Top 10 Best Thermal Curtains of 2019 – Reviews

There are many reasons for wanting to own thermal curtains aside from the insulation they provide. For instance, these curtains are also soundproof to some extent, not to mention how fashionable and durable most of them are. So if you’re looking for a bit of peace and tranquility, then you should perhaps invest in a thermal curtain or several. To give you some pointers on the matter, we put together a list of the ten best thermal curtains money can buy for you to choose from.

Best Thermal Curtains – Top List

10FlamingoP Room Window Curtains

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Flamingo P presents splendidly crafted drapes that are both appealing and stylish. The interesting design features remarkable patterns that work towards insulating the light rays and depending on the curtain’s shade; they can protect between 75 and 92% of the light. It also offers a soft and gentle feeling courtesy of its 100% polyester material construction not to mention triple weave technology. What’s more, they ideally promote a higher standard of privacy by ensuring outsiders will not peek inside your house.

9H.Versailtex Curtains

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H. Versailtex curtains are the ideal example of reliable and stylish. Not only are they able to ensure noise reduction, but they also enhance privacy and efficiently block incoming light. They feature a smooth and ultra-soft fabric that gives it the luxurious feel not to mention three interwoven layers in a standard non-toxic textured fabric. What’s more, besides its eco-friendly characteristic, it is also able to ensure reliable blocking of sunlight and UV rays. Not only that but it also has a simple installation process ensuring a smooth slide notwithstanding the type of curtain pole in a home.

8MYSKY HOME Grommet Curtain

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The MYSK HOME grommet insulated curtains are a great and affordable option especially for creating a serene environment. These curtains feature a host of features that include 99% light blocking capacity, different color and design variations and an exclusive technology known as the triple-weave technology that not only absorbs light but also diminishes energy during cold or hot seasons. What’s more, with its noise reducing capacity, it can allow smoother sleep and relaxation. We should also point out that these drapes are designed to suit any room thanks to their exquisite design.

7Easeland Blackout Darkening Insulated Curtains


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Easeland has developed one of the best thermal curtains on the market right now as these curtains retain heat, making them ideal for in the water. However, they’re also highly suitable for summer to reduce any harmful UV rays entering your home, as well as limited sunlight that can produce a glare in your room. If you wish to use these curtains in the summer too, we suggest opting for a dark color as this works best against ultraviolet rays. Easeland also designed these curtains to block out noise. They’re also developed to offer excellent blackout ability to improve privacy within your home.

6Vangao Grey Curtains

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Vangao created highly-attractive thermal curtains that are easy to care for and maintain. Simply wash them in cold water and tumble dry to freshen the curtains every now and then. These grey curtains allow you to relax in your home on a summer’s day by excluding 60 percent of sunlight so you can get a good night’s sleep. They’re also energy-saving and block out sunlight, and the sun’s harmful UV rays to keep everyone safe and protected inside. Plus, Vangao provides a quieter environment by eliminating noise levels – a great feature if you live in a busy neighborhood. Let’s also not forget the beautiful grainy design that provides a homely and elegant feel to any room they’re in.

5RHF Wide Curtains

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For luxurious but cost-effective insulated curtains, the Rose Home Fashion is what you need. They are thermal insulated super soft that block an approximate 99 % of incoming sunlight. It is a multi-layered micro-fiber curtain than saves not only some energy but also black sunlight. These curtains are right for you when you need to relax since they not only absorb light but also maintain a darker setting courtesy of its sound dampening capacity. Furthermore, they have a natural installation process and come with a robust grommet ring top and allow easy sliding over the rod.

4Utopia Bedding Window Panel Drapes

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Utopia Bedding insulating and room darkening curtains offer premium-grade insulated drapes which can guarantee noise reduction, privacy and light blocking. They feature a diverse range of designs and styles all which are compatible with the various accessories in the household such as covers, sheets, duvets, and pillowcases. Aside from the styles, they are made sewing super-soft 250GSM polyester and have a design that comfortably fits with typical rods and easily slides into hooks effortlessly. Also, they have an exclusive thickness that allows them to absorb approximately 99% of UV rays and light rays. What’s more, these curtains are suitable for noise reduction and thermal insulation.

3Deconovo Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

buy from amazonThese are without a doubt, among the best-insulated window curtains, featuring high-quality polyester that offers an incredibly silky and soft feel. It has numerous designs options and an impressive array of beautiful color options. They are crafted using an innovative triple-weave technology which has numerous benefits including blocking light and boosting privacy. These Deconovo curtains act as energy-saving barriers and are used to cover even furniture against effects of bright sun exposure.

2Nicetown Thermal Insulated Grommet Curtains

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Nicetown grommet curtains feature a darkening effect especially those having dark those with darker colors. Their quality is centered on its interwoven layers courtesy of their triple weave technology. These heavy drapes also comprise a premium fabric layer and ability to save some energy through balancing room temperature to prevent the invasion of summer heat and winter chills. Finally, aside from the trimmed thread, they feature protection against seamlessly integrated loose threads.

1Best Home Fashion Curtains

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Best Home Fashion blackout curtains are not only fashionable but exceptionally functional blackout curtains. They offer two hanging options-rod pocket and back-tab which represents its versatile styling and with their densely woven characteristic, they are efficient in blocking cold and optimizing heat. What’s more, with a 240 GSM Polyester material, it is, of course, a premium grade curtain and with a triple weave technology along with a dense yarn layer, passers-by will not be able to peep through to the inside.


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Thermal Curtains Buying Guide

The main difference between regular curtains and thermal ones is the woven fabric used in their making, a construction that makes them much more practical in the general sense. At the same time, it is common for these curtains to also boast some sort of exquisite design that traditional curtains simply do not have. At the same time, most of these curtains also have the ability to soundproof your room to some extent.

Benefits of Thermal Curtains

Privacy – Thanks to the thick lining used in their making, most of these curtains are designed to provide you with a lot more privacy than regular curtains ever could. Free from the issue of casting shadows throughout the room, these curtains will offer an almost opaque shield for your windows. Privacy is very important in this day and age so having curtains that keep your affairs private from passers-by is surely a big plus.

Blackout Capabilities – Like we said, these curtains are very thick and almost opaque by design. As such, they can stop light almost completely so as to help you with your sleep, which may also come in handy for those who work a night shift and would like to rest comfortably during the day. It is somewhat common for thermal curtains to also act as blackout curtains, thanks mainly to their multiple layers and thermal fabric construction.

Insulation – The fact that these curtains are primarily designed to insulate your room recommends them for people who live in particularly cold areas. Due to their insulating nature, these curtains will keep in warmth and drastically reduce the heat lost through the windows during the day. For this purpose, they boast a heavy multi-layer construction with an insulating inner lining, a design that is guaranteed to save you several degrees during the day.

Soundproofing – Another useful feature of thermal curtains is their capacity to keep out unwanted noise. Thanks to their thick fabric, these curtains allow you to control the acoustics of the room; this is done through the bowl-shaped lining which magnifies the sound across the room, keeping unwanted sounds coming from the window away. Due to their heavy coating, these curtains will block out external noise to an impressive degree.

Weight – Whereas traditional curtains tend to move around at the slightest breeze, thermal curtains are a lot heavier by design, thus much more likely to stay firmly in place. This is particularly useful if you’re using curtains with a peculiar design or if said curtains have to fit a certain theme into the room. Given their weight, these curtains will retain their firmness even with the window open.

Types of Thermal Curtains

On average, thermal curtains are designed to meet specific standards, so you shouldn’t see too much variation between brands and models. That said, we should point out that these curtains can differ ever so slightly in terms of color, design, installation options, and overall quality. Should you determine the price range of your desired thermal curtain, all that remains is that you figure out which type of curtain to get:

Ready-Made Thermal Curtains – These are the most common types of thermal curtains and understandably so. They are designed according to specific presets so as to fit most window types without needing any further adjustments during the installation process. Given their widespread availability, they are also quite inexpensive and easy to care for, even though they tend to employ generic and often bland themes and patterns.

Made to Measure Thermal Curtains – This is a sure way of getting professionally designed curtains that meet certain specifications. As such, chances are that you will get the opportunity to tweak each individual aspect of the curtain before making a purchase. Seeing how it’s a buyer’s market in this regard, you can expect these curtains to be slightly more expensive than most, which is understandable given the choices you can make in their making.

Home Crafted Lining Thermal Curtains – As the name suggests, these curtains are customized down to the smallest detail to best suit your windows size and shape. For this reason, these curtains differ in size and shape from regular curtains while still providing the same benefits. Easy to sew and even easier to hang up, these particular curtains can get a bit pricey but understandably so considering the amount of work put into them.