Top 10 Best Shaving Kits of 2019 – Reviews

Every respectable man should own a shaving kit, even if that kit includes nothing but the basics. Looking beyond a simple razor is the first step because that’s what most men use on a daily basis and nothing more. Once you have learned about the importance of using a fully equipped shaving kit you can proceed with buying one for yourself. This is where the difficult part starts, mostly because of the sheer variety the market has to offer. To help you through, we put together a list of the ten best shaving kits money can buy for you to look at.

Best Shaving Kits – Top List

10Perfecto Deluxe Shaving Kit

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Like the name suggests, the Perfecto Deluxe Shaving Kit deliver near perfect if not fully perfect shaving results. The kit offers a high performance and elegant double edge safety razor that delivers a close shave and is comfortable handling; proprietary shaving brush for generating warm, rich lather for softening and lifting beards, opening pores and moisturizing the skin; and a unique stand that makes it easier to store the razor and brush safely and securely.

9Shave Ready 10 Piece Set

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This is a complete shave set that provides a whopping ten pieces for the job. Among these are Gold Dollar Straight razor that comes shave ready, without the need for honing or any stropping; a shave soap that offers thick lather to ensure ideal blade glide with your razor; a pre-shave for lifting hairs to facilitate a smooth, close shave; a pure badger shave brush with a storage box; an antiseptic aftershave for preventing skin infections and bacterial buildup on the tools, and shaving guide.

8Mid Century Shaving Razor Kit

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The Mid Century Shaving Razor Kit has all the hardware needed to go on great wet shaving experience. Its components are all top quality, with the razor and brush being substantial tools which feel great when holding and offer great control and shave. The set boasts a Journeyman Safety Razor, a pure badger bristles brush, and an accessory holder. The kit also features five extra blades and a travel case for storing and carrying everything safely.

7Parker 96R Safety Razor Shave Set

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This is yet another superior shaving set, one that combines a Parker 96R safety razor, functional chrome stand and 100% pure badger brush. The razor features a brass frame and a twist-to-open butterfly head, allowing simple blade replacement and ideal shaving balance. The brush bristles create very soft and dense lather for convenient, smooth shaving experience, while the chrome stand is functional and beautiful for safe brush/razor storage and décor blending.

6Bigfoot Shaves Safety Razor Kit

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This is one of the most reliable safety razor kits the market has to offer. Coming from Bigfoot Shaves, it includes a safety razor that utilizes a double-edge blade. It is a simple to use razor with a blade mount for protecting your skin from cuts and nicks for an enjoyable shave. The included blades are very sharp and provide a huge cost saving relative to other models. There is a bonus travel kit—the pieces come packed in a designated travel kit that includes an additional set of blades.

5Gentleman Jon Wet Shave Kit

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Often seen as a ritual, shaving needs to be done in the best, safest manner. Do things safely and excellently with the Gentleman Jon Wet Shave Kit, which is the most comprehensive model you can hope for. Its double-edge safety razor offers you a closer, smoother shave and the fact that they are built to endure a much longer reliance is certainly something to look for. Besides the safety razor, this kit packs a functional badger hair brush, sandalwood shave brush, lasting stainless steel shaving bowl and Astra SP excellent razor blades.

4Miusco Badger Set

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This model by Miusco is also a great performance shaving set men can trust. It boasts a functional shaving brush made of 100% pure badger hair, which generates warm, rich lather for convenient shaves. The brush also lifts hair and opens up facial pores, exfoliating the skin naturally—minimizing irritation and pore infection. An included shaving stand keeps your brush and razor dry and bacteria-free, yet all easy-to-access at any given time.

3Colonel Conk Shaving Gift Set

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Making a fantastic gift set for any man, the Colonel Conk Shaving Set offers all you need for an ideal shave. It includes a quality chrome stand which safely holds a premium-grade Merkur Classic Safety Razor plus a great badger shaving brush featuring an elegant chrome handle. Again, you get a good-looking chrome bowl for holding a shaving soap. Given all its features, this shaving kit is seen as being among the most popular models in the fray and understandably so.

2Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set

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The Van Der Hagen Premium is an incredibly popular shaving set that gives you a hypoallergenic shave soap, ceramic bowl and shaving brush all in a single kit. The soap has 40-percent humectants moisturizers for softening even the toughest of beards. The bowl design holds the shave cake securely and fits in your hand comfortably, making lathering easier. At the same time, the brush is handcrafted with 100% natural, best quality boar bristle for the best shaving experience.

1Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Set

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This is a top-notch wet shaving set for men from Van Der Hagen. It includes a shaving brush made of pure quality, moisture-retentive badger hair which massages the beard while spreading lather evenly. Furthermore, the kit also features an apothecary mug for ensuring optimal foam creation, while the hypoallergenic shaving soap has mango, emollient and cocoa butter for alleviating razor bumps while refreshing your skin. Last but not least, an acrylic brush and razor stand offer a safe and convenient accessory storage.


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What To Look For In A Shaving Kit

We should start off by pointing out that most shaving kits are equipped with pretty much anything you need for a proper shave. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all kits can be expected to have all the required elements, especially not the low-end part of the spectrum. So if you’re looking to upgrade your shaving equipment, you should take the time to learn as much as possible about what shaving kits are all about and what to look for when buying one.

Razors – A good kit should have at least one reliable razor, the type that you can use for long periods of time without any issues to speak of. A good razor should be ergonomic above all else, the type of design that minimizes fatigue and discomfort when used over long periods of time. If you are the type to use the razor routinely, then you should definitely be looking for a razor made of sturdy materials, one that also has the capacity to accommodate a wide range of blades.

Blades – The next thing you need to look for is a set of replacement blades. Double edge razors, for instance, come in a very wide variety nowadays, thus the need to take everything the market has to offer into consideration when buying a set of blades or a kit that contains some by default. What you want to do is to try out all the reputable brands and work your way towards finding a model that best suits your needs.

Brushes – Brushes are also quite important for most shaving kits because they determine how smooth the surface of your skin will be during the shaving process. A good brush has to be made of badger hair or any synthetic hairs with a similar texture and consistency. Like we said, you use a brush to spread the shaving cream evenly across your face as you shave, which is why you want it to be smooth, easy to use, and highly efficient for an even spread.

Creams – While some people prefer to use shaving soaps instead, creams are definitely more popular and understandably so. This is because soaps can take a little more time to achieve a good lather and are known to be somewhat sensitive to using a lot of water. The problem here is that some men prefer a wet shave over a dry one, which is where shaving creams come into play as working great in both wet and dry conditions.

Pre-shave – Some people prefer to employ pre-shaving creams that have the purpose of softening the hair and offering a certain amount of glide for the razor. Also known as shaving oils, most of these products also have skin-rejuvenating and skin-hydrating properties, for which reason they are sometimes seen as being cosmetic more than practical. Either way, there is literally no harm in using a pre-shave oil or cream, just as long as you take the time to learn about what to expect when using one.

Aftershave – Most aftershaves fall into two categories – splashes and balms. While balms are thick and contain no alcohol to speak of, splashes are liquid and contain quite a fair amount of alcohol, which is supposed to help them nurture the skin after getting scraped by the razor. As such, splashes offer a nice stingy feeling while balms are best used as moisturizers once the shaving part is over.

Extra Items – Although most shaving kits boast a limited number of items like razors, blades, brushes, and aftershaves, there are also those who pack a few extra items as well. We’re talking here about leather razor cases, brush stands, or compact mirrors, items that might further your shaving experience under the right circumstances. Needless to say, you have to expect to pay a bit extra for any shaving kits that have these items and understandably so.

Cases – You also want to make sure that whatever shaving kit you’re thinking about buying comes in a nice, sturdy case. This allows you to not only store its contents with relative ease but also to carry the kit around when traveling. At the same time, a durable case is guaranteed to protect the sensitive components like the aftershave bottles and the brushes. Not only that but you also want the case to be spacious enough to accommodate all its contents along with whatever spare pieces you might own. All in all, the case has to be not only sturdy but compact enough to fit inside a bathroom cabinet.