Top 10 Best Spice Grinders of 2019 – Reviews

No modern kitchen should miss a spice grinder nowadays, no matter the style, construction type, or technology. Although you could go ahead and buy your spices like most folks, it should be said that spices tend to have a much stronger flavor when you grind them yourself. This is just one of the many reasons why you should invest in a spice grinder, not to mention how versatile these grinders are and how user-friendly they are designed to be. That said, let’s find out what are the ten best spice grinders out there and what makes them so special in the first place.

Best Spice Grinders 2019

10TGproducts 4 Piece Herb Grinder

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With a solid aluminum build, the TGproducts grinder is precisely designed both for home and commercial outlets use. Aside from being durable, it comes with a proficient 4-piece system that renders all spice-grinding duties effortless. What’s more, other than being simple to use, it also features a magnetic lid which prevents spillage and a spacious grinding chamber. Furthermore, the only disadvantage with it is that it only facilitates the grinding of spices and herbs alone.

9WSG30 Waring Commercial Electric Grinder

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Thanks to the stainless steel blends, the Waring WSG30 offers quality and consistent grind and is among the best around. Moreover, it features a safety top which keeps your fingers safe, an exclusive pulse action technology that facilitates the switching up of grinding techniques and dishwasher safe grinding bowls that are easy to clean and maintain. However, this appliance is only useful for grinding spices, which might be somewhat of a setback for some.

8KitchenAid BCG211OB Grinder (Coffee and Spice)

buy from amazonDoubling as a spice grinder and a coffee grinder is the KitchenAid grinder that is both a reliable and functional appliance. It features two grinding bowls (stainless steel) with optimized blades, a sprinkle lid, and storage lids. This tool incorporates an exclusive grinding mechanism which grinds both easily and swiftly producing minimal noise. Moreover, it also comes with a robust motor housing which guarantees both reliability and durability. Furthermore, it regrettably does not inspire uniform grinds and comes with a difficult to clean plastic cover.

7Bazaar Anatolia (Turkish) Grinder

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The Bazaar Anatolia Grinder is among the easiest to use manual grinders on the market. The appliance is exceptionally efficient, affordable and works almost effortlessly. Other than its stellar performance, it comes with a remarkable design which blends well with other accessories and appliances in your kitchen. Unfortunately for it, however, this appliance is water sensitive and boasts a relatively low internal capacity which slightly limits its grinding size.

6Cuisinart SG-10 Spice-and-Nut Grinder

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Cuisinart maintains its repute for quality with the SG-10 grinder. It is a premium electric appliance that is designed to offer quick and efficient spice grinding. The SG-10 features among other a powerful motor, stainless steel blades, a large BPA-free 90-gram storage container and slippery-resistant rubber, stand for improved stability. Although it is a multi-purpose grinder, it, however, accumulates spice dust on its outside and emits a somewhat electric odor when running which can be a nuisance.

5KRUPS F2037051 Coffee and Spice Grinder (Electric)

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KRUPS F2037051 is a multipurpose appliance that comprises stainless steel blades and a sufficient capacity (3-ounce) for useful spice and coffee grinding. Available in white or black color options, an appealing design, and a ready-to-use design, the F2037051 is both a powerful and efficient grinder. What’s more, it includes stainless steel blades that render it both durable and simple to clean and subsequently maintain.

4Golden Bell Spice & Herb Grinder

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The Golden Bell grinder is a four-piece appliance that comprises three chambers. It features among others an excellent mesh-like screen which allows pollen filtration, a compact size that boosts portability, and a robust build consisting of zinc alloy. What’s more, besides its ability to crush its elements into a fine uniform grind, this grinder features diamond-shaped sharp teeth that afford complete control of the coarseness of the spices. Nonetheless, its zinc alloy construction, unfortunately, degrades over time.

3Secura Electric Grinder (Coffee & Spice)

buy from amazonSecura Electic is a multipurpose and professional-grade spice grinder. This appliance features among others stainless steel blades and two detachable bowls which eases efficacy, a user-friendly and versatile design and an affordable price tag. Furthermore, it comes with an electric motor that features an enhanced overheat protection technology that helps extend its lifetime and a stainless steel exterior that is both rust-resistant and stylish. Its only con is that it poses some challenge while cleaning and also features a slow-working motor.

2Epica Electric Grinder (Coffee and Spice)

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Epica is a budget-friendly electric spice grinder that provides both efficient and fast multi-purpose grinding courtesy of its powerful motor (250W). It features 17 diverse grinding settings that afford you complete control of the ground texture and detachable parts that make it simple to clean and use. That said, its only real disadvantage is its relatively low capacity (2.5oz).

1Quiseen Electric One-Touch Grinder (Spice and Coffee)

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Despite being precisely designed to grind coffee, the electric Quiseen grinder also wonderfully grinds spices, nuts, grains, and herbs. It features an aluminum construction, a sturdy and durable motor not to mention sharp stainless steel blades which are exceptional in grinding your spices. This One-Touch grinder also comprises a serrated surface that offers a secure and comfortable grip during grinding and a transparent lid that allows you to monitor your spices over the course of grinding. However, aside from this grinder being detachable, that complicates emptying its contents, which makes it compromise on consistency mandating for you to grind your elements severally to achieve your desired consistency.


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Spice Grinder Buying Guide

If you’re convinced already that a spice grinder can be quite a useful addition to your kitchen, then all that remains is that you find a model that best suits your needs. In this regard, the list is quite long and diverse, not only because of the many models available these days but also because of the particularities each model has to offer. To ensure that you get nothing but the very best, you’re going to have to judge spice grinders based on the following characteristics:


It should be said that spice grinders have come a long way over the years and that has affected not only their construction but also their overall efficiency. Nowadays, spice grinders boast compact, functional designs aimed at providing proper grinding with minimal effort. For this reason, you should consider whether you want your grinder to be manual or automated. We say this because both manual and automated grinders come with their own particularities. Automated grinders are powered by electricity, as the name suggests, which makes them more efficient when it comes to grinding spices, not to mention how much faster they are. Manual models, on the other hand, can be used almost anywhere by almost anyone on account of them being manually operated, a design many people seem to prefer for some reason.


The actual grinding speed of a spice grinder should definitely be one of its selling points, which is precisely what you need to consider before making a purchase. Now, a good grinder should be able to grind a full load in just a matter of minutes under normal conditions, although its grinding mechanism is usually the determining factor in this regard. With manual grinders, for example, you can expect the grinding process to last a lot longer than with automated grinders and understandably so. In fact, spice grinders equipped with high-speed motors are almost three times faster than even the most efficient manual grinder the market has to offer.


A grinder’s blades determine the efficiency of its overall grinding just as much as they determine the overall grinding speed. These blades have to be extremely sharp and very durable, so as to grind ingredients without leaving any big chunks in the grinding recipient after the job is done. In terms of construction, let us point out that stainless steel is perhaps the best choice you have, although some grinders do employ lighter alloys.


Although not imperative or even needed for some, you do want a spice grinder to have other uses besides grinding spices. For instance, some spice grinders can also be used for coffee or any other type of beans or dried vegetables. Bear in mind that different spices behave differently when ground, so make sure that your grinder can handle everything you pour into the grinding bowl, be it spices or coffee beans.


It is also important to consider a grinder’s grinding capacity, especially if you plan on using it often. While you can, of course, grind spices repeatedly, the effort of having to replenish the grinder’s contents will waste you a lot of time in the long run. On a related note, there is no reason to go for an industrial-size spice grinder unless you consume spices on a daily basis, nor should you invest in a particularly large one if you don’t have the proper appliances to store the processed spices long-term.


Depending on how they’re built, spice grinders can be quite small or rather large. Although manual grinders tend to be a lot smaller than automated grinders, the latter can process a lot more spices per batch. The best thing about manual grinders in this respect is that they don’t take up too much space when stored. In fact, most manual grinders take about as half storage space as automated grinders.

Ease of use

Whether you choose a manual grinder or a fully automated version, you absolutely have to be able to operate them with relative ease. In this regard, we should point out that industrial-sized spice grinders pack a galaxy of different features and operating capabilities, making them quite hard to operate without a manual. Standard spice grinders, however, tend to be a lot easier to use, especially manual grinders which are very intuitive in their design.


Once you’re done with the grinding process, you’re going to have to clean the grinder before storing them. Depending on their design, spice grinders can usually be cleaned with running water or with a damp cloth. Needless to say, manual grinders can withstand a lot more humidity than automated versions, so make sure that you dry them off perfectly before storing them away. Furthermore, it isn’t uncommon for some spice grinders to have detachable components that you can clean individually after each use.