Top 10 Best Throwing Knives of 2019 – Reviews

People have been throwing knives for as long as they have been building empires and even before that. There is something peculiar yet highly satisfying about the art of throwing a knife, especially if you do it accurately and effectively. A practice traditionally used for hunting, knife throwing has since evolved into somewhat of a sport. Despite your reasons for owning a set of throwing knives, you should know that they’re not all built to the same standards. To help you find a good set, we put together a list of the ten best throwing knives the market has to offer.

Best Throwing Knives – Top List

10Under Control Tactical 2017

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The Under Control Tactical 2017 model of these six throwing knives features an ideal size and weight for knife-throwing practice, tournaments or martial arts application. The knives have incredibly sharp blades and boast precision-engineered design for allowing them to cruise through the air with no wind resistance, hitting your target at all times. An included black quality nylon sheath offers convenient storage and easy access, a feature all good throwing knife sets should have.

9True Strike TS-179-3

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Designed for use by starters and professional throwers alike, the True Strike TS-179-3 throwing knives features a great, center balanced blade design. The knives work superbly in throwing boards, wood, or boxes. Their size is ideal for novices—neither too small nor too large and they come in two set options to choose from — silver or black. Each knife’s handle features a laser cut-out, allowing you to tie a ribbon on for added convenience.

8Avias Supply A1011-6

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A set of six 9-inch pieces, the Avias Supply A1011-6 throwing knives are made of stainless steel and have a great design for throwing excellence. Their shape and size make them perfectly fine for your exciting experience in the sport. The blades are designed to be among the best for enthusiastic starters and also for professionals. Furthermore, the set comes with a handy nylon case featuring a Velcro closure.

7Perfect Point PP-028-3BK

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Another one by the Perfect Point, the PP-028-3BK set of three throwing knives is a highly rated model most standards. The knives have black cord-wrapped handles and silver blades, each knife 6.5 inches long. They offer a well balanced, great throw always. Again, each of the three stainless steel throwers has a bulls-eye engraved on it. Their handles provide a great grip, while an included black nylon sheath offers safe and easy carrying.

6Perfect Point PAK-712-12

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Consisting of 12 knives, the Perfect Point PAK-712-12 throwing knife set features black and silver blades with steel handles, each knife being 8.5 inches long. The set offers a great, well-balanced throw experience every single time. There are 6 silver stainless steel and 6 black stainless steel throwers in this set, each thrower featuring a lanyard hole at the handle. The set also comes with a handy black sheath for a safe and convenient transport.

5Aeroblades 6 Pc Set 5.5″

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Nicknamed the black window, this Aeroblades 5.5-inch knife has sharp tip point and is made of high-quality stainless steel, a construction that makes it a great choice for target throwing. On its blade and handle are cutouts that enhance the overall balance and weight, giving the Black Window a reputation for great speed and precision. You can file the holes or attach a tassel to tune the knives in this set to your desired throwing style. Moreover, an included nylon sheath offers convenient storage and ease of carrying the knives.

4Perfect Point TK-114-3

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Also from Perfect Point, you will notice that the TK-114-3 throwing knives have bigger tips than other models. This makes you enjoy greater control over the knife throwing spin, accuracy, and speed. This heavy end also makes it quite easier for throwing any of the 3 knives, making them ideal for starters. The set includes a convenient quality nylon sheath for easier storage and an improved portability.

3Smith & Wesson SWTK8CP

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Made by world-renowned Smith & Wesson, the SWTK8CP throwing knives set that rank among the best options in this category. The six, 8-inch long knives are durable, featuring reliable stainless steel blades. They are well balanced in design to provide a great throwing experience and they come with a nylon belt sheath for holding all the 6 knives the set includes. At the same time, the particularities of this set offer a quick and easy access to the knives at any given time.

2SOG Throwing Knives F041TN

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The SOG F041TN throwing knives are not just fun to throw but are highly practical too. The knives are quite scratch resistant thanks to the SOG’s hard-cased coating they feature. Their design offers balance, impressive aerodynamics, as well as proportions that recommend them as great throwing knives. Their handles have a Paracord wrapping but can also be used without it should you choose. The set has three 4.4-inch long knives and includes a nylon sheath for safe carrying.

1Perfect Point RC-179B

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The Perfect Point’s RC-1793B is a set of 3 throwing knives featuring steel handles and black blades, each 8 inches long. The knives are designed to offer a well-balanced throw at all times while minimizing the risk of injury. Each of these silver stainless steel knives features a spider printed on the blade, which adds to their aesthetics. Moreover, the handle ends have laser cut-outs, allowing you to tie a ribbon on if needed. They also include a black nylon sheath for a safe and easy transport.


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Throwing Knives Buying Guide

The first thing to know about throwing knives is that they absolutely have to be designed specifically for throwing. There are some who would otherwise think that any knife can be thrown, which isn’t necessarily untrue; to do so accurately, however, you should definitely use throwing knives instead. Now, we should point out that throwing knives can differ quite a bit from one another depending on their brand, weight, shape, and manufacturer. To help you make the right choice, we ask that you pay attention to the particularities of knife throwing as an art along with all the information on what makes a good throwing knife to begin with.

Sharpness – The first thing you want to consider when buying throwing knives of any kind is their sharpness. While standard knives have to be sharp because of all the cutting they’re required to do, throwing knives are quite the opposite. Instead, you want throwing knives to be as dull as possible so as to minimize the risk of injury. This is because some throwing techniques involve the thrower gripping the knife by the blade, which needless to say, can cause quite a nasty cut if the knife is too sharp.

Handle – Interestingly enough, it is generally thought that throwing knives, especially the professional ones, should NOT have a handle of any kind. Depending on your skill level as a knife thrower, a handle can either help you or get in the way. As a matter of fact, professional knives don’t have any handle whatsoever; then again, the professionals who throw these knives are generally encumbered by the presence of handles, which doesn’t mean that you couldn’t use a handle if you’re just a beginner.

Balance – Another thing to consider when looking for throwing knives is the overall balance of the knives as it determines how straight they fly. In principle, a throwing knife has to have a balanced center of gravity. You check this by placing the knife on your finger at its center, at which point it has to stay perfectly level and not sway in any direction. At that point, you can proceed by spinning the knife in any circular direction you want. If the movement is anything but perfectly circular, chances are that the knife is poorly balanced.

Weight – While normal knives have to be as lightweight as possible for comfort reasons, a throwing knife has to be somewhat heavy. You want the knife to be heavy because it might otherwise bend or break after prolonged use. On average, heavier knives are also more durable, which is precisely what you want to look for in a throwing knife. What you want is a knife that weighs around 300g, which should be more than perfect for beginners.

Length – Even though there isn’t a universally optimal length for a throwing knife, we should point out that they range from 6 to 16 inches in length. We should also point out that the spin of a throwing knife is determined by the length, mainly their rotation speed. If you’re just starting up, you should definitely look for a longer knife. This is because short knives spin a lot faster, which can make the whole experience quite tiresome and difficult.

Metal – Now, we already spoke about the weight of throwing knives and how it affects their balance and durability. In this respect, we should also point out that some of the heaviest throwing knives are made from either carbon steel or stainless steel, with a clear edge for the latter in terms of sturdiness. While carbon steel knives can save you some money short-term, the fact that carbon steel is softer and less durable will cause the knife to bend or break more easily, thus prompting you to buy more.

What To Look For In A Throwing Knife

Aerodynamics – A throwing knife built in a strange design will never fly as smoothly or as accurately as a standardized throwing knife. In this regard, a slim design is sure to eliminate the possibility of it flying at an awkward angle, improving your chances of hitting the target. Be advised that throwing knives built with strange designs may indeed look cooler than regular knives but this is almost guaranteed to affect their aerodynamics.

Ease Of Use – Speaking of design, you shouldn’t go for throwing knives that are difficult to carry or difficult to store. In fact, most throwing knife sets come with portable sheaths that make them easy to transport, which is an important aspect to consider with throwing knives. You also want the knives to be easy to handle and easy to store, a good reason for checking if the manufacturer offers additional storage accessories you can use.

Price Tag – Even though you shouldn’t use a knife’s price tag as an indicator of its overall quality, you should definitely try and remember that high-end knives are usually expensive for a reason. Along with brand recognition, build quality also plays a part in the pricing of throwing knives, thus the reason why good knives are almost all in the high-end of the price spectre and understandably so.