Top 10 Best Tankless Water Heaters of 2019 – Reviews

It used to be that water heaters all involved high-capacity tanks back in the day, well the advent of new technologies changed that and we nowadays have tankless water heaters that work just as well as the older versions if not better. These heaters operate on an ‘on-demand’ principle that enables them to provide hot water almost instantly whenever it is needed. In this regard, they provide a lot of benefits like a reduced footprint, higher energy efficiency, and a virtually endless supply of hot water. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best tankless water heaters money. can buy.

Best Tankless Water Heaters – Top List

10Eccotemp L5 Pump Bundle

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The Ecotemp L5 Pump Bundle is a portable tankless water heater that you can count on for your hot water needs, even when away from home. You have continuous, instant hot water anywhere you go. It is therefore ideal for cabins, campsites, or even around the house. It enables you to wash your boat or car, clean the dog or horse, and also take a balmy hot shower. Moreover, it comes with a 6-foot improved shower hose made of stainless steel. We should also point out that it uses Liquid Propane Gas and integrates an efficient battery igniter.

9Atmor AT-900-04

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This is a compact, easy-installing tankless water heater designed for a single sink application and ideal for heating water of not less than 57 degrees Fahrenheit. It provides instant hot water supply and saves lots of it since its heating mechanism doesn’t store any. It is lightweight and compact and easy to mount, thus both space-efficient and simple to use. Moreover, it is a highly energy-efficient appliance that cuts on the power bill.

8Camplux BW264

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The Camplux BW264 is a great tankless water heater with innovative combustion technology and also improved multiple safety features for your risk-free use. It includes a multi-functional shower head and is also adjustable to set your preferred water temperatures. Easy to install, and it is a great choice for camping and beach goers, and also ideal for the people who are often on the go.

7Titan SCR2 N-120

buy from amazonInstantly heating the water when and as you need it, the Titan SCR2 N-120 tankless water heater offers incredible hot water comfort and reliability for your needs. It is a highly recommended model for use in areas with warm climates with the incoming water being over 65 degrees Fahrenheit. It is sufficient for supplying to 1 to 3 standard home bathrooms. If you intend to replace a conventional tank water heater with a more compact solution? Consider Titan SCR2 not only for its size but also for its guaranteed reliability.

6Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG

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Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG is a particularly small tankless water heater yet sufficiently powerful for meeting all your hot water demands for a small home or apartment. It has been designed to deliver almost all that a 40-gallon tank water heater does. With a wall-mount design, this heater also supports radiant floor as well as hydronic baseboard warming applications. Also good for domestic plumbing appliances hot water supply, it is very cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

5Rheem RTE 13

buy from amazonThe Rheem RTE 13 ranks among the more renowned electric tankless water heater models. Heating only the required water, it is both water and energy saving. It works for single point-of-use application and provides 4-gallon hot water per minute. It uses a reliable and durable brass/copper heat exchanger to efficiently heat your water. Moreover, its adjustable temperature dial comes in handy when you are setting your choice water temperature. It is simple to install and use.

4Rinnai RL75iN

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If you want to stop waiting for your hot water to be ready but have it instantly when you need it, opt for the Rinnai RL75iN. A tankless water heater appropriate for 2 or 3-bathroom homes, it provides up to 7.5-gallon hot water in a minute, at the same time saving the power. It is simple to mount in almost any room and can be vented directly to the outside using a single wall/roof penetration.

3SioGreen IR260 POU

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The SioGreen IR260 POU is a high-performance infrared tankless water heater that uses Coil-less Technology to energize the water with healthy quartz infrared energy, creating heat without the need for direct metal heating element to water contact. It is corrosion-free and also maintenance free and it gives no chance for bacteria buildup in your water. It utilizes just the required amount of power to heat the right water amount, saving both the water and energy.

2EcoSmart ECO 27

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EcoSmart ECO 27 is a smart electric tankless water heater ideal for areas where the incoming water temperature reaches a low 37 degrees. In a minute, it can heat up to 3 water gallons of such temperatures. It is a great choice for large Jacuzzi or Roman-style tubs with more demanding water utility needs. Moreover, it features a digital temperature control by which you set your preferred temperature level precisely.

1Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus

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The Tempra 24 Plus ranks among the most technologically innovative tankless water heaters today. It has exclusive Advanced Flow Control and provides a consistent temperature output regardless of the heat level of the hot water need. The Advanced Flow Control technology works by adjusting the water flow automatically to ensure no undesirable temperature fluctuations while its intuitive design makes it extremely easy to install and operate. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best tankless water heaters the market has to offer right now.


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What To Look For In A Tankless Water Heater

It is important to remember when looking for a tankless water heater that these devices are unlike traditional water heaters as far as their operational standards go. This means that regular standards do not really apply, at least in regards to storing water for later use. The greatest advantage, of course, is the immediate and unrestricted use of hot water at any time you wish with no waiting time whatsoever. That said, you do have to pay attention to how such a heater is built, how easy it is to install, and the way they perform over time.


This is one of the most important things to consider when buying a tankless water heater. You really do not want to spend hours installing the device and connecting it to your water line via intricate systems of pipes that take up a lot of work and the use of a wide range of tools. Instead, a tankless water heater should be very easy to install, so easy that you can even take it apart if needed. It comes as no wonder that some of these heaters are portable given how easy many of them are to install.

Flow Rate

Another thing to consider is the flow rate because it determines how much hot water they can produce over a specific amount of time. Measured in GPM (Gallons Per Minute), a tankless water heater’s flow rate tells you how much water it can deliver up to a maximum standard. We should point out that the GPM value tends to range from an activation flow rate, which is the minimum flow rate required to activate the heating function, all the way up to the maximum it can produce.


It has to be said that most tankless water heaters can connect to virtually any faucet out there, with little to no limitations. Even so, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to check if this is the case with whatever water heater you’re thinking of buying before you make the purchase. One thing to keep in mind in this respect is that the line has to be perfectly connected and that it shouldn’t involve any improvisations because the hot water will most certainly cause it to fail over time.


The temperature rise a water heater is capable of is definitely a crucial aspect to consider for practical reasons. This refers to the change in temperature of incoming and outgoing water, mainly how quickly it happens. If, for example, you set the temperature to 100 degrees F with a 50 degrees F incoming temperature, then the temperature rise a heater should provide is around 50 degrees and no less. Keep in mind that a greater temperature rise translates into a lower flow rate overall.


A unit’s size tells you a lot about how much water it can process at any given time and how much space it will take up once installed. A water heater’s size also indicates how much electricity it requires to operate at normal standards. Some units, for example, require no venting whatsoever despite operating on 36KW platforms. Then again, if you decide to invest in such a powerful heater, then you most certainly have a plan on how to use it and what for.


You should also keep track of any additional features a water heater provides because they may end up making all the difference in the long run. Some of these devices offer a truly reliable flow control while others offer safety locks and fully controllable heating methods. To some extent, you can even use the overall set of features to choose between similar tankless water heaters.


This might be a bit tricky if you’re not accustomed to water-related installations yet very important in regards to a unit’s durability. Similar to traditional water heaters, you should pay close attention to the materials used in the unit’s making and how ingeniously it is built. At the same time, you should make sure that it fits well into the kitchen/bathroom without requiring that you remodel its surroundings.


It is important with tankless water heaters that you pay attention to the manufacturer. Unlike other appliances, water heaters are required to be fully operational 24 hours a day, which requires them to be sturdy and reliable. When it comes to reliability, the brand makes the unit most of the time, and if you go for a well-renowned manufacturer, you are unlikely to get anything than the absolute best. The key thing here is to pay close attention to reviewers and what they have to say on the matter.