Top 10 Best Soccer Shoes of 2018 – Reviews

There is no denying that quality sports gear can boost your overall performance, which is particularly true when it comes to soccer shoes. While no piece of gear can replace the existence of good mechanical skills and organic talent, you still want to get the most out of each match and to do that, you’re going to have to get a pair of quality shoes. A good pair of soccer shoes can drastically boost your game by improving your stability, balance, and ease of movement across the pitch. To help you find a pair that best suits your needs, we put together a list of the ten best soccer shoes money can buy.

Best Soccer Shoes Of 2018

10Walstar Men’s Copa Stadium Blue

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Walstar Copa is a lightweight high-performance men’s soccer cleat with quality synthetic upper designed for optimum support and breathability. The greatest thing about it is that it doesn’t weigh you down. It also features a TPU outsole whose bladed heel offer great traction and super-high on-field speed. Its die-cut foot-bed contours to your foot to ensure no-slip fit and comfort. At the same time, it has protective and supportive triangular forefoot.

9PUMA Men’s Evospeed 4 H2H FG

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PUMA is another renowned brand in this industry, no doubt about it. The Evospeed 4 H2H FG is an affordable yet highly supportive soccer shoe for men and one of their very best. Comfortable fit, modern design, and durable plastic studs are yours for improved soccer performance when you get the Evospeed 4. It further features a soft inner padding to offer extra comfort while the design, too, is quite impressive.

8PUMA Men’s evoPOWER 4

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PUMA men’s evoPOWER 4 has a superb design to offer soccer players a comfortable and lightweight shoe ideal for in need of accuracy and energy in ball strikes. Padded ankle collar and cushioned insole ensure a more convenient fit. The cleat has asymmetrical lacing front finish for increased security and striking surface. Its light TPU-injected quality outsole has a bladed stud pattern for maximum traction and precise maneuverability on the court.

7Diadora Soccer Men’s Brasil Classic MD

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Diadora Brasil Classic is a high-quality intermediate level player’s cleat that empowers you for improved performance. Its upper is made of authentic leather for durability. It has a soft padded heel, anti-stretch lining, and soft-padded insole for greater impact absorption to prevent injuries, comfort and ideal control. Other than that, let us point out that it is one of the most lightweight soccer shoes out there.

6PUMA Men’s Evospeed Star IV

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Evospeed Star IV is another great men’s soccer cleat by PUMA. It boasts a fast and sleek design, with s minimalistic upper design with quality monolayer Micro Tec Suede to ensure lightweight plus abrasion resistance. Its low profile premium rubber outsole provides good grip and stability. This soccer shoe is ideal for on and off the court performance, mostly dribbling at full speed.

5PUMA Men’s Adreno

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Also by PUMA, Adreno Firm Ground is a low-maintenance, durable soccer shoe boasting a classical design for performance with style. Thanks to its upper crated with durable yet flexible synthetic, and quality molded stud outsole ideal for solid natural surfaces, the Adreno is the right pair for that upped performance you are upbeat for. It is a great soccer shoe for young, budding soccer stars. Perfectly engineered, this shoe is comfortable, flexible, and waterproof.

4Adidas Performance Men’s F5

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The adidas’ Performance F5 men’s soccer cleat provides highly reliable performance yet is fairly priced. The design is striking, and it is durable, too. It allows players full speed with its slimmed down shape and very fast quality rubber outsole. Its high-grade synthetic upper is lightweight and low maintenance. It also features a new-look revolutionary 3-stripes branding for distinction and inspiration.

3Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory IV FG

buy from amazonYou can impressively do it with Nike, you know? Among men’s soccer cleats, a few can beat the Mercurial Victory IV FG. This popular, highly appreciable shoe never lets down. Its midsole features a well-contoured sock liner with quality textile top cloth for ensuring low-profile yet effective padding for full-time match comfort. A full-length TPU outsole provides reliable traction for stability in any direction and speed. Furthermore, the studs are well positioned for added stability.

2Asics Men’s Lethal Testimonial 3 IT

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Asics is a top ranking brand especially in sports footwear for their consistent commitment to quality. The Lethal Testimonial 3 IT from Asics is a high-quality men’s soccer cleat that provides professional performance yet costs less. Its upper features genuine, durable leather. It has a flexible sole and well-padded interior for assured comfort. The top-grade rubber studs hardly wear off.

1Aadidas Performance Messi 10.3 J

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Named after the great, popular Argentinian player, the adidas Performance Messi 10.3 FG J doesn’t disappoint on its purpose. It is a soccer cleat designed for use by otherwise young players. It features quality synthetic upper for providing ideal fit, comfort, and durability—emblazoned with Messi custom logo and graphics. The inner sole has soft textile padding for added comfort. Its new speed traction outsole has good speed stud plan for maximum dashes and safe, quick turns.


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What To Look For In A Pair Of Soccer Shoes

The first thing to consider when buying a pair of soccer shoes is what you need them for. We say this because professional gear tends to be overpriced and hard to come by, which means that you might be better off getting a semi-pro or amateur piece of attire. Either way, figure out what your playing style is and what shoes would best suit that style. To help you in this regard, we put together some pointers on what to look for:

Playing Style

Needless to say, your role and style have a major effect on your playing level, especially if you change roles a lot. You see, outfield players have different needs when it comes to balance and stability than goalkeepers, so make sure to choose your shoes accordingly. The side of the pitch you operate on should also help you decide what shoes to get along with whether not you tend to use both your feet in that particular role.

Goalkeepers – As a goalie, you want a pair of shoes that offers traction above everything else. This is because a goalie is required to change position from one side of the goal to the other and even jump across the goal at fast speed whenever the situation requires it. You also don’t want to slip down whenever you make a dash for the ball, not when you’re the last line of defense between the ball and an open goal.

Defensive players – As a defensive player, you want a pair of shoes that can protect your feet at all times. This is because of the nature of defensive-minded players who often get stuck in when playing closely near an offensive opponent. For this reason, your shoes should also provide a decent amount of traction, especially considering the quickness at which you will be changing direction during the game.

Midfielders – This is perhaps the only role that requires that you are comfortable throughout the match. Midfield players are often very creative, which is why they need shoes that allow them to make light touches without sacrificing accuracy in the process. A midfielder’s job is also to cover a large area of the pitch during the match, yet another reason for them to wear shoes that are comfortable and lightweight.

Wingers – When playing on the wing, you need shoes that allow you to be speedy and mobile. A good pair of winger shoes should allow you to change direction in a jiffy, doing so without losing too much of your running speed. Needless to say, these shoes should also be extremely lightweight and reasonably comfortable to wear. Not as comfortable as a playmaker’s shoes, mind you, but still comfortable enough to give you full control of your running patterns.

Forwards – A good forward knows just how important it is to make the most of each chance that presents itself during the game. It is for this reason that most forwards prefer shoes that allow them to be accurate when striking the ball. Comfort also plays a big role in choosing a pair of soccer shoes when you’re a forward, so it isn’t that unheard of for an attacking player to use a slightly heavier pair of shoes as long as they’re comfortable.

The Pitch

You simply cannot employ a pair of firm ground shoes on a soft ground or vice-versa. This is why you want to ponder long and hard about the surface you feel more comfortable playing on when choosing a pair of soccer shoes. We say this because of artificial ground shoes, for example, offer a much better traction when you’re wearing cleats, but they tend to limit your speed in the process. On the other side of the coin, a hard ground will indeed boost your running speed but will do so while being quite painful to fall on, not to mention the balance issues many players tend to have when playing on a hard pitch.


In general, soccer shoes can be designed for either control, power, speed, or to act as a hybrid between two categories. Soccer shoes built for control tend to be the most comfortable as they provide quick control when performing weighted passes. With shoes built for power, you get more weight to put behind your shots, which is why most of these shoes are used by forwards or highly offensive players. Shoes designed for speed, on the other hand, are very lightweight by comparison, but chances are that you won’t be able to hit hard shots while wearing them.


Last but not least, you should also pay attention to the construction of any pair of soccer shoes you’re thinking of buying. While synthetic materials provide a much better airflow overall, they tend to be less resistant than leather shoes, both in terms of durability and protection for your feet. It is generally advised that you find some balance in this regard, perhaps by settling on a pair of shoes with leather uppers and synthetic components.