use (unless it’s really old), but it’s going to lack the punch it needs to make a fluffy pancake. Yes, pancake mixes can go bad, so always make sure that your mix isn’t expired.

Step Two: Start With Dry Ingredients First

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they begin making pancakes is overmixing the batter. Overmixing the batter can make pancakes heavy and tough, instead of light and fluffy, so it should be avoided at all costs. So how do you prevent from overmixing pancake mix? Well, you can start by adding all of your dry ingredients into a bowl and then making a little hole in the middle of the dry ingredients. Then you can add your wet ingredients into this hole and gentle push the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. This will help prevent you from overmixing the batter. This also means that you should leave the batter a little bit lumpy. Trust us on this point. A batter that’s a little lumpy has a better chance of making light and fluffy pancakes than a smooth batter.

Step Three: Use Buttermilk & Not Water

Yes, we’re sure a lot of people are probably going to complain about having to add buttermilk to their pancake mix instead of using water, but it’s important for the taste of the pancakes. Buttermilk just adds a depth of flavor that you can’t get by using just water. If you’ve never tried using buttermilk for your pancake mix, then at least give it a try. If you don’t feel that it adds a little something to your pancakes, then you have our permission to skip it next time. However, we’re pretty confident that once you start adding buttermilk to your mixes, you aren’t going to want to stop.

Step Four: Allow The Batter To Rest

The next important step is to rest the pancake mix before using it. Although it’s probably best to rest it for 30-minutes, a good 15-minute rest will also do wonders for your pancakes. If you make your mix first thing while making breakfast, then by the time you’re ready to make the pancakes the mix will have rested a sufficient amount of time.

Step Five: Use A Griddle Or Cast Iron Pan

It’s also important to use the right tools when making your pancakes, so invest in a good pancake griddle or cast iron pan. Pancakes cooked in one of these pans turns out better than ones cooked in a Teflon coated frying pan.

Step Six: Pre-Grease The Pan

While your griddle or cast iron frying pan is still cold, take a cold stick of butter and rub it thoroughly on its cooking surface. This pre-greasing will leave just the right amount of butter in the pan after the pan heats up and the butter melts. If you’d prefer not to use butter, you can always spray a light coating of baking spray on the pan to coat the surface.

Step Seven: Use Proper Pancake Techniques

Using a pancake dispenser or a cookie scoop, dose out just the right amount of pancake batter in your pan or griddle. When the bubbles begin to form and then start to first pop, that’s the time to flip the pancakes, so watch them carefully. Give the pancakes another 60-seconds to 90-seconds on the other side, and then remove them from the pan. Top them with your favorite toppings such as butter, pancake syrup, preserves or anything else you like to put on top of your pancakes. Congratulations, you have created the perfect pancakes.