Top 10 Best Water Boilers of 2019 – Reviews

No other electrical appliance can help you get a quicker brew going than an electric water boiler. These devices are designed to not only be efficient and durable but also very easy to operate. These appliances are particularly useful if you’re trying to prepare multiple portions at the same time without having to go through the hassle of boiling a whole pot of water on the stove. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best water boilers the market has to offer right now and what features to look for when shopping for one.

Best Water Boilers 2019

10Adcraft Countertop Boiler

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The Adcraft Countertop boiler is a large capacity boiler that can hold an approximate 100 cups of water. It is suited for numerous settings particularly those that require a significant amount of water/coffee such as churches, offices or cafeterias among others. What makes it stand out is the fact that it’s made from robust and resilient stainless materials that make it extremely durable and long-lasting.

9Aicok 1.7L Boiler

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Aicok’s 1.7L boiler is both a quality and durable device by all standards. It features a stainless steel construct (304-food grade) and is compact and lightweight enough to guarantee easy portability. Furthermore, the boiler boasts a unique thermostat control, not to mention an expedient cordless design that allows ease of use. Overall, Aicok has made a safe to use appliance that impresses not only through its efficiency but also through its ease of use.

8Aicok Electric Kettle Boiler

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This particular device ranks high among electric water boilers and with a careful evaluation of it features, it is easy to see why. First, it has an 8-cup capacity and is amazingly versatile allowing it to double as a boiler for coffee, soup, and other beverages. This boiler includes an auto on/off feature that not only makes it convenient but also safe to use. Additionally, it also has an easily readable water level gauge and a compact design that makes it easy to carry along. Finally, you will also like the fact that it is certified and as such safe to use primarily with consumable water.

7CHEFMAN Instant Boiler

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The CHEFMAN boiler is made using high-quality materials that make it both a durable and dependable accessory. Aside from reliability with boiling water, this instant boiler includes an automatic shut-off provision for convenience while using it not to mention safety. Other than that, let us point out that it enjoys a very user-friendly interface and that you can operate it with ease without even having to read the manual.

6Secura 4-Quartz Boiler

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This is a wonderfully designed water boiler precisely made to suit both home and office settings. It has a decent 4-Quartz capacity that can well serve a medium-sized audience in a family or office not to mention an inbuilt automatic clean cycle which assists in getting rid of accumulated water-scale. What’s more, it also comes with an auto-shutoff feature (low-water) that not only adds to its convenience but also to its safety.

5Rosewill 4.0-Liters Boiler

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Rosewill is a 4-liter boiler that is best suited to serve homes and offices. It has a capacity that suits it for travel, a water control system known as a micro-computerized system that features three temperature settings. Moreover, it also comes with additional features such as an inbuilt automatic cleaning system and Dry-boiled protection among many others making it a quality and reliable accessory.

4Tiger Corporation PDU-A40U-K Boiler

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This boiler is among the most high-rated accessories and for a good reason. First, it includes a simple to clean feature which makes it convenient to use when you want to clean it. Additionally, it comes with a temperature set control that allows you to attain the temperature you wish for your water. The manufacturer designs it in a manner that promotes safety by including an on/off switch which allows you to grasp total control. Not only that but it also has a removable top lid which eases its use and cleaning not to mention a detachable power cable that serves convenience and safety purposes. Furthermore, it also features a de-chlorinate mode which assists it in reducing musty odors and of course chlorine.

3Zojirushi CD-LFC30 Panorama Boiler

buy from amazonThis is a feature-packed boiler that is among the best available. It features 4 keep-warm settings that allow you to enjoy different water temperatures as per your preference, portable design and an electric dispensing system that operates in one-touch. Moreover, it features a simple-to-read gauge which allows you to monitor water level, not to mention a surprisingly affordable price tag.

2Zojirushi CD-LTC50-BA Boiler

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The CD-LTC50-BA is a multipurpose water that can serve different purposes which is why it is suitable for your kitchen. It has a generous capacity of about 21(80z) cups and features a timely REBOIL provision that ensures that your water remains warm at all times. What’s more, it also has an exclusive 7-Hour delay timer which allows setting it up in a way that it automatically begins to boil your water at a time of your choosing.

1Zojirushi America Corporation Boiler

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Zojirushi boiler is a hybrid accessory that not only serves to boil but also warm water. It has four temperature settings that give you diversity with the water temperature, an adequate water capacity of 4 liters and an exclusive technology known as a micro-computerized temperature control system which allows among other functions for your water to get to a given temperature devoid of boiling. Furthermore, it is simple to clean and features a stainless steel body that makes it extremely durable.


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What To Look For In A Water Boiler

It shouldn’t be too hard to find an electric water boiler to meet your needs as long as you have a good idea of what to look for. In order to first figure out what type of boiler you need, it would perhaps be best if you took the time to educate yourself on the matter. We say this because there isn’t a single type or style of boiler to choose from but many. As such, the features each has are limited according to a specific type of boiling/warming. To determine which style would work best for you, you should pay attention to the fine details and the characteristics that best describe a quality water boiler.

Capacity – The first thing to consider when buying a water boiler is the capacity. Depending on their construction, these boilers can help you prepare not one but multiple cups of your favorite brew at the same time. Each batch usually contains somewhere between four and up to ten cups, or even more if you’re in the market for an industrial-grade electric water boiler. A good way to determine what type of boiler you need in this regard is to make an estimate of how many cups of tea/coffee you drink on a daily basis.

Construction – The second thing to pay attention to is the build quality of your desired boiler. More often than not, quality boilers are made of stainless steel or other stainless materials, which also grants them a long-lasting durability. Considering the fact that you’re going to use such a boiler on a daily basis, you also want it to be easy to operate and resilient enough to withstand a constant exposure to extreme heat.

Temperature control – Most water boilers come with temperature settings for you to choose from depending on your brew. It is in your best interest to choose a water boiler that allows you to choose between multiple boiling temperatures. While versatile boilers are indeed to be desired, you should first think about what you’re going to use the boiler for, so as to not invest in a boiler that doesn’t heat up water to your desired temperature. It is common for high-end water boilers to have temperature settings for multiple types of drinks.

Delay timer – On a related note, let us point out the importance of having a delay timer on your boiler. With a delay timer, you can set up your boiler so that it starts boiling water at a specific time at a pre-set temperature. Needless to say, such a feature makes it much easier for you to prepare your morning tea or coffee in advance. A delay timer will also help you a lot when it comes to cooking by the book, mainly in terms of heating ingredients to a specific temperature at a specific time during the cooking process.

Power consumption – Unless you buy an industrial-grade water boiler, chances are that you won’t even notice the added consumption a regular boiler causes. We should point out, however, that most of these boilers use powerful heating elements that require a lot of power to reach optimal temperature. In this respect, it would be safe to say that they require a lot more power than most of the other appliances you might have in your kitchen, even if you’re only using them to heat up a small amount of water.

Versatility – It is also important for a quality water boiler to do a lot more than to simply heat up water to a specific temperature. In fact, most high-end water boilers pack features that won’t just help you prepare your favorite brew but also help you with more complicated recipes. As a matter of fact, there is a direct correlation between the versatility of a water boiler and its price tag, for obvious reasons of course.

Features – Along with heating water up to a specific, pre-set temperature, a quality boiler should also possess some additional features for you to use. Among them, the capacity to keep water warm at a temperature of your choosing for a certain period of time. Additionally, you want a boiler that will also provide a clear indication of its processes, preferably in the form of an easy-to-read gauge or an LCD display.

Maintenance – Another aspect to consider is how easy a water boiler is to clean when you’re done using it. Some water boilers, although not all of them, are equipped with detachable parts that you can wash in a dishwashing machine. If that isn’t an option, you want to at least be able to wash them at your convenience without the risk of damaging these parts in any way. In this regard, a good water boiler should be easy to clean and even easier to look after.

Safety – For security reasons, good water boilers are equipped with on/off switches that power off the device after a specific amount of time. This ensures that you won’t be at risk of a boiler catching fire if you leave it running by accident. Another aspect to look for is a thick, sturdy power cable that won’t heat up when you use the boiler for an extended amount of time, a cable that should also be flexible and lightweight.