Top 10 Best Reverb Pedals of 2019 – Reviews

Reverb pedals are a tool which creates an effect that’s familiar to not only musicians but also to people who have no experience with music whatsoever. They create a complex acoustic effect which helps to give the guitarist’s sound the depth and complexity they desire. In essence, by using this effect, the guitarist can make it sound like they’re playing anywhere from an intimate concert hall to an enormous cathedral.

In most cases, the guitarist can create these complex reverberations and echoes by just turning a few dials and pressing down with their foot on a button. However, the quality of the effect that can be achieved depends a lot on the quality of the pedal, which is why it’s important to buy the best reverb pedal available. With that goal in mind, we’ve selected ten models that we feel are the best ones currently out there.

Best Reverb Pedals Of 2019

10Biyang Rv-10 3-mode Stereo Reverb

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This small, inexpensive and colorful looking pedal has a number of features which makes it useful for almost any musician wishing to add this effect to their board. This pedal has several inputs and outputs, offers a true bypass design and has switches for controlling reverb type and for choosing the inputs/outputs. It’s designed with a sealed potentiometer to ensure that dust doesn’t get into it and shorten its serviceable lifespan. Although this pedal doesn’t cost as much as some of the leading pedals currently available, it does provide the musician with a good basic setup that will go a long way to serving the needs of quite a few musicians.

9Xvive Maxverb Reverb Effects

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Although this pedal may look too small to get the job done, in reality, it’s a pretty powerful pedal that will add versatility to any pedal board without taking up a whole lot of space. This pedal has a baby blue hue to it and is capable of producing a variety of different effects including plate, spring or hall effects. This allows the musician to create a sound reminiscent of the sounds of the 50s or 60s, or to craft a more modern sound. It has a knob for controlling time, and it has a dial that controls the blend. This easy-to-use pedal provides an excellent dynamic response, can create effects which range from dry to fully wet and has true bypass circuitry.

8Caline Snake Bite Acoustic CP-26

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This pedal is not only extremely inexpensive, but it also offers a number of exciting features. It’s capable of producing a sound that’s nice and warm and is capable of producing sounds from really dry to really wet. All levels of reverb can be controlled, and there are controls to handle just about every aspect of the sound. Some of the controls which can be found on this pedal include a knob for controlling delay time, mix, decay, a tone control, a warmth control, and an RES dial that controls how big the room sounds. This pedal requires a 9V DC center negative power supply and is small enough to fit into just about any effects array.

7Zoom MS-70 Multi-Stomp Pedal

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Some people may feel that putting this multi-stomp pedal into a list of the best reverb pedals is bending the rules a little bit, but why should a pedal be disqualified because it’s not only capable of producing a reverb effect but can also be used to create a chorus or delay effect? This easy-to-use pedal is designed with an LCD interface, analog-style cursor keys and has an easy to stomp footswitch. It’s capable of producing over 80+ effects including 29-different reverb effects, 26-delay effects, and 16-chorus effects. And these effects can be used in virtually any combination, so the musician can create a sound that’s truly unique.

6EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath Reverberation Effects

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Although this pedal is quite a bit more expensive than other comparable reverberation pedals, it does give the musician an unprecedented amount of control over their sound. This product has an easy-to-use footswitch and an LED indicator light that alerts the user when the unit is powered on. It also has six different dials on it which include Length, Diffuse, Dampen, Drag, Reflect and Mix. This unit and its array of controls allow the musician to expand their sound beyond the capabilities of traditional reverb pedals. By using this device, musicians can stretch or swell their sound to epic proportions and can even darken or brighten their tone. All of which allows it to not only create unique sound profiles but also some quite unusual ones as well.

5EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master

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Measuring only 4.75-inches by 2.5-inches by 2.25-inches, this pedal may seem small, but it delivers some pretty big results. This pedal not only produces the kind of lush reverb that many musicians dream about but also has a crystalline digital delay that can delay the sound up to 1.5-seconds. And it can do so without self-oscillation being introduced into the resulting mix. This pedal has knobs for adjusting Reverb, Repeats, Mix and Time, so the musician can develop their sound the way they see fit. Whether the user is looking to create an ethereal soundscape effect, or simply wants to create something a little more traditional, this pedal is ready to serve up what they need.

4Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Max Reverb

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Measuring approximately 4-inches by 4.75-inches by 2.25-inches, and is constructed with a die-cast chassis, this product is not only nice and small but is also extremely durable. It’s equipped with a true bypass that ensures signal path integrity is kept in line, and it comes with a durable power supply. This reverb pedal is also able to recreate several reverb effects including Spring, Hall, and Plate effects. This allows this pedal to not only create more nostalgic sound profiles but can also be used to create some rather interesting modern profiles, too. This pedal has two separate dials on it for adjusting the effects, and this includes a Time and Blend dials. Overall, this is an impressive pedal that’s ready to deliver some fantastic effects.

3TC Electronic Hall of Fame

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This impressive pedal probably has more features than most musicians are going to need, but it’s always nice to have options available. Not only is the product a true bypass pedal, but it also has a stereo in and out for added setup flexibility. It also has a pre-delay switch that allows the user to select between a short or long pre-delay, and it has Decay, Tone and FX Level knobs as well. The best feature found on this pedal is its reverb selection, however. By using a single knob, the user can select between a number of reverb effects including Church, Plate, Spring, Hall, and Room. And by using Tone Prints, users can even access the custom pedal tweaks of their favorite artists.

2TC Electronic HOF Mini Reverb

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Not everyone wants to mess with a lot of reverb effects while they’re playing and this is why this unit is such a great reverb pedal. It has a miniature footprint that fits on just about any pedalboard and merely consists of a footswitch so the musician can activate it. This product can produce a wide array of different reverb effects without having any knobs because its Tone Print enabled. This allows the user to create their own reverb effects using a free Tone Print Editor or they can beam their favorite artist’s tone prints into the unit so they can emulate their sound. And it’s all available for a price that’s quite reasonable nowadays.

1Boss RV-6 Digital Reverb

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The Boss RV-6 is a pedal that’s properly sized for inclusion on a pedalboard and gives its user just the right amount of options for customizing their sound. This unit has four dials which are used to control E.Level, Tone, Time, and Effects. The effects which can be found on this pedal include Spring, Plate, Hall, and Room. There are also settings for Shimmer, Dynamic, and Delay. Other features found on this unit include dual mono inputs and outputs, and a light which tells the user when the unit is powered on. All of which makes it one of the best reverb pedals available.

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Tips for Using a Reverb Pedal

Although reverb pedals have been around for a few decades now, not every guitarist has gotten the opportunity to use one. This is either because they hadn’t heard of these great pedals, or more likely, were a bit intimidated by using one on their pedal board. And that’s why we’ve created this guide. We feel that this pedal is far too versatile and produces too rich of a sound to be just ignored. Every guitarist should have one of these pedals on their board—it doesn’t matter if they’re beginning guitarists or have been playing for years. Having made that statement, below are a few tips for helping guitarists use these pedals to their utmost effect.

Buy The Best Reverb Pedal Possible

One of the most valuable tips that can be offered to guitarists, or really any musician who is thinking of using a reverb pedal, is to buy the best one possible. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to select what we feel are the best reverb pedals currently available, but if none of those suit your fancy, then try to find a pedal with the following characteristics.

  • Consider Your Budget-Your budget will inform you of what features you can expect to get out of your pedal. If your budget is limited, then avoid the multi-effect pedals and concentrate exclusively on models that provide reverb effects only.
  • Stereo or Mono?-It’s also important to consider whether you want to get a model that has stereo or not. Not everyone needs a stereo setup. Choosing a mono pedal also opens up the number of models available.
  • Choose Your Reverb Types-It’s important to educate yourself on the reverb types available and choose the pedals that have the reverb types you need. Some of the more common reverb types include Spring, Plate, Room and Hall effects.

Dial In Your Settings

Once you’ve selected the best reverb pedal available, and assuming that this pedal has different reverb effects, it’s now time to choose one of those effects for the sound you’re trying to achieve. And that requires knowing what each particular reverb effect sounds like. This can be done by watching videos on reverb selection posted on YouTube or music sites. As a general rule, Spring is one of the lightest reverb effects, room and hall reverb effects are somewhat in the middle, and cathedral effects are the most pronounced.

Fine Tune Your Results

Selecting your reverb effect setting is only the beginning. Once a proper effect has been chosen, it’s time to fine tune the sound to achieve the result desired. This is done by fine-tuning settings such as Decay, Tone, and Time. These knobs may also have other labels including D.Time, E.Level, etc. Although not all pedals will have these controls, most of them have the controls needed to vary the musician’s sound they way they desire.

Consider The Pedal’s Place

Another important consideration to consider is where to place the pedal on your pedal board. As a general rule, reverb is usually placed at the end of the effects chain because it’s designed to replicate a natural sound environment. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. More and more musicians are beginning to play around with the order of their pedals to create some pretty astounding effects. Placing reverb before echo pedals or chorus pedals can create some interesting effects. And if it doesn’t work out, you can always place it back at the end of the effects array.

Practice Makes Perfect

Probably the best way for a musician to ensure that they get the sound they need is by spending a considerable amount of time with their new pedal. By taking the time to familiarize themselves with their equipment, the musician will ensure that they know everything the pedal is capable of doing. This will allow them to create effects that are unique to their sound.