Top 10 Best Skateboard Decks of 2019 – Reviews

One of the most important parts found on any skateboard is its deck. This part of the skateboard not only needs to be durable and able to hold up to constant abuse, but it also has to be the right part for what the skateboarder wants to do. For example, if the skateboarder wants to vertically skate or perform street skateboarding, then they’re going to want to go with a shortboard. On the other hand, if the skateboarder wants to use the skateboard as transportation or for downhill racing, then they’re going to want to use a longboard. Keeping those facts in mind, we’ve found what we feel are the ten best skateboard decks currently available and have listed them for convenience.

Best Skateboard Decks Of 2019

10Moose Blank 8.25-Inch Dipped Black Deck

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Anyone who is familiar with Moose Decks knows there is something special about them. They are made with Canadian Maple and are made with 7-ply construction that allows them to hold up to even the hardest of tricks. It has an 8.25-inch size, which makes it suitable for both street skating and for achieving some serious air. And although it’s made with an obvious eye towards quality, it’s not very expensive. It has a nice dipped black color that looks good and provides the perfect base for further skateboard customization. This old school skateboard deck is ready to put in some serious work if it’s given half a chance.

9Ztuntz Old School 8.5-Inch Deck

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Although this is an old school skateboard deck, we’re pretty sure that the skateboarders of old probably didn’t have a board that looked this cool. It has black widow spiders and a spider web on a cool whiteboard that’s sure to blow away your friends and fellow skateboarders. It’s made with 7 plies of maple wood and is laminated with an aerial bond. It’s crafted in the U.S and is designed by skateboarders for skateboards. All of which just means that this is a durable and cool looking deck that can be built into one tough skateboard with the right accessories.

8Loaded Boards Bamboo Longboard Deck

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This board deck is designed for skateboarders who need a large deck for anything from urban commuting to board dancing. It’s 48.5-inches long, has a width of 9.5-inches and weighs around 5.6-pounds. Its concave design allows the skateboarder to have edge control, but it doesn’t do it in a way that would interfere with the rider’s footwork. It has a large nose and is made from high-performance bamboo and cork. This combination allows it to have the flex that riders need to perform a variety of tricks and also helps to absorb the shock the rider receives while doing tricks.

7Blueprint Skateboards Good Edition Brady Deck

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This 7.75-inch full-size deck is not only made of 7-plies of Canadian maple but also has a nice design that makes it great to ride. It has a little bit of conclave that allows this deck to have a great deal of pop and gives it a very tactile feel that most skateboarders will appreciate. It’s also designed to hold up to heavy abuse and is the perfect deck for riding into skate parks, for performing tricks or for street skating. On this board is a Danny Brady design that gives it a very unique look that everyone can enjoy. It’s a great board that doesn’t cost a whole lot but provides the stable platform for any skateboard build.

6Vision Grigley III 9.75-Inch Deck

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This skateboard deck reissue is a call back to the 1980s when the skateboards were nice and large, and the graphics were always gnarly. This deck is 9.75-inches long and 31-inches wide and is made with a truck hole pattern that’s pretty modern so some of today’s top trucks can be used with it. This deck also has a low concave design and is perfect for doing street tricks or for any other purpose you would situation where the rider would use an old school board. And it has the Grigley III design that’s pretty cool looking and intimidating at the same time.

5Vision Aggressor 2 10.25-Inch Deck

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This deck is 10.25-inches wide and is covered in a classic design. What does all this mean? It means that this deck is ready to provide some old school fun to anyone who’s willing to use it to build their next board. This product is made from quality components and is proudly made in the U.S. It has a low concave design that isn’t flat but doesn’t have the heavy dip like other decks. And although it’s a traditional style of board, it has a truck hole pattern that can be used with modern trucks. All in all, this is a great deck for building your next board or for hanging on the wall as decoration.

4Element Quadrant 8-Inch Deck

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Constructed using what Element calls Thriftwood Construction, this high-quality deck is ready to perform some serious rail-grinding or kickflips. It’s 8-inches wide and 31.75-inches long and has a wheelbase of 14.25-inches. It also has a 6.375-inch tail and a nose of 7-inches. On its face, it has a quality design that’s resistant to scratching and gives it a very cool look. This makes this deck perfect for hanging on a wall with other decks or for the skateboarder using it to make that cool skateboard that they always wanted to build. All for a price that’s pretty affordable to most people.

3Bamboo Skateboards Blank Deck

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Skateboarders who want to build a skateboard that delivers a good pop is going to want to find a deck that’s capable of providing that very necessary feature to them. Manufactured from high-quality bamboo, this deck is designed to be as strong as maple but to also be extremely light and flexible. Its light, flexible construction makes it perfect for anyone looking to skim a rail or hit a half-pipe. And since these 6-ply decks are made from sustainable materials, it’s eco-friendly so the skateboarder doesn’t have to worry about their carbon footprint when they’re hitting the street and can concentrate solely on their form.

2Moose Old School Natural Deck

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Designed with a kicked nose and tail and without any sort of design on it, this natural deck is the perfect blank canvas for any skateboarders next build. This 10-inch by 30-inch board has a fishtail shape that makes it look like the old school decks of the past. It has pre-drilled holes in it that will accept modern trucks, and the wood it’s made out of it is durable and has a lot of pop to it. This maple deck will hold up to even heavy abuse, and it rides perfectly when it’s equipped with the proper wheels and trucks. Overall, it’s a great board that’s ready for action.

1Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Decks

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These high-quality bamboo boards are designed to have a number of attributes which makes them ideal for just about any skateboarder. Their bamboo construction is as strong as maple built ones, but it is also extremely flexible. It’s this flexibility that allows it to undergo stresses that would break just about any other board. It has a good kick and a good pop to it. It’s also capable of really taking a beating. And since they’re available in a variety of sizes from 7.75-inches to 8.25-inches, so they can be used for street skating, for doing tricks or for hitting the half-pipe. They also come in a variety of bright designs which make them really cool looking, too.

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How to Buy the Right Skateboard Deck

The most important part of any skateboard is the skateboard deck. It’s the platform for which everything is attached, and if the skateboarder doesn’t buy the best one possible, then they’re going to be sorry later on. That’s because it doesn’t matter what brand of grip tape you use, what kind of wheels you’ve equipped or how smooth your skate trucks operate if your deck is subpar quality. That’s why we’ve decided to consult with some experts and come up with a guide on how to buy a skateboard deck that will serve your needs well. Once you have the right deck, then you can think about buying everything else that you’re going to need.

Choose the Right Size

Skateboard decks come in several different sizes, and each of these sizes is suitable for skateboarders of different sizes and/or ages. The sizes range from 6.5-inch micro decks all the way to 8-inch or larger decks. Let’s take a closer look at each of these different sizes.

  • 6.5-Inch 6.75-Inch Micro Decks: These decks aren’t designed for adults but are instead designed for children 5-years or younger who are under 40-inches tall and with about a Size 3 shoe.
  • 7-Inch Mini Decks: These decks are ideal for children over the age of 5-years old but no older than 8-years old. These decks can be used with children who are 3’5” tall to 4’3” tall. Best shoe sizes for this board are from a Size 4 to a Size 6 shoe.
  • 7.3-Inch Mid-Size Decks: Designed for children 9-years old to 12-years old who are at least 4’5” tall but is no taller than 5’3” tall. Suitable shoe sizes for this size board include shoe sizes 7 through 8.
  • 7.5-Inch to 8-Inch Decks: These full-size decks are suitable for skateboarders over the age of 13 years old who are at least 5’3” tall and have a Size 9 shoe or larger. This size is also suitable for street skating and performing tricks.
  • 8-Inch to 8.25-Inch Decks: These full-size decks are ideal for a variety of different forms of skateboarding including skating parks, ramps, and pools.
  • Over 8.25-Inch Decks: These skateboard decks are suitable for vertical tricks and for street skating. Some skateboarders also consider this to be an old-school size of a skateboard.

Choose the Right Deck Style

Decks also come in a variety of different styles and each style is more suitable for a particular activity. However, just because you choose a particular skateboard style doesn’t mean that you can’t switch it up. For example, there’s no rule against using a longboard to perform tricks. If you can do it, then you can do it. Having said that, below are some typical uses for skateboard decks.

  • Shortboards: As the name suggests, these are the shortest of all of the boards, and they’re really designed to allow the skateboarder to achieve maximum air. This makes them suitable for doing tricks or for park skating.
  • Longboards: In contrast to shortboards, longboards are some of the longest boards available. They are suitable for street cruising, but some longboards are also designed to be specifically used for downhill races.
  • Cruisers: These boards are easily recognizable because they tend to have kicktail and are extremely easy to maneuver. This makes them good for both tricks, ramps and for street cruising.
  • Old School Boards: These decks are often the preferred model for hitting ramps or ramp due to their kick-tails and their noses, which just so happen to be flatter than most other types of decks.

Choose the Right Skateboard Deck Composition

The final thing worth considering when buying a new deck is the material used to construct it. Although we won’t get involved in the debate as to what material is the best, we will tell you the properties of each material.

  • Maple: Anyone looking for durability is going to want to at least consider a maple deck. Although these boards tend to be a bit thicker than ones made with other materials, they can really take a beating.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo decks may not be as durable as Maple, but they are more flexible than maple decks. Bamboo decks are thinner and provide the skateboarder with more flex, which is often why it’s the preferred board for anyone who likes to perform tricks.
  • Carbon Fiber: These decks are often the preferred decks for professional riders. That’s because they’re lightweight and make turns exceptionally well. However, they are also more expensive than other types of decks and this may put them out of reach of many skateboarders.