Top 10 Best Tower Fans of 2019 – Reviews

Tower fans were an innovation that revolutionized how people circulated air in their homes or office. These devices were not only a big improvement over the big clunky box fans that were previously available, but they also provided consumers with a number of key benefits. These benefits include safer product designs, better air circulation and a smaller footprint that allowed them to be placed just about anywhere. Which made them the product that many people had always wanted.

These fans are the perfect combination of pedestal fans and box fans, but that doesn’t mean that every single one that’s currently available is a winner. Unfortunately, there are some models that don’t make the grade, and that’s why we’ve decided to investigate the top ten models for you. Below are the fruits of our labor and are what we consider to be the best tower fans currently available. These fans do a great job at circulating air and come with some pretty innovative features.

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Best Tower Fans – Top List

10Honeywell HYF023W Comfort Control

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There are a number of great reasons to enjoy this Honeywell Comfort Control Tower Fan. After all, it’s designed for medium to large-sized rooms, has 3-different speeds and also has a nice pleasant looking design that should fit in with the decor of just about any home or office. However, those aren’t the only reasons this fan is a good fan. It also has a number of other features which make it extremely versatile, easy-to-use and provide the level of airflow a person would want out of one of these fans. It has an oscillation feature to direct air all over the room and not just in one direction, has an auto shutoff that can turn off the fan in anywhere from 1 to 8-hours, has a recessed carry handle and easy-to-use push-button controls. And since it’s only 8.3-inches by 7.5-inches by 32.2-inches, it can be used just about anywhere.

9Ozeri 3x 44-Inch Tower

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This fan not only generates a nice level of airflow but it does it in a way that allows it to be quieter than most other fans. It accomplishes this trick by using specially curved blades that produce opposing sound waves that end up canceling each other out. The result is a high-quality fan with good airflow that’s really quiet. That’s not the only feature worth mentioning about this fan, however. It’s also worth mentioning that it offers up to 9-different cooling speeds, has 3 preprogrammed airflow patterns, and has a 7.5-hour time that can be programmed in increments of 30-minutes each. This fan also has a remote control, LED control panel and has a slim design that allows it to be placed anywhere.

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8Ozeri OZF1 Ultra 42-Inch Fan

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Not only is the Ozeri OZF1 a 42-inch fan with a stylish design, but it’s also one that’s easy-to-setup and use. This fan doesn’t require any tools to assemble, and it has a number of exciting features. It’s engineered with a design that allows it to move large amounts of air but do it quietly. It also has 3 preprogrammed airflow patterns, 3-speed settings and has a 90-degree oscillation that maximizes air circulation. Another key feature that can be found on this fan is a 12-hour time that can be programmed in 60-minute increments with only the push of a button or by using the handy remote control. And finally, it has an advanced LCD screen that not only displays the fan’s current settings but also displays the current room temperature.

7Seville Classics Ultra Slimline

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The Seville Classics Ultra Slimline is a 40-inch tower fan that not only has a nice long 6.25-foot power cord and multiple fan speeds from low to high, but it also has a variety of other features that make it a pleasure to own. This fan not only has oscillation but can also rotate a full 75-degrees, so the entire room can get the air circulation it needs. It has a footprint of only a square foot, so it can be placed virtually anywhere, and it has a remote control that features a 15-foot range. This fan also has an easy-to-read control panel, and its plug has a safety fuse in it that protects it from electrical spikes. All of these features make this fan one of the more interesting and easy to use ones available.

6Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Fan

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Equipped with a forward facing screen that tells the user its current speed and the temperature of the room it’s located, this fan is easy to operate at all times. Its digital screen is easy to see from across the room but can be conveniently turned off without turning the fan itself off, so it can be used in a bedroom at night. This 42-inch fan oscillates 80-degrees to provide more than ample air circulation throughout the home or office and comes with a remote control for easy control. With 3 different fan speeds, users of this fan can choose the setting that’s right for them no matter what the circumstances. Users can set it to high for maximum airflow or can turn it down to low for whisper quiet operation.

5Lasko 2510 36-Inch Fan

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On the first inspection, this fan may not look like anything more than an inexpensive tower fan. After all, it has a basic plastic housing, simple push-button controls, and lights, and doesn’t really look all that impressive. However, what it lacks in basic design in more than makes up for in ease-of-use and power. Its push-button controls make it extremely easy to choose from one of the three fan speeds this model offers and it has space saving design that can be used virtually anywhere. It also offers the user the choice of a static airflow or fan oscillation, and it has an easy carry handle that allows it to be taken from one room to the next. All of these features make the case that this fan isn’t just an inexpensive fan, but it’s one that can really cool down a room quickly.

4Genesis 43 Inch Oscillating Digital Tower Fan with Remote and Max Cool Technology

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This wonderfully powerful fan comes with six different speed settings, so you can find the perfect breeze for you. It also benefits from three different wind modes – normal, natural, and sleep modes. There is a 12-hour programmable timer which can be programmed in 0.5 hour slots. The oscillation feature on this fan allows for the air to be distributed evenly throughout the room. The fan comes with a convenient remote control system which allows you to control all of the fan’s features from anywhere within the room. If you are looking for an excellent stand up fan with some great additional features, this is definitely a great contender for you.

3Lasko 2554 Wind Curve Fan

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An exciting feature that can be found on this 42.5-inch fan is its fresh air ionizer feature. This feature uses negative ions that help to trap fine air pollutants and keep them from circulating through the air. With this feature, users can experience less mold, dust, and pollen in any room this fan is located and running. Another great feature which can be found on this fan is a sophisticated curve design that not only allows it to effortlessly circulate air but also makes it an attractive addition to just about any home. Other key features which are worth noting including an energy-saving auto shut off timer, remote control operation, a built-in safety fuse to protect against power surges and a convenient carry handle.

2Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier

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This fan is unlike any other tower fan available. That’s because it doesn’t keep its blades hidden behind a grate, but instead keeps its blades safely hidden in its base. This ensures that there are no fast-moving blades that can harm children or pets. It also means that this unit has a sleek modern design that looks more like a piece of art than it does a fully-functioning fan. However, this fan is not only safe and stylish, but it also can circulate air better than the majority of the fans currently available. Even though this fan produces more air than other fans, it’s still about 60% quieter than the average fan. It also has 10 airflow settings, a curved remote that’s magnetized so it can be stored at the fan and a nice long 6.6-foot cord.

1Pure Zone Elite 4-in-1

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Although this product is often marketed as an air purifier instead of a fan, the truth of the matter is that it offers three different fan speeds and can move over 120 CFM of air. And it can move all of this air without being too noisy. In fact, it operates at a sound level of 60-decibels or less, depending on fan speed. The most remarkable thing about this fan, however, is that it uses 4-stage air purification technology to improve the air quality of the room in which it’s located. It uses an active carbon pre-filter, a HEPA filter, a UV-C light, and an ionizer to remove nasty particles and dust from the air. All of which makes this fan one of the best ones currently available and a solid addition to just about any home.

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How to Choose a Tower Fan

Without a doubt, there’s a number of great tower fans, and each of them seemingly has their own arsenal of features. And this can sometimes make it difficult for consumers to choose one that’s right for them. Fortunately, that’s not something that has to be feared because we’ve come up with some things you should consider when choosing a tower fan. If you take a look at the following features and choose the ones that apply to you and your situation, then you will have a better understanding of what type of fan you need to buy.

Air Flow

The first thing that needs to be considered is how much airflow you need a particular fan to produce. How well fans move air is measured by the fans CFM. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute, and it tells the consumer how much air the fan has moved over a 60-second span of time. And of course, the higher the CFM, the more air the fan will circulate. Fans speeds can range anywhere from 40 CFM all the way up to 120 CFM.

Power Consumption

How much power you fan uses is another important consideration, especially if the fan is going to run day and night. Ideally, consumers will want to get a fan with the highest rated airflow that’s coupled with the least amount of power consumption. In most instances, this requires the consumer to do a little bit of homework and figure out which fans provide the most airflow for the least amount of current or they can refer to our top ten list which has fans that have a high airflow to power consumption ratio.

Safety of the Blades

Ensuring that the fan is safe for use is a consideration everyone should take seriously, especially if the household has children or pets in it. Fortunately, most of the top-rated tower fans currently available have a sturdy grate that keeps small fingers from reaching in and touching the spinning blades. There are even some models, like the Dyson Cool, which don’t use any fans whatsoever to move air. This makes these fans not only safer for children and pets but also makes them aesthetically pleasing.

Fan Speed

The speed of the fan is also something that should seriously be considered. After all, most people want a fan that they can adjust according to their needs. When the room feels stuffy, they may want to crank up the fan for better airflow, but if the room is cool, then they may need to turn the fan down. Lower fan speeds may also be more desirable for sleeping or napping, too.

Fan Oscillation

Although many of the best tower fans offer an oscillation feature, not all of them do, so it’s important to take a good hard look at the fan’s features before purchasing it. The oscillation feature is a good one for the fan to have because it allows the fan to move air in ways that a box fan simply can’t. Box fans can really only push air ahead of them, but oscillating fans can move them in a variety of different directions. And that’s what makes these fans superior to their old box fan cousins.

Fan Noise Level

The noise level of the fan is extremely important, especially if the fan is going to be used in the bedroom. Ideally, consumers will want to choose a fan with the lowest decibel rating available. Unfortunately, that’s not always an easy task because manufacturer’s don’t always display the noise level of the fans. In those circumstances, choose a fan that’s listed as quiet or as whisper-quiet.

Remote Control

Buying a fan that comes with remote control can be a real game changer for some people. It allows it to be operated from just about anywhere that’s in direct sight of the fan and prevents the user from having to jump up and down to adjust the fan. Although not everyone needs or even wants a fan with a remote control feature, it can be a useful feature for just about everyone else.

User Selected Modes

Many of the tower fans currently available have user-selected modes that can make the homeowner’s lives a whole lot easier. There are some models which have modes related to how the fans are used—for example, a fan might have a regular mode, a sleep mode, and a daytime mode. Some models also have power saving modes, or modes designed to make the fans quieter. What modes the consumer needs a particular fan to have depends on how they’re planning on using the fan, and their own personal needs.

Timed & Auto-Off Features

Tower fans which have built-in timers or auto-off features are extremely useful. These fans allow the user to select a preset time for the unit to power off or power down. This helps to keep the fan quieter during nighttime hours and also helps it use less power.

Ionizer Features

Another feature to consider when buying one of these fans is whether or not you need one with an ionizer feature. Built-in ionizers can reduce dust in the air and can help the fan provide a better environment for people with certain breathing conditions such as asthma, COPD or bronchitis. Although these fans can never clean the air as well as a high-quality air purifier, they can go a long way in improving the air quality at home or at the office. Of course, units which contain this feature also tend to be a little more expensive than units that don’t have this feature, so the individual consumer is going to have to weigh this against the potential benefits of an ionizer feature.


The price of the fan is probably going to one of the more important aspects for a person to consider when buying a tower fan. Although the consumer should never feel like they should go over their budget to buy a quality fan, the truth of the matter is that some of the better fans currently available also have some of the higher price tags. As is the case with any purchase, the consumer should weigh their particular needs against the price tag of the fan to make the best decision possible.