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Top 10 Best Umbrellas of 2019 – Reviews

You would think that buying something as basic as an umbrella would be a walk in the park but that isn’t the case. This isn’t because umbrellas are complicated by nature but rather because of the saturation of sub-par umbrellas out there. Seeing how widespread and relatively inexpensive umbrellas are, it is rather easy for manufacturers to sometimes take advantage of this fact to flood the market with these low-quality umbrellas that most people end up buying anyway. You should, however, take the time and learn about what makes a good umbrella and what to look for when buying one, because it might end up saving you a lot of money in the long run by not having to buy a new umbrella ever few months or so. That said, let us find out what are the ten best umbrellas money can buy.

Best Umbrellas – Top List

10Haas-Jordan 345 Tour Plus Umbrella

Haas-Jordan 68-Inch Hurricane 345 Tour Plus Umbrella, Red/White

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This superior quality umbrella that delivers a statement of prestige along with practicality. Its wind-vented alternating panels ensure a much lighter weight, making it more comfortable to carry than its double canopy counterparts. Moreover, its advanced fiberglass frame with a quality wood finished fiberglass shaft makes the umbrella withstand strong wind gusts, providing you with a safe shelter. The frame also stands out by having a non-pinching design for safe handling.

9Lewis N. Clark 413-Black-One Size Umbrella

Lewis N. Clark Travel Umbrella: Windproof & Water Repellent with...

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As well as ruggedness, compactness is the definition of the Lewis N. Clark 413-Black-One Size umbrella. It is a full-size model that can fold down to a compact form for easy portability. Furthermore, its 38-inch canopy opens and closes automatically at the simple touch of a functional button. It is made of lightweight but enduring, water-resistant and fast-drying material. The ribs and shaft are made of durable metal and sturdy steel. It also comes with storage/carrying sleeve that is resistant to mold.

8Totes 9302 Auto Open Umbrella

totes Auto Wooden Stick, Steele Blue

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Superior durability meets wonderful design with the Totes 9302 auto-open wooden stick premium-grade umbrella. The handle has a classic look with convenient handling and a very secure grip. This umbrella opens automatically with just a touch of the button, keeping your other hand free while you are on the go. At the same time, its large 48-inch canopy is highly water repellent for an excellent rain protection.

7GustBuster Metro Automatic Umbrella

GustBuster Metro 43-Inch Automatic Umbrella

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Seen as one of the best umbrellas available today, the GustBuster Metro doesn’t disappoint its user. It features patented hardened quality steel joint connectors, a reinforced shaft, hexagonal steel ribs and an enduring canopy that hold up to daily abuse and are resistant to snapping, crimping. It also comes with a handy carrying sheath that doubles as a great shoulder sling.

6Totes 9623 Signature Bubble Umbrella

Rainy Days Bubble Umbrella

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The Totes Signature bubble-style umbrella brings a top-grade clear acrylic handle that offers you a most comfortable and durable grip. Its generous 52-inch bubble canopy offers fully see-through coverage for your protection from the weather elements. With it, you seamlessly navigate the busy city streets without obstructing your vision or bumping into other pedestrians, a practicality that recommends it for city dwellers.

5Procella Golf Umbrella

Procella Golf Umbrella Windproof - 62 Inch Large Umbrella - Automatic...


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The Procella Golf is a 62-inch extra-large, high-quality sports umbrella with a water-repellent double-layered canopy, offering shade for up to two persons. Its fiberglass ribs and shaft are designed to stand against strong winds, with the frame flexing with the wind to help keep a good shape. Non-slip, ergonomic rubber grip handle and auto-open, pinch-free feature adds to user convenience. We should also point out that it comes with a handy carry sleeve.

4Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella

Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella - Windproof, Reinforced Canopy,...

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The Rain-Mate Travel is a compact umbrella that showcases an ideal blend of strength, durability, size, and ergonomics you must like. Wind resistant and waterproof, it has a sturdily reinforced quality fiberglass ribs and an all-metal shaft and frame, providing ultimate protection against the weather. Its lightweight, spacious 42-inch canopy can collapse to 12 inches long, recommending it perfect for traveling.

3EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella

EEZ-Y Windproof Travel Umbrella - Compact Double Vented Folding...

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The EEZ-Y’s Compact Travel Umbrella features a high-quality water-repellent fabric for your superior protection even during the most of torrential summer downpours. Its rubberized slip-proof handle ensures that you enjoy a secure grip always, while an integrated automatic system allows you to easily open and close this umbrella instantly by only a click of a simple button. Not only that but it also comes in various color choices for you to choose from.

2Crown Coast Travel Umbrella

Crown Coast Yellow Travel Umbrella - 60 MPH Windproof Lightweight for...

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Another top ranking umbrella model, the Crown Coast offers full protection against the weather elements and withstands up to 60 mph wind speed while manifesting great flexibility and durability. It has a Memory-Flex frame that ensures extreme wind force is redistributed by making the umbrella flip inside out. The frame adapts to a unique convex shape, preventing it against breaking under intense pressure, unlike other models.

1Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella

Repel Umbrella Windproof Double Vented Travel Umbrella with Teflon...

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Featuring a superior water resisting canopy, the Repel travel umbrella keeps you well shielded from the wet if heavy showers find you outdoors. It boasts expert craftsmanship that provides optimal convenience and high durability. Its wind resistant 9-rib canopy delivers amazing strength, while an ergonomically designed slip-free handle plus wrist strap makes it easy to carry and even easier to store. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best umbrellas out there in regards to practicality and durability.

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What To Look For In An Umbrella

A sudden change in weather can quickly ruin anybody’s day if they’re not prepared, especially if it’s a particularly heavy downpour. Now, umbrellas are quite widespread and inexpensive, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue to find one when in need. It isn’t just the rain you should be worried about, however, but also the UV rays. Unless you want sunburns or a nasty headache, you should consider taking an umbrella with you whenever it’s too sunny outside. Either way, here is what you need to look for when buying an umbrella, no matter the type.

Rain Umbrellas

Rain is the first thing that comes to mind whenever you hear the word ‘umbrella’, but as we know, umbrellas can have a much more versatile use. With rain umbrellas, you should first and foremost consider the canopy, because this is what keeps the water out. You also need to pay attention to its size, especially if you’re the type who doesn’t want to get their clothes wet not even in the slightest.

Full-Size Umbrellas – It used to be that full-size umbrellas were the norm back in the day and understandably so. There wasn’t much variance in those days because people weren’t too selective in this regard, which was reason enough for manufacturers to not worry too much about sizing during the manufacturing process. Not only that but umbrellas also used to double as walking sticks or fashion accessories, especially considering their rigid design.

Compact Umbrellas – These days, compact umbrellas enjoy a much bigger popularity than full-size umbrellas, mainly for practical reasons. Seeing how umbrellas are no longer required to serve any other role other than keeping water out, there isn’t really any reason for them to be large and rigid. They usually involve a handle and support that collapses or folds into itself when collapsing the protective canopy, a construction that makes them easy to carry and even easier to store.

Bubble Umbrellas – Although they share a peculiar design, these umbrellas are intended to provide coverage for the user’s head above everything else. It is also common for these umbrellas to have a transparent canopy to boost their visibility. In this regard, bubble umbrellas are much better at keeping your hair dry without messing with your hairstyle. They also tend to provide a much better peripheral vision than traditional umbrellas.

Designer Rain Umbrellas – If it isn’t just the practical use of an umbrella that you’re after, then perhaps a designer rain umbrella is what you need. Similar to the umbrellas of old, these umbrellas also double as fashion accessories, meaning that people usually ‘wear’ them with certain clothing styles. It is for this reason that designer umbrellas are a bit more expensive than most, yet much more pretty to look at and much more rigid as well.

Sun Umbrellas

Like we already established, it’s not just rain that an umbrella can protect you from but dangerous UV rays as well. The same design that protects people from rain can be used and is often employed by sun umbrellas to protect the user from sunlight. Back in the day, sun umbrellas were nothing more but repurposed rain umbrellas, a fact that changed over the years with the development of UV-blocking canopies.

Patio Umbrellas – Just like the name suggests, these umbrellas are mostly designed to be used on patios or outdoor seating areas. Rather tall and rigid, they offer a much better coverage than traditional handheld umbrellas. We say this because most patio umbrellas have to be mounted in permanent stands on the ground, mostly due to their size. They also share a multi-purpose role, meaning that they protect you from both the rain and sunlight or even gentle snow.

Beach Umbrellas – Unlike patio umbrellas, beach umbrellas are much lighter in weight and more portable. They also offer a much better protection against harmful UV rays, which is also why they provide a somewhat closer type of coverage. They do share one similarity with patio umbrellas, however, and that is the mountable construction some of them enjoy. We should point out that unless you plan on providing coverage for the whole family, then perhaps you shouldn’t invest in a particularly large beach umbrella.

Parasol – These umbrellas are designed to provide shade alone and are usually not very effective at keeping the rain out. Rather ineffective as rain umbrellas, parasols are mainly employed for shade and are carried by hand. You will also find that some parasols are used for decoration or as fashion accessories. For this reason, they usually employ a colorful pattern and they are very light in weight.