Top 10 Best Ski Goggles of 2019 – Reviews

Ski goggles are an essential piece of equipment that’s unfortunately overlooked far too much by people new to skiing. Buying the wrong pair of goggles cannot only result in a poor fit but can actually present a hazard to the skier when they’re going down the mountain. Which is why it’s important to buy the best one possible before you hit the slopes.

Finding the best goggles isn’t always easy, however. It takes paying attention to a few key areas of the goggles to find out if they’re a good fit for you. In order to help our readers out, we’ve found ten of the best goggle models available and listed them below. We’ve also listed a guide which helps skiers find the best model for their particular style.

Best Ski Goggles Of 2019

10Juli Unisex OTG Goggles

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These ski goggles are not only large so that they can be worn over prescription glasses, but they also have a unisex design that allows them to be worn by both men and women. They are designed to reduce fogging better than comparable ski goggle models and have built-in ventilation that allows fresh air to get in and moisture to get out. These goggles come in a variety of lens tints for a variety of different meteorological conditions. Some of the tint colors that can be found on this model of goggles includes citrus orange, blue, black, red, silver and lemon yellow.

9Odoland Double Lens UV400 Goggles

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These goggles have a unisex design that makes them suitable for both men and women and is capable of being used for a variety of different winter sports including skiing, ice climbing, ice skating, cross country skiing, Alpine skiing or snowmobiling. They are made with PC and TPU plastic and are not only lightweight but also durable. They are equipped with spherical lenses that offer UV 400 protection and are available in a variety of different color tints. Some of the lens colors that can be found on these quality snowmobile goggles include VLT 20%, VLT 18%, blue and black.

8Bolle Carve Medium-Size Goggles

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Regardless of whether you need these goggles with a sunrise lens tint, or need one with an aurora or vermillion gun lens tint, it’s sure to provide you with the crystal-clear line of sight that you need while on the slopes. This product has a medium size fit and is equipped with a Flow Tech Venting System that allows air to circulate and helps to vent out excess moisture. The lenses on these goggles are made with Carbo-Glass outer lenses that are coated to help them resist scratches. And since these goggles have an anti-fog layer built into their lenses, the wearer never has to worry about being sidelined from their winter activities.

7Findway Anti-Fog Sports Goggles


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With an OTG design that allows them to be worn over prescription glasses and equipped with a universal helmet compatible strap that’s adjustable, these goggles are ready for just about any winter adventure. They are equipped with anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses and offer the wearer’s eyes 100% protection against damaging UV rays. These goggles also have a professional ventilation system built into them that allows oxygen to enter around the eyes and exhausts moisture quite effectively. And these lenses are available with a variety of lens colors for a variety of climate conditions. They are also fairly inexpensive and well within the reach of any skier who needs a good pair of goggles.

6Juli Eyewear OTG Spherical Lens Goggles

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These OTG goggles are designed to easily slip over prescription glasses, so they can be worn by just about anyone. They have spherical double lenses that are made out of a solid PC material and are treated with an anti-fogging treatment. These lenses also block out 100% of UV 400 light, so the wearer can see better and have better-protected eyes. Since these lenses are spherical, they allow for greater peripheral vision and allow the skier to see better. These glasses come with a variety of different lens colors which allow the skier to find the lens color that suits their environment.

5Wildhorn Outfitters Roca Premium Goggles

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There’s a lot to like about these goggles, but one of the best things about them is that they allow the skier to change their lens in 60-seconds or less. That’s because they’re designed using six rare earth magnets, and an integrated clip locking system that holds the lenses firmly in place, but can be quickly unfastened so that the lenses can be changed. This allows the skier to have different lenses for different environments, all without having to purchase separate pairs of goggles. And the lenses that they use are not only scratch-resistant, but they’re also fog-resistant as well.

4Zionor Lagopus UV Protection Goggles

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These Zionor Lagopus goggles not only have a nice size and weight to them, but they’re also equipped with a variety of features which makes them useful to any skier, snowboarder, snowmobiler or ice skater who wants to be able to see well enough to enjoy the winter weather. They provide 100% UV protection and are designed to have 2-way venting that resists fogging and helps to keep the wearer’s vision nice and clear. These goggles have an OTG design that allows the skier to wear prescription glasses underneath them and they are different models with different lens colors for different climates.

3Hubo Sports Unisex Dual Lens Goggles

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These Hubo Sports goggles have an OTG design that allows people with prescription glasses to wear them, but they can also be worn by just about anyone looking for a good unisex pair of goggles. They are made with impact-resistant lenses that help to better protect the eyes of snowboarders and skiers, and they are designed to have universal helmet compatibility. They’re also equipped with anti-fog capabilities and built-in UV protection. The lenses are also specially coated so that they’re scratch-resistant as well. And these goggles are available with lens tints which range from grey, silver or green to red, orange or rose.

2Zionor X4 Anti-Slip Goggles

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These goggles come in different varieties that each has its own characteristic lens color. There are goggles with blue lenses, pink lenses, red lenses or mirrored lenses, just to name a few. And each of these different types of goggles is suitable for different weather conditions. Regardless of which color lens is chosen, however, all of these goggles do have the same features in common. They are all equipped with spherical lenses that are held on with magnets for quick lenses changes on the fly, they each provide 100% UV400 eye protection, and they each have a full 180-degree panoramic view.

1Xooyki Winter Sports Goggles

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A ton of exciting features can be found on these winter sports goggles. They provide 100% UV eye protection thanks to a special coating on their double layer lens. They also have an interchangeable lens system that allows lenses to be quickly swapped out when needed. And they have an OTG design that allows people who wear eyeglasses to comfortably wear them. Additional features found on this model include a professional ventilation system which prevents the lenses from fogging up, an elastic TPU frame that’s impact resistant and a scratch-resistant PC lens. All of which makes this model the best ski goggles available.

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Ski Goggles Buying Guide

It’s easy to think that you can just grab any old pair of ski or snow goggles and go hit the slopes without giving it much consideration. After all, that’s what a lot of people tend to do. They just buy whatever ski goggles that are offered by the mountain resort and don’t get it a moment’s thought. In our opinion, that’s leaving far too much to chance. The skier is better off carefully considering the goggle’s key features and making sure it fits when they’re out on the slopes.

To help our readers decide on a pair of snow goggles that fits their needs, we’ve decided to list some of the key areas of the ski goggle you should consider before buying it. And many of the tips that we list not only apply to ski goggles but can also apply to snowboard goggles as well. Okay, having said that, let’s get on with it.

Step One: Consider Lens Style

When it comes to ski goggles, there are two different types of lenses—there are cylindrical lenses (also known as flat lenses), and there are spherical lenses. Although spherical lenses will always be considered the best ones for skiers, many people continue to buy them, so let’s take a look at each style of the lens and examine their pros and cons.

Cylindrical Lenses


  • Less expensive than spherical lenses


  • Have more blind spots than spherical lenses
  • The line of sight may be distorted
  • These lenses fog up more than spherical lenses

Spherical Lenses


  • Have fewer blind spots than flat lenses
  • Have better optics
  • Are less likely to fog up


  • Some of them can be quite expensive

As you can see from the pros and cons above, spherical goggles blow flat goggles out of the water. However, not everyone has the money to spend on the best ski goggles, so they may have to choose an economical pair of goggles, which is exactly why cylindrical goggles still exist. Even so, if you want the best quality, spherical models are really the only way to go.

Step Two: Consider Lens Tint

The next thing to keep in mind is the tint of the goggle’s lens because not all color tints are right for everyone. In fact, many professional skiers have several different goggles that are each equipped with different color tints. Why? Because different tint colors are good for different conditions. To illustrate our point, we’ve listed some of the major color tints currently available.

  • Gold, Amber & Yellow Lenses: These lenses work very well in fog and low light conditions. That’s because they filter out blue light, which helps to improve depth perception. These goggles are also good in variable light conditions as well.
  • Rose Copper & Light Rose Lenses: These tints are good on clear winter days in which the daily light is on the low side.
  • Mirror Lenses: Although these lenses lower color and depth perception, they do a great job at filtering out bright light and helps to reduce eye fatigue on extremely sunny days.
  • Dark Green, Grey, Brown & Copper Lenses: These lenses allow the wearer to maintain color contrast and allow the true color to filter through.

Step Three: Consider The Goggle’s Fit

Obviously, making sure the goggle fits is an important consideration. If they’re too loose, then they won’t remain on the face properly, and if they’re too tight, they’re uncomfortable to wear. Choosing the right size will ensure that you’ll remain comfortable and be able to see while you’re on the slopes.

Step Four: Take Into Consideration Some Final Features

Now that we’ve knocked the important features off our list, it’s time to turn our attention to other features that skiers or snowboarders will want to consider in a pair of goggles. Although many of these features will be considered as optional to many skiers, to other ones they’re important, so only you can decide whether or not to take them into consideration. Having said that, let’s get started with our list.

Additional Options To Consider:

  • Scratch-resistant lenses
  • Lenses with an anti-fog coating
  • Nose guards

One More Thing About Ski Goggles

Although the above features are the only thing that needs to be considered when buying a new pair of ski goggles, it’s important to make sure you buy your glasses before you need them. If you want till the last minute or until you’ve reached the resort to buy your goggles, then you’re likely to end up buying an inferior pair. Don’t make that mistake, buy your goggles before you need them so that you have them ready for your next ski trip.