Top 10 Best Steak Knives of 2019 – Reviews

Although steak knives may all look the same to many people, there are distinct differences that can be found from one to the other. Often these differences go unnoticed until a person starts using the knives on a regular basis, and then these defects become really obvious. Inferior ones either begin to dull prematurely, fall apart quickly or their blades begin to rust.

Finding a great knife doesn’t have to be difficult, however. There are plenty of models out there that are made with precision and using only the best materials. To give you a better idea of what’s currently available, we’ve selected ten of the best steak knives out there, and once you begin using them you may just begin to wonder how you ever got along without them.

Best Steak Knives Of 2019

10Flying Colors Laguiole-Style Knives

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These stylish steak knives are crafted with a Laguiole-style look that not only makes them a beautiful addition but also makes them a great gift for family or friends. This 8-piece set features knives which have wooden handles and are 9-inches from the tip of their blade to the end of their handles. These knives cut like a razor through thin and medium thickness steaks, but may not be the right tool to use for thicker steaks. However, having said that, it’s important to note that these knives not only have sharp stainless steel blades, but they’re also fairly inexpensive.

9Equinox Serrated Edge Knives

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Although these knives don’t have the inflated price tag that other knives may have, they are nice looking knives that are well built. These serrated knives have full tang blades that run through the dark wood handles and is designed to hold up to daily use. Their blades are made from high-carbon German stainless steel, so they’re also designed to hold their edges better than cheaper knives. Their handles are made with Dark Pakka wood and are fixed in place using rivets. All of which means that these beautiful and heavy-duty blades are ready to cut through any steak they’re presented with.

8Cuisinart C77TR-S6SK Fine-Edge Knives

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Cuisinart is a brand known for their collection of high-quality cookware, so it should be no surprise to anyone that they have created a quality steak knife set that’s designed to cut easily through beef, pork, or chicken. This 6-piece set features knives made from high-carbon steel which has a fine edge that provides a smooth cut through thick steaks of all thicknesses. These knives feature a full-tang blade that’s triple riveted to the handle, so it’s designed to hold up to use of use. And since it’s handle is ergonomically designed, cutting a steak with a knife is nice and comfortable.

7Emojoy Serrated Stainless Steel Knives

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Constructed from one solid piece of stainless steel, and equipped with a serrated edge that spans half of the edge, these knives are ready for some serious dinner-time cutting. These full-tang knives have beautiful Pakkawood handles that feel good in the hand, and their blades are attached to their handles using three triple rivets for increased durability. Constructed using premium materials, these knives not only look good at the table but they are designed to give the user years of service. All of the blades in this 8-piece set are well balanced as well, so they’re always easy to use.

6J.A. Henckels International Knife Set

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Manufactured from fully-forged stainless steel, these one-piece knives are extremely durable because you never have to worry about the handle coming away from the blade. These knives have a beautifully formed serrated edge that really makes short work out of steaks, and they don’t dull the way that flat edge knives often do. All of these blades are well-balanced, so they not only feel good in the hand but allow the user to cut through steaks efficiently. And since these knives are made from rust-resistant stainless steel, they can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher, so they’re also easy to clean.

5Messermeister Avanta Fine Edge Knife Set

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Designed to be both practical and economical, these high-quality knives have features which most people will find pretty interesting. These knives are made from quality German high-carbon stainless steel and have fine edges that cut smoothly through boneless sections of meat. The end of their blades also has upswept tips, and that allows them to be used to remove bone out of certain cuts of meat. Another innovation found on this knife is that they’re well-balanced, so they’re always easy to use and they always lay comfortably in the hand during use. Together, all of these features make these steak knives very nice to use during meals.

4Cangshaw N1-Series Steak Knife Set

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Aesthetics may have been the main desire when these steak knives were first designed, but it’s how well they perform that’s the real star of the show. These beautiful all-metal knives are made with high-quality German steel, and they have a super-sharp micro-serrated edge that really powers through chicken breasts, beef steaks or pork chops. This beautiful 8-piece set of knives also come with a solid Acacia wood block for storing the blades in when they’re not in use. Their beautiful design makes this set a beautiful addition to any kitchen and they are a sure-fire conversation starter for guests.

3Dalstrong Gladiator Series Knife Set

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Regardless of whether these knives are used to cut thick ribeyes, tough pork steaks or tender pieces of chicken, there’s no meat that stands a chance against it. These knives by Dalstrong are a part of their Gladiator Series of knives, and they’re designed to smoothly cut through just about any piece of meat. They have a full-tang blade that’s made from German high-carbon steel and are hand sharpened and heat treated for exceptional performance. These knives deliver clean, razor-sharp slices and are equipped with hollow dimples that allow slices of meat to effortlessly fall off of the blade. They are a well-designed knife set that will improve just about anyone’s meals.

2Victorinox Swiss Classic Serrated Knife Set

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These high-quality knives are manufactured to be a well-balanced blend of performance and affordability. Although they don’t have the hefty price tag of other knife sets, they are an exceptional product. They are made in Switzerland and have Fibrox handles that are easy to hold and are slip-resistant. They have 4.5-inch serrated blades that effortless slice through cuts of meat and their tips are rounded for safety. These knives can easily be washed by hand or tossed in the dishwasher, so they’re also easy to clean. It’s no wonder that these knives are the choice of many professional chefs and cooks. They’re even approved by the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF).

1Wüsthof Classic Steak Knife Set

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Manufactured in Solingen, Germany from only the best high-carbon stainless steel, these steak knives are designed for anyone who values performance and quality over everything else. These knives have 4.5-inch blades that are equipped with a razor sharp blade that’s designed to cut through just about any cut of meat available. These knives also have traditional composition handles that feel really good in the hand, are ergonomically designed and are triple-riveted for added durability. These knives are also dishwasher safe and are some of the best knives that are currently available. Few other brands match the performance or quality of these impressive knives, and they’re a must for anyone looking for a high-quality steak knife set.

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How to Buy the Best Steak Knives

Steak knives are an important tool that can make or break a meal. If you buy a great steak knife, then you’ll be able to effortlessly cut through your favorite steak easily and effortlessly. However, if you buy an inferior knife, then you are probably going to have to struggle through your meal the best way you can.

A great knife also lasts a long time. People who purchase low-quality knives often complain that they fall apart easily or that the blades begin to rust. That’s why we’ve decided to write this guide that will hopefully allow our readers to buy the best steak knives available.

Blade Composition

When it comes to these types of knives, consumers really only have two options as far as blade composition is concerned. There’s high-carbon steel, which is often preferred by most culinary professionals, and there is stainless-steel. Although it’s true that if you ask most professionals, they’ll say that your knife should be made from high carbon steel, in our opinion, stainless steel is a viable option as well. It really depends on what you expect from your steak knives. High-carbon steel will hold its edge and is easy to sharpen, which makes it the superior blade material, but stainless steel knives hold up quite well, too. Stainless steel blades don’t hold their edge as long as high-carbon steel knives, and they’re harder to sharpen, but it’s also cheaper. So, it really comes down to whether you want a knife with a sharper, easier to sharpen blade or if you want a knife that’s less expensive but is harder to sharpen.

High Carbon Steel Blade-Pros: Sharper, easier to sharpen, holds an edge better. Cons: Can be expensive.

Stainless Steel Blade– Pros: Inexpensive. Cons: Doesn’t hold an edge as well, Can be difficult to sharpen.

Edge Style

When you’re choosing a steak knife’s edge, there are basically three different types available. There are straight-edge models such as the Messermeister Avanta Fine Edge Knife; there are models with a micro-serrated blade such as the J.A. Henckels International 39323-100, and there are serrated edge models which include the Victorinox Swiss Classic Steak Knife. A great steak knife can be made with any of these edges, but there are a few things to consider when choosing a knife from among these three types. For example, fine edge blades work well on cutting boards, but they dull quickly when they’re used on hard ceramic plates. Therefore, these blades may need to be sharpened more regularly. On the other hand, serrated blades don’t cut meat as finely as a straight-edge blade, and they aren’t as easy to sharpen. Some experts claim that straight-edge blades are superior, and others claim that serrated steak knives are better, so we’re just going to leave it up to you as to which one you prefer.

Full-Tang or Fully-Forged

Another thing that has to be thought about is the tang of the blade. When you choose a blade, you’ll want to choose a blade that has a Full Tang. This means that the blade is one full piece that goes all the way through the handle. The wood handle is then riveted to the blade. This is the preferred knife construction method because the blade of a full tang knife won’t fall off because it continues throughout the handle.

Fully forged knives are another option to consider. These knives are forged out of one piece of metal, so there’s nothing to fall apart. Of course, some people don’t like full-forge knives because they don’t like the feel of a metallic handle. If you’re one of these people, then choose a full tang model instead.


Although aesthetics don’t rank very high among the list of important features to look for on a knife, it’s still an important consideration for most people. Therefore, it’s a good idea to find a knife set that looks good and matches your place settings. It’s also a pretty good idea to consider how the knives are going to feed in your hand when you’re using it. If you do that, then you’ll have a better chance of finding a set that you absolutely love.

Knife Size

The last thing to consider is the size of the knife set. When choosing a steak knife set, it’s important to not use a picture of the knife as your only guide to its size. There are some truly enormous steak knives available that look like regular steak knives when they’re photographed without a point of reference. Therefore, the only way to determine a knife’s size is by looking at its measurements and making sure it’s not too big or too small for your personal preferences.